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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

On Special Request - Lot Tour: The Goth-Roseland Villa

Earlier this week, I was suprised to receive a comment on an older post here. Someone (I don't know who, since they left their comment anonymously) asked to see more of the Goth-Roseland house, and so I have decided to give you a lot tour - knowing how much I enjoy lot tours on other people's Sims blogs :-) The original post and anonymous comment can be found here

Please be aware that I took all these pictures unprepared. It won't be this household's turn to be played again for quite a while, and I have not changed anything in the house since I last played, so as not to go against my own rules.
Everything you see is originally Maxis-made; there is no CC in my game.

Ready? Let's go!

A total view of the house by night...

...and by day. 

Top down view of the ground floor:
Entrance, lobby, small corner room with dog beds, large back porch with bath tub for dog washing, dining room, kitchen, toilet and staircase.

Top down view of first floor:
Staircase, big open plan family living room, bathroom, Alexander's old bedroom, Cassandra and Cyd's bedroom, small corner room used as fitness room.

Top down view of second floor:
Staircase, nursery with adjacent bathroom, Mortimer's old bedroom (now Alexander's and Tara's) with ensuite bathroom, corner room used for hobby objects and storage.

Now for a closer look! Come on in by the front door, please.

As you enter the house, you could go straight through on to the porch leading around the side of the house into the back garden, or to the right into the lobby.

The lobby is large, and deliberately sparsely furnished. Anyone who has as many dogs as this family know that there is never too much room when dogs and people live together.

There are more dog beds in the corner room, where it is always warm and the food dishes are always filled.

Off the lobby you can reach the kitchen. The white door to the right leads to the downstairs toilet.

On the other end of the lobby, you can either go out on the back porch or to the dining room.

One side of the dining room. Decoration here changes of course according to the season.

Never mind the mess. As I said, the pictures were taken unprepared. I am sure someone will deal with the dirty dishes next time I play here :-)

Please follow me up the stairs now. From the open landing, we find ourselves directly in the large family living room.

Everything you need to entertain a family and their guests is here.

The door in the back leads to the gym room.

The bath room. Oops - sorry, Tara, we haven't seen anything, honest!

This room used to be Alexander's when he was still a kid. Every now and then, he still chooses to sleep in his old bed.

His big sister Cassandra has her and her husband's bedroom next door.

The gym room in the corner.

One floor further up, we find the big nursery. Until the twins were born (they are Alexander's), the room was empty.

Plenty of space for the little ones to play.

This used to be Mortimer's bedroom. For a very short while, he shared it with Olive Spectre - his last love. Now, the room is officially Tara's and Alexander's.

They have not changed anything, but put up some of their own things to make the room more theirs.

Mortimer had discovered the hobby of flower arranging very late in life. All his things are still here, as well as some other objects and large toys the family has chosen to store there.

The bathroom off the bedroom.

When I first moved the Goths here, it was more out of not wanting to play in their old house yet again - I'd already been through that with my first Maxis-hood, which I sadly lost after a computer crash. Once the Goths were here, I took a long time to furnish and decorate the place, and came to really like it. It is very well playable, except for some parts of the garden, where shrubs can't be trimmed because they were placed on slopes.

As I said before, it will be a while yet before I'll play here again. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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