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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Deirdre Dreamer: Week 1 (Post-Grad)

As far as I know, I have never played in this house which, I think, came into our games with the Freetime expansion pack. Who lives here?
Deirdre Dreamer has only just moved in, freshly graduated Summa Cum Laude in Politics. She is Dirk Dreamer's half-Alien daughter and the late Darren Dreamer's granddaughter. Her aspiration is Pleasure, and she wants to become Game Designer.

With the little she managed to save during her college years and after having bought the house, she has only 1.171 Simoleons left. The house comes with some very basic furniture - and a TV set.
Mr. Humble delivers the customary welcome gift to all newly moved in Sims, and as Deirde has no desk, she puts it on the dining table in the kitchen, looking for a job in the Gamer career. She is not successful, and for now, the computer is placed on the floor to make room for...
...the lunch Deirde is going to serve the three members of the welcome team: Heather Huffington, Justin Kim and Marcus Baldwin.
The lone chair that came with the house is replaced with four cheap IKEA chairs. "I am sure you will soon find a job and advance quickly in your career," Justin says optimistically.
On Tuesday, I send Deirde to the Public Library so that she can have her obligatory community lot visit (she rolls the want to visit a community lot frequently, too).
There, she plays chess with Tessa Ramirez for a while before she heads back home.
Her father, Dirk Dreamer, is visiting on his own accord. Of course he wants to know where is eldest daughter lives now!
Deirde has been wanting to throw a party anyway, and so she invites the rest of the family - well, not all of them, since she is one of 21 half-siblings, all fathered by the same Pollination Technician!
Here are, from left to right: Gerlinde Gavigan (college friend), Dora Dreamer (sister), Fenya Hart (half-sister), Cedric Cooke and Sirius Swain (half-brothers).
Pablo Picaso and Perseida Powers, yet another half-sister of Deirdre's, are also invited.
It is a lively party regardless of the very modest surroundings.
Dora has a pillow fight with one of her half-brothers on her own accord.
Dirk and Pablo seem a little awkward, but all goes well and the party is a big success.
On Wednesday morning (still no job), the computer breaks.
Autumn has set in, and Deirdre, who is a bit of a neat freak, rakes the first pile of leaves in her own garden.
Later, Fenya Hart comes visiting.
The ladies enjoy mac & cheese together and some girly talk.
On Thursday, Meike Riley comes visiting.
She asks Deirdre about her Alien heritage...
...and wants to know if there is a special someone in her friend's life right now. "What special someone?" Deirdre replies. "You know I had a bit of a crush on one of the NPC students at the dorm, but we both always knew it was not going to last. For now, I am single."
Friday is party day again.
This time, Charlie Cho (back, brown jacket) is part of the crowd.
It is once again a happy gathering for all, no matter that there aren't enough chairs.
Deirdre starts Saturday by doing the crossword. She still has not found a job in the gaming career, in spite of her looking every day.
Two of her wishes are to buy new clothes and ask a Sim on an outing, and although she is not exactly affluent, I let her ask Gerlinde Gavigan to go to H&M together.
In the changing rooms (not separated for ladies and gentlemen!) the two meet Matthew Cho, a Townie who is eligible for moving to New Maximiliania for good because of his surname.
Deirdre's heart beats faster... she has a bit of a soft spot for NPCs, after all, and Matthew cuts a fine figure in his elegant suit.
She decides on a new outfit.
Before she breaks up the outing and goes home, she makes hot dogs for everyone who cares to join her. Do you know who the other Sims are?
It is Sunday morning, and there is still no job for Deirdre. With the clothes shopping and twice-weekly bills paid, her meagre funds have been melting further.
But she really likes her new outfit, and so do I!
Looks like Matthew Cho did not forget her, just like she has been thinking of him: He passes by in the early afternoon and is immediately greeted.
[Several hours and a dream date later, Matthew moves in - only one day after he and Deirde have first set eyes on each other!
Matthew is a Popularity Sim with the LTW of becoming Celebrity Chef. He adds 8.000 Simoleons to the household account, enabling them to buy a desk and desk chair for the computer, which so far has constantly been moved to and from the dining table.
Luckily, his job search yields the desired result on the first try: He can start as a Dish Washer tomorrow.
Daisy Jacquet has been walking by and was politely asked in by Deirdre.
She is too happy and excited about this new chapter in her life to eat anything; all she can do is fondly look at Matthew.

I really had fun playing this round - finally something else than the Senior Residence...! With Matthew, I did not expect the two of them become best friends so quickly, enabling him to move in, but all the dating interactions helped, I suppose.

Will the two of them stay in this house (and make it nicer), or move in with Deirdre's ageing father and little sister? Is she going to find a job?

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Dossers: Week 7

The Dosser's home is one I really like; it is not only a handsome building from the outside (Maxis-made, like  all buildings in New Maximiliania except for the Senior Residence and St. Simius). Also, I have spent quite a bit of time and effort on decorating and furnishing it so that it suits its owners.
Mickey Dosser ist 61, a Romance Sim who started out as a playable student on academic probation. He got his act together and became a rather well-adjusted man, reaching his lifetime want of becoming Professional Party Guest 21 days before Elderhood.
His wife is Jessie, nee Pilferson, a Romance Sim like he. She took a little longer to make her dream of being Rock Goddess come true, reaching that goal only 3 days before Elderhood. At 67, she is a little older than her husband.

As I said, I really like their house. But... these two do not have family, and are therefore eligible to be moved to the Senior Residence. They pack a few personal belongings and say good-bye to their house with the jaccuzzi in the bedroom and the bar downstairs.
What a difference life at the Senior Residence will be!
They arrive on a snowy Sunday morning, and I apologize for making you read about yet another week on this same lot - but such is life in New Maximiliania, and there will be other, younger households to play this round, too.
The two of them move into one of the mini-apartments with a double bed and put their university diplomas on the wall, along with a photograph of DJ Verse. She was one of Jessie's closest friends; they started out at the same sorority at uni many years ago. Sadly, DJ died in a fire not very long after she graduated and moved to a cosy little house in New Max.
Who else is still here? The two dogs, Cesar and Cilly, are both 28.
Chaz Whippler, seemingly unfazed by seeing Jessie walk around in her undies on Monday morning, is 78.
Now that the snow is gone, the dogs can use the water wiggler, and love it.
Miranda Capp is also still here; she is the same age as Chaz, and decides to clean one of the communal toilets on her own accord.
Chaz dies as he turns 79.
Miranda looks fondly at her cousin Tybalt Capp, who is 81 today. She wonders how much longer he will be around.
Well, not long. As he turns 82, Mr. Reaper finds him behind the house, just about to give a bath to one of the dogs (in spite of the water wiggler).
Poor Miranda! Now everyone she was close to is gone. It is Tuesday morning.
(Note the picture of Miranda and Rick Contrary when they were young.)
The dogs do not get quite as much attention as they would like to, and make friends with the mailman instead.
Beta Beaker passes by and is invited in for a round of poker by Jessie.
Gavin Newson follows shortly afterwards.
Beta is hungry (none of her hosts thinks of offering anything to eat) but still decides to mop up the dog puddles outside without being asked to.
Finally, Mickey remembers the fridge and gets out a half-eaten cheese cake.
I didn't know the dogs can actually sit in the bay windows - I knew they can put their paws up to look out, but not sit there!
In all the years I have been playing this game, I have never observed this.
Jessie and Mickey have been canoodling in the front garden during a thunderstorm. But Jessie didn't suffer for long; she took a shower and used the toilet and was almost well again after that.
On Wednesday, Miranda dies at 82. Earlier the same day, Cilly the dog died at 31 - sorry, I thought I had taken a picture, but obviously forgot.
On Thursday morning while it is still dark, our two lovebirds are at it again.
Jessie seems to prefer eating out of the bin instead of getting something perfectly good from the fridge.
Cesar dies today; now there are no dogs left here, just the two humans, Jessie and Mickey Dosser.
Beau Broke pays a visit. I think he knows the Dossers from college.
On Friday, Jessie and Mickey change into more spring-like outfits.
It is also the day I send them to my obligatory community lot visit. The day started nice enough, but when they arrive at Central Park, it begins to rain.
This does not deter the Dossers from having hot dogs in the park.
Dessert is a packet of chocolate bisquits each, following Nervous Singles' example.
Back home, it hits the Dossers in what a bad state the garden at the Senior Residence is.
But instead of doing any gardening, Mickey only mops up the dog puddles.
It is Saturday, the last day of this week here. Yes, the garden really is in a bad state.
Also, nobody has been taking care of the bills all week, and the Repo Man appears.
While Jessie is milking the cowplant (from Beaumont DeBateau's suicide last week)...
...the Repo Man takes the expensive armchair from the community room.

Jessie was 6 years older than Mickey. Now she is only 1 year older; she is 67 and he is 66.
The armchair was replaced as soon as the Repo Man was gone.

Who is going to join the Dossers here? Will anything be done about the sorry state of the garden?