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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Beaumont DeBateau: Update 18.04.2017

To refresh your memory about the goings-on in Beaumont's life, click here or simply click on the "DeBateau" label and scroll down. 

The original DeBateau home is the only one I have deliberately not played last round, even though it was of course on my alphabetical list. Why did I skip it?

Because I was bored, bored, bored with playing Beaumont DeBateau!
He is New Maximiliania's only Zombie, having been resurrected to this condition when I first played his son Armand and granddaughter Tara.
Beaumont never ages, of course, and he is too old to work on a lifetime want. Plus he moves really slow and makes those annoying Zombie sounds all the time. Yes, I was bored with him.

But now I have the Senior Residence - and even though so far pets were not allowed there, Beaumont and his three dogs move there. He is an exceptional Sim, and so the administration of the Senior Residence make an exception for him.
You can see all current resident in this picture: Beaumont with his dogs Betty, Caesar and Cilly in front of the gate, Chaz Whippler, Tybalt Capp and Miranda Capp in the back.
Tybalt is now 79, Chaz and Miranda are 77. The dogs are elderly, too.
Beaumont moves into a small blue apartment. One of the rooms at his former house was also decorated and furnished mainly in light blue, so it reminds him of home. He puts his granddaughter's photo on the wall. Tara is long dead - like everybody else Beaumont ever cared about: Melanie, his first wife; their son Armand; his three-bolt-love Isabelle Baldwin, and last but not least Chastity Gere.
Good job the other residents like dogs!
Beaumont tells Miranda he is sure she'll find love once more before it is too late.
Miranda repeats his words to Chaz as they later sit together in the dining room.
In the morning, a thick layer of snow covers the Senior Residence and its surroundings.
Betty dies; she was almost 40.
Caesar and Cilly grieve no less than Beaumont, who has met Mr. Reaper more times than he cares to count. It does not get easier for him, no matter how often.
Later that day, just as Tybalt greets Matthew Cho...
...Beaumont discovers the Cowplant at the back of the main house.
"You...! You can help me, I know. It is the only way!"
He reaches up for the cake and... instantly swallowed.

Bye-bye, Beaumont! I am sorry you saw only one way out, but I am happy with your decision.
(As I have only just played the Senior Residence, this new week ends here - I only played it again for Beaumont. And of course I did tell him to grab the cake, since it was my plan all along to have him finally go back to where he came from - the Otherworld.)


  1. Aww that sounds lovely in a really weird way.

    1. I know what you mean, and I am glad you see it that way, too!

    2. Zombies are pretty boring to me too, and sooo slow. RIP Beaumont! Great update! Also, I started mine if you want to check it out :)

    3. Thanks, Olivia! I am looking forward to adding your blog to my reading list, it will be great seeing the Sims I know so well in someone else's game again :-)

  2. Aww poor old Beaumont, but at least the other residents can enjoy his remaining dogs now. :)
    I once had an alien/zombie/vampire/plantsim, he was great because he could fly and teleport (no more annoying zombie drag), could stand daylight and night (usually had to zap him in the energizer once or twice a day). As I recall he almost became a witch as well but I think my 'hood crashed before I could do that. Hmm, might try again, ooh sounds like a challenge. :D

    1. Sounds like a challenge indeed! How about adding a Werewolf to the mix? ;-)
      The dogs are elderly, too, so they won't outstay their welcome, I suppose...

  3. Poor old Beaumont. I know just how you feel though. Years ago when I first played, I made Mortimer Goth into a vampire. It was fine for a while, until he was the only person left living in his house, and I was so bored with him. So I had him lay out to watch clouds on his front lawn until he died from sun exposure.

    1. Sounds pretty much like what playing Beaumont was like for me, yes. And actually, Beaumont was never meant to be alive in the game - he appeared in Armand's family tree, and I wanted to resurrect some Sims when I started New Max, so Armand's parents seemed like an interesting choice at the time.


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