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Monday, 28 January 2013

Sarah Love: Week 1

Welcome to Sarah Love's first week in New Maximiliania! Of course, we have met her before, but back then, she was still at university and part of the Tri Fruhm Sorority. Now, after having graduated Summa Cum Laude in Biology, she has moved to an apartment in this building. Three other ex students already live here: Jasmine Rai, Brittany Upsnott and Ginger Newson.
This is Sarah, as I am sure you will remember. She is a Family Sim with the lifetime want of becoming Captain Hero. At college, she was in love with Matthew Hart, but their relationship did not last - he has since married Jane Stacks, and they have children together. So, at the moment, Sarah is single and looking for that blonde guy who is an excellent cook but should never wear a hat in her presence.
This is her apartment, it is on the first floor to the right, next to Jasmine Rai's.
She does not redecorate but uses the colour schemes that are already set by the wall papers and floor coverings. Her bedroom is all done in light blue.
She does not change the bathroom or kitchen, but adds a dining table, chairs and a rug. She likes the combination of sleek, modern, stylish furniture and the antique Persian rug.
The smaller part of her open plan dining / living / kitchen area contains a desk, comfortable armchair, book case, settee and TV (you can't see it behind the corner where the shelf is) as well as Blacky, the womrat she already kept during her college years.
Ginger Newson and Brittany Upsnott are curious to find out who the new tenant is.
But Sarah does not ask them in; she makes sure Blacky settles into his new home well. She feeds him...
...and then plays with him.
It is still Monday, and because Sarah's outfit that she received with her age transition is so ugly, she decides to go shopping. Also, she has plenty of time, since there is no job in the security career available today. The Finer Fare Market is her first stop.
She actually thought they were also selling clothes here, but that was a mistake. So she orders a gyros at the upstairs diner. While she is waiting for her food, she thinks of getting married one day.
And while eating her gyros, she is musing about adopting a child. (She will do no such thing, I assure you!)
She then buys herself some jewellery before heading off to...
... H&M, where she knows for sure she will find the kind of clothes she likes.
It is still summer, so when she comes home, Sarah immediately changes into one of her new outfits. Isn't that much prettier?
And she finds herself much prettier, too, once she puts on her new earrings, necklace and bracelet and uses some make-up.
Then she has her first (lonely) meal in her new apartment.
One of her friends rings and invites her for an outing to "Lulu Lounge".
Martin Ruben, Kevin Beare, Castor Nova, Joshua Ruben, Ripp Grunt and Heather Huffington (still in the taxi) are all part of the crowd.
When Sarah scopes the area for interesting men, John Burb turns out to be the "hottest" candidate. He is alot older than her, though, plus married, so she does not follow up on her attraction (only 1 bolt anyway - there are several 2-bolters, so why is he the "hottest" one? Sometimes I really do not understand how that attraction thing works for our Sims...).
Tuesday morning arrives with the first chilly autumn winds, and Sarah changes into something more suitable for the temperature.
She explores the apartment building and finds the gym downstairs. Although she has not found a job in her desired career yet, she knows it won't harm to already start building up the necessary skills.
On Wednesday, she is annoyed by the noise coming from Jasmine Rai's apartment. Some banging on the wall... all it takes, though, and Sarah can enjoy the silence of her lonely apartment again.
She makes use of all the free time on her hands by working further on her body skill.
It is Thursday, and still no job in the Law Enforcement career available.
So she spends the day mostly catching up with all her friends on the phone.
By Friday, she has done so much rope-skipping and working out that not only is she able to get a protein shake from the fridge, but is also invited to Platinum Gym.
Saturday sees the very first snow flakes falling, although it is still autumn.
The janitor is hosting a weekend gathering and has ordered pizza for everyone. Sarah decides to join in.
She quite likes the janitor...
...and sits with him to eat the pizza. They talk about the other tenants and how nice it is to meet each other. But, once again, Sarah is not going to follow up on this; the Janitor is an NPC and "only" a two-bolt-man for her.
Before she goes back upstairs to her apartment, she works out some more at the in-house gym.
Sunday morning, Sarah gets up, wondering whether today she will finally land a job to get her started on the way to fulfilling her lifetime want. (The plate on the wall was a gift from Matthew Hart, by the way)
But first, it is time to change into long trousers and a woolly jumper, because winter has now truly set in.
Still no job for Sarah! So she decides to visit "Games of Glory", the membership to which she has been holding for years already.
Guy Wrightly and Tommy Ottomas are playing pool with the head of Games of Glory.
Sarah is more interested in starting a gaming competition, and wins a "Sims3" competition against the head of the club. This is how her first, rather lonely, week ends. 

When is she going to find a job? Will there be a 3-bolt-man for her eventually?


  1. I don't know about the attraction system much either, just lately some of my sims have said 'so-and-so is really hot' only to have them have an X through the marker. Bonkers.
    Sarah looks like she's having a laid back week though until her job comes along, and maybe a partner. :)

    1. One thing I have observed about the attraction system is that Sims with 3 bolts for each other accept flirting earlier on in their relationship, while other Sims with less chemistry reject flirting until they have at least 30 or more points.

  2. Seems to be the quiet moment before the storm here! Or maybe all Sarah's life will be this stable? :)

    1. Again, it is so long ago I have played this that I can hardly remember :-)

  3. Aww...Sarah seems lonely to me. I have to admit, I liked the red polo shirt...but styles are different for everyone and she seemed to like her makeover a lot. :) Maybe next week will look up for her.

    1. When I started playing this 'hood, I imagined a very different life for Sarah. But like in real life, sometimes things turn out not as we plan or expect them.


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