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Friday, 2 May 2014

The Monty Brothers: Week 3

Click here if you want to read Week 2 with this household.

The last post dealt with one branch of the Monty family. Other family members live in this apartment building, renting the two-floor flat facing the road.
They are Mercutio and Romeo Monty, together with Mercutio's half-Alien daughter Maria. Mercutio is on Permanent Platinum and only controlled by me when it is necessary to ensure the wellbeing of Maria.
She is at the moment looked after by Melody Tinker, Romeo's girlfriend. For a while, she even lived with the two brothers, but then decided to move back in with her parents, so that both herself and Romeo could fully focus on their career-oriented lifetime wants. She and Romeo are still in love, though.
Romeo's LTW has changed: he was well on his way to becoming Hall of Famer like his older brother, but now dreams of being Captain Hero - and obviously thinks of Melody a lot :-)
On Monday morning, Mercutio takes it upon himself to clean the kitchen counter.
Romeo greets Florence Delarosa.
This afternoon, Maria celebrates her birthday and turns from Toddler to Child. Phew! I am always glad when the Toddler "Years" are over, aren't you? The brothers' cousins Beatrice and Benedick are there for the birthday party.
Romeo is always happy to see his cousin.
Auntie Bianca and her husband Kent have come over, too, as has Sharla Ottomas, the lady Mercutio is in love with. I am not sure right now (it's been a while since I played the Ottomas family), but it could be that Sharla is pregnant with Mercutio's child.
The room that used to hold the brothers' sports equipment is now turned into a pretty girl's room for Maria.
On Tuesday, Mercutio takes the trash out.
Later, he amuses himself for hours by jumping in a puddle of rainwater.
It is Maria's first day at school, and she is accompanied home by Stephen Riley.
Uncle Romeo first makes sure his niece is in a good mood...
...before he helps with her first homework.
On Wednesday, fellow tenant Zoe Zimmerman is taking an interest in the motherless girl and asks about how things are going at school. (Zoe lives with Guy Wrightley in another one of the apartments in this building. She and Guy have a habit of dropping in uninvited; this goes on all week.)
Mercutio has just gotten off the car pool when his old friend Rick Contrary walks by. "Old" is the right word - Rick has changed quite a lot since he crossed the threshold to Elderhood, hasn't he!
On Thursday, Maria can't wait to show her Dad and her Uncle her first A+ Report!
Today, Meike Riley comes home from school with her.
Mercutio brings colleague Jonah Powers along. The two are not only wearing the exact same outfit, even their hairstyles are identical.
It is Friday when I find the Janitor and one of the NPC tenants occupying the Montys' kitchen for a good chat. Nobody has asked them in, but they seem to be feeling quite at home here!
Cameron Capp gets off the school bus after Maria, but does not stay long enough for the children to become friends.
Zoe is here to make sure Maria does not have to eat her dinner alone. Once again, all she can think of when talking to the little girl is school. Her boyfriend, Guy Wrightley, is patiently waiting so that they can go home together - it's just across the yard, really.
Finally, on Saturday morning Romeo finds a job in his new dream career. He starts as part of New Maximiliania's Vice Squad.
Maria does not have to go to school today, and all her homework is done. So she is allowed to invite a playdate over. Stephen and Meike Riley are her closest friends so far, and happy to come over when she rings.
Romeo is promoted already on his first day, and is now a Detective.
Early on Sunday morning, he uses the fingerprint scanner to get the skills necessary for his next promotion. The Janitor is here once again, acting as if the flat was his.
She is actually not needed, since Mercutio is upstairs, but the Nanny still arrives today. At least she can make sure Maria gets a decent breakfast while her Dad and Uncle are still asleep.
Later, Stephen and Meike Riley are there to play with Maria again. She is now best friends with Stephen, and friends with Meike.
Romeo is promoted to Lieutenant and brings colleague Sarah Love home with him.
"Dad, everybody in my class has the new gaming console!" - "Young lady, you are not everybody, and we are NOT going to buy that console." Sometimes a father has to be firm!
Romeo spends Sunday evening ringing those friends he has been neglecting a bit during the week.

What is Maria going to be like as a teenager? How long until Romeo will make his LTW come true? Will he and Mercutio ever settle down with a woman?


  1. What a fun round, I always like the Monty brothers. Little Maria is cute isn't she? How great that she's made friends already in the neighbourhood.
    I don't play apartments that much but I do remember that other sims come into the house a lot. I guess Romeo & Mercutio are fun guys to hang with.
    I am often relieved when Toddlers grow up as they sleep for such a short time which is hardly life like. I usually grow them up a day early. :)

    1. I don't think I have ever grown up a Toddler early, I am too "fixed" on letting things run their "natural" course in my game. But it certainly is a good idea if the parent(s) are really stressed out!
      Yes, I like Maria, too, and hope she'll turn into a nice Teenager!


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