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Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Dreamer-Cooke Household: Update 13.02.2014

Is it already time to get back to this household? Yes, it is - because we have arrived at the surname "Dreamer" on the alphabetical list, which is not too far away from "Cooke".

        On Monday morning, Cleo Dreamer decides to serve stuffed Rainbow Trout. She is now 74 years old and, because she has been on Permanent Platinum for quite a long time, is not controlled by me.

       Her best friend Patricia Cooke is 77 and also on Permanent Platinum, i.e. treated as non-playable for most of the time.

       While Cleo enjoys a plate of stuffed rainbow trout for breakfast, young Dora Dreamer prefers a muffin she has baked herself in her toy oven. (Dora is the younger one of Dirk Dreamer's half-Alien daughters.)

        Her older sister Deirdre is still upstairs. Like many teenagers, she skips breakfast on schooldays and prefers to make use of the time until the school bus arrives to ring a friend.

        Cloe and Patricia can not imagine life without each other. They have been best friends for as long as they can remember, and when they both were widowed, they became even closer.

      Not long ago, Cedric (Julien Cooke's half-Alien son and, through his Alien father, half-brother of Deirdre and Dora) moved back in with his family after he realized living on his own was not the piece of cake he imagined.

       Patricia thinks of marriage - and in fact, this is not just reminiscing the many happy years of her life with Julien, but she really rolls the want to get married again. She has no love interest at the moment, though, and I am not sure she'll have enough time left to start a new relationship.

       Dirk and Cedric leave for work together on that Monday.

       In the afternoon, Patricia greets Gesine Gavigan. Don't know about you, but I think Gesine is one of the prettiest Sims in New Maximiliania.

        At 3.00 pm, Dora gets off the school bus, proudly displaying her first A+ report card.

        Upstairs, Deirdre impresses Gesine with a guitar solo.

        At 6.00 pm, Cleo dies - and in true Sims fashion, it all happens in the smallest of the four bathrooms. The Grim Reaper's Hula Girls don't even fit in the room. Cleo was 75.

        Her death is a blow to the entire household.

      Dirk's aging up to Elder nearly goes by unnoticed - once again, it happens in a bathroom.

Tuesday morning, Deirdre seems to wonder how much longer Patricia will be around.

Dora keeps thinking of Cleo.

        Cedric changes his looks; he now sports the same hairstyle as his late father, Julien.

        A nice shot of Dirk as an Elder. He seems so serene, doesn't he!

        Over dinner with his older daughter, he gives her the full "boy meets girl" talk - bees, birds and flowers and all that.

      Cedric returns from work with a promotion to Specialist.

       It is Wednesday, and Patricia is at a loss without her best friend.

       Dora has just heard the good news: school has been called off because of heavy snowfall!

       She has breakfast with her big half-brother Cedric. Little wonder that death is a topic very much on the girl's mind these days.

        Cedric took the wrong decision with a chance card and is demoted. He goes back to work instantly, hoping to redeem himself with his superiors.

        Strangely enough, in spite of it being "Snow Day", both Deirdre and Dora were able to walk to school. Dora brings her classmate and yet another half-brother, Graham Grunt, home.

      Poor Cedric! Going back to work the same day did not endear him to his boss - instead, he was demoted once more and is now back a few steps on the career ladder as a Resident.

        The three (half-)siblings watch some telly together. I like all the half-Aliens to get to know each other - they are family, after all.

        On Thursday, Patricia cleans one of the bathrooms on her own accord.

       While the girls are at school, the three remaining adults gather round the low table for a cup of tea and a chat.

       Today, Cameron Capp comes home from school with Dora.

        He should have gone home, poor lad; he's obviously not well. Unlike Dora, who is full of energy today!

        No wonder she feels on top of the world when she grows up into a teenager a few hours later. The lot decides for her aspiration to be Popularity - and her LTW is hard: To own 5 top level businesses!

        The sleeveless top and shorts are hardly the right outfit for winter, and her pigtails were cute for a little girl but look silly on a teenager. Instead, she is now able to wear the dress her late grandfather Julien made for her, and goes for a ponytail.

       It is Friday morning, and the girls are off to school together.

       Cedric would love to win a dance contest, and so he takes a taxi to the My Muse Music & Dance studio.

        He wins at the second attempt with his Hula routine.

        On Saturday, Cedric is back on his former position as a GP. He already was one step further up, so I hope he'll soon be a Specialist again.

        Saturday means the girls don't have to go to school, and so they have a long lazy breakfast together, just the two of them. And their topic of conversation is once more death.

        Spring is here, and the ice over the pond has gone. Finally, fishing is possible again, and this gives me an idea for Dora's first business: to sell fish.

        On Sunday, Dora decides to take a look at some businesses to see how it is done and also to find one she wishes to acquire (no money worries in this family!). Her first stop is the Simoleon Arcade.

        After this unlucky incident with a waiter, she thinks running her own restaurant is maybe not such a good idea.

        Instead, she buys Gustav's Grocery, a place where she'll certainly be able to sell the fish she and her family keep catching in the pond.

        Gustav's Groceries does not only sell groceries - there are clothes, too, as well as jewellery and perfume. Dora's first customer is Sofia Baldwin.

        She makes her Bronze Sales Badge and has her first business at Rank 1, all on the opening day. The girl will go far if she keeps going at this pace!

        Back home, Patricia plays some of the pieces she and Cloe used to love so much.

        By the time Dora comes home from her first day at the shop, she is back at the tea set.

        And then, just as she turns 82, someone who has been visiting this family frequently is back. Patricia follows Grimmy willingly; her husband, her best friend and her best friend's husband will all be waiting for her in the Otherworld.

        Dirk is very sad. Patricia was the last member of his father's generation. Now he is the oldest family member.

        Cedric can't eat properly, he is sobbing so much. To him, Patricia was his mother, although they were not related.

       Will Dirk be able to cope with things? He has never had a proper girlfriend - will he find someone to share his Golden Years with?

Is Cedric going to be demoted again, or promoted back to his former position, and finally to Chief of Staff? How about his love life?
What are the girls going to do? College or no college? How is Dora's groceries shop going to do?


  1. Oh lots of sadness in this family, you can tell they were close.
    Poor Cedric, sometimes the chance cards are just mean aren't they? I'm sure he'll reach the top soon.
    I like Dirk, he's now the head of the family. Like in my game he's the eldest left.
    Dora is doing great so far with her business, 5 top ones is hard but she has lots of time.
    It's a funny thing about snow days isn't it? I guess it was never thought through properly much like private school which really should have taken a good chunk of funds from a family.

    1. You're right - I never thought about the money our Sims would realistically have to pay for Private School! What I don't like about it is that there are only Headmasters and no Headmistresses. Most (although not all) NPCs come in male and female shape, but the Headmaster is always only male. Unfair!

      It seems to be the natural thing now happening all over New Maximiliania, so many of the first generation adults of playables have reached the end of their lives in this round.
      Dirk is a very nice Sim, just like his Dad was. It will be sad to see him go eventually (but he has plenty of time left).

  2. A good read as usual. I have managed to do my own megahood blog but couldn't properly use the download so I have just made some from CAS here is the link hope you like it

    1. Thank you for the link, I am going to check it out instantly!
      What do you mean by not being able to properly use the download? Do you need help with transferring what you write in storytelling mode to your blog? I can explain, if you like.


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