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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Caliente-Curious Household: Round 5

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The Curious brothers moved to this house a long time ago and still live here. Reaching them again for this round, we find the same three Sims living here as last time:
Dina Caliente (72), Lazlo (68) and Vidcund (73) Curious. Maybe you remember that their brother Pascal moved out to live with Florence Delarosa, where he died last round at the age of 80.
Dina and Lazlo have been an item for a long time, while Vidcund never met a lady he found more interesting than his books. All three are on Permanent Platinum, although Vidcund reached that stage only by filling up all his aspiration points, not because he made his lifetime want come true: He wished to be Education Minister, but was unlucky with a chance card and got fired when he was already too old to start all over again.

Oh, and there is a four-legged household member, too: Tinkerbell.
As soon as I entered the lot on this Monday, I saw that Dina had the wish to get married. As a self-imposed rule, I have my Sims only marry if a) they need it for their LTW, b) are three-bolters or c) at least one of a loving couple shows the wish.

The back porch at the Curious house is soon transformed into a Wedding setting, and the guests are invited.

I had no idea that Simbots can dress formally, too! Here are Simbot Pleasant, Malcolm Landgraab and Albany Capp, with Dina's sister Nina Caliente approaching the group for a glass of champagne.
Vidcund has not yet changed into his formal attire, but will do so as soon as he has paid the maid and the gardener.
Lazlo and Dina under the wedding arch
Everyone applauds the new Mr. and Mrs. Caliente! (The maid stayed for the ceremony, and the guy next to her is a gatecrashing townie.) It was Dina's wish to get married, and therefore the couple take her surname.
Dina serves not a traditional wedding cake, but a cake freshly bought at Bubbler's Bakery.
After the cake, the guests split in smaller groups. Some play pool on the balcony...
...two play chess...
...and nearly everyone joins in a toast to Dina, the radiant bride.
When the guests have gone, Vidcund plays razzle with Tinkerbell.
Dina unwinds in the hot spring.
Tuesday morning, a pensive Vidcund is resting on his bed.
His little brother has fun in the bathtub. There is a house full of fun things, such as the pool table, a violin, a ballet barre, computer, television... but the bathtub it is for Lazlo.
Later, he greets Hailey Hart. That girl sure does get to know her neighbours!
The garden looks a mess. It is nearly impossible to keep up with watering and weeding the flower beds and trimming the hedge maze as well as raking the leaves.
Vidcund was just tackling the hedge, when someone joins him in the maze. Someone in a hooded cloak, with nothing but bones underneath.
Have you ever seen Grimmy walking through a maze? He uses it just like a living Sim would, he does not simply float through the hedge.

Dina had seen Grimmy entering the maze and went after him. That way, she witnesses Vidcund's death, when he just turns 75. Although he never was on "real" PermaPlat, he gets the full treatment, cocktail, Hula girls, marble headstone and all.
Lazlo returns from work that night and spends nearly an hour just standing outside, sighing and thinking about his brother's death. "I'll be next..." he muses.
On Wednesday, Dina makes omelettes for breakfast on her own accord.
Later, she greets Sirius Swain, Eric Swain's son.
Lazlo salvaged the trash can without me telling him to. Look what he found: an old spud. Yumm!! He eats it, and indeed his hunger bar goes up a little :-D (I don't need to tell you that the fridge in the kitchen is fully stocked...)
Lazlo sleeps in his brother's empty bed. Maybe that's his way of dealing with grief. I've noticed a similar behaviour with Cassandra Roseland (née Goth) after Mortimer died; she slept in her father's empty bed for a while before returning to her own bedroom.
It is Thursday, and the garden looks messier than ever. And that is in spite of having a hired gardener!
On Friday morning, Dina has to go to work after barely two hours' worth of sleep. Well, I do not tell her when to go to bed, that is entirely up to her - she's old enough!
Lazlo greets Brent Roth, one of Brandi Broke's sons, married to Sandra Roth.
Lance Landgraab joins them a while later. His father was a wedding guest on Monday.
Not getting enough sleep seems to affect Dina. By Saturday, she is quite ill.
I was too late and never took a picture when dear old Tinkerbell died peacefully after a long life, lasting somewhere around 30 years. Here is Tramp, the beautiful white wolf who kept visiting her. He can't believe his old friend won't ever again be playing with him, or share her food and her bone with him.
Dina still does not feel 100 %, but she does not want to miss out on Christmas. She invites her sister Nina over and gives her a present.
The dining room has been decorated, and she serves another one of the cakes from Bubbler's Bakery (I found these in Lazlo's inventory).
The Calientes start Sunday with a game of pool on the balcony, in spite of the cold.
After a lot of effort from Dina, Lazlo, the gardener and nearly every visitor they could recruit (= influence), Dina is nearly on top of the gardening. Phew! Still, many flower beds are ruined and will need to be replaced in spring.
The week ends with the Calientes in bed while it is still daylight. I do wish our elderly Sims were not programmed to have such a daft sleeping patterns!

Lazlo is now 75 and Dina 79. I am not sure she will live for many more "years"; her lifetime bar keeps changing. Next on my "playlist" is Nina.


  1. Aww, I do love the Curious brothers, probably my most favourite Maxis made family
    out of all the neighbourhoods.
    Glad Lazlo and Dina got married. Simbot looked very smart! I have a female servo at the moment so it's nice to see what the males wear when dressed up.
    The gardens in Veronaville-built houses are a nightmare to play, I don't know who created them but clearly a designer and not a gardener! lol.
    Another great round, looking forward to catching up with Nina in your game. :)

    1. Oh yes, there is the HUGE garden of the Capp mansion that not only makes Sims miss the schoolbus or carpool by the time they reach the road, but it is also laid out in terraces, with slopes near the hedges so that they can't be trimmed.
      The Curious brothers are your favourite Maxis-mades? That is... curious :-) I did have a soft spot for Vidcund and was actually a bit sorry for him to have never had a proper love interest.


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