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Monday, 27 November 2017

Glenda Greenman's Freshman Year

With the number of playable students constantly dwindling in New Maximiliania, I have decided to give up Pinenut Plaza Dorm for now (where up to 8 students can live) and move the small group to this Maxis-made dorm with 5 rooms.
Newcomer Glenda Greenman joins Junior Dora Dreamer, Sophomore Giselle Goth, Senior Shane Cho and only just graduated Calvin Cho.
Calvin (in the back, behind Dora), Dora, Giselle (front) and Glenda celebrate the new arrival with the Hula :-)

Calvin has just invited his closest friends (and former co-students) to his graduation party.

Here they are. I am sure you know everyone :-)

Giselle and Dora are joining the party in the small cafeteria, talking to...

...Calvin and his older "cousin", Charlie Cho.
(They are not really cousins - but you know that already. Charlie is the in-game born son of Etsu Cho and Hal Capp, while Calvin is a former townie student who, like Shane Cho, was only allowed to become a proper resident of New Maximiliania because he has the same surname as a playable Maxis-made Sim, Etsu (and her late mother, Vivian) Cho.

Glenda finished her term paper early. Now she can concentrate on what really matters to her: Making friends.

Calvin's party was a success, but now it is over, and a taxi has arrived to take him to New Max.

Glenda's lifetime want is to have 20 best friends. Here she has just been making her # 14 in Maria Monty.

Giselle Goth is struggling to finish her term paper, as she is not well.

Same as Dora. But both girls complete their papers in time.

Later, Giselle becomes Glenda's best friend # 15.

And Shane, who has also finished his term paper already, becomes # 16. Four more to go, and Glenda will have reached her LTW!

But before she can attempt to make more best friends, the campus coach is here to "encourage" her to do something for her physical fitness.

Giselle does not escape the coach's attention, either.

A streaker leves everyone completely unimpressed.

Dora is the neatest of all Sims at this dorm. She can often be seen clearing dirty dishes in the cafeteria or do other cleaning work without anyone asking her.
(You may have noticed that I have given the cafeteria a make-over. Everything else is still exactly as I found it.)

Glenda's outfit is one I heartily dislike; it does not match, it does not suit her and it is not good for the upcoming colder seasons. Also, I really want to send the students to a community lot. Therefore, the choice is easy: a place where clothes can be bought. (This is the Maxis-made "Mirage Shopping Center", located at La Fiesta Tech.)

Glenda soon makes her choice. Money is not an issue in this student household (unlike most real student households, I guess), and so she picks matching outfits for Giselle and Dora, too.

The girls all change into their new outfits as soon as they get home. Here is Giselle.

The cafeteria cook is lucky in that nobody comes to harm when he accidentally sets the stove on fire - the sprinkler works, and puts out the fire quickly.

Left to her own devices, Glenda catches a jar full of butterflies. I have her release them instantly. In my opinion, this should have never become part of the game!

Meanwhile, Shane mops the cafeteria floor - the cook can't bothered. "I am paid to cook, not to mop floors," he argues stubbornly.

Glenda's first semester is over, at the same time as Dora and Giselle finish their respective semesters.

And Shane?

He has just graduated Magna Cum Laude in Philosophy and does not waste time before  throwing a graduation party. Meike Riley is happy to "help" with the champagne :-)

Shane leaves right after the party, with the girls waving him good-bye. Now there are just the three of them left here.

Glenda is not well.

Neither is Dora. Giselle is ill, too.

But illness has never stopped a Sim from dancing, has it!

The next day, Dora once again takes it upon herself to do some house work.

A typical common room scene at this dorm: one girl on the phone, another one resting and staring into the flames.

Glenda has been "politely asked" by the campus coach to work out again, same as Giselle. Both girls have not yet gotten rid of their puppy fat. Strangely enough, their fitness stauts does not change at all, even though they work out for hours and hours.

Dora is once again living up to her neat reputation.

She even cleans the girls' shower.

And then, Glenda's Freshman Year is over.

Is she going to choose a Major, or stick to "nothing"? Who is going to join the girls next? How are the freshly graduated Cho "brothers" getting on in New Maximiliania?

This was fun to play, but I fear this lot is bugged. Not only was the Sims' fitness level stuck, no matter how much they worked out. I also had at least two situations where someone could not use the computer or play chess, because the chair was "in use" - when really there was nobody using it. Selling the chairs with move_objects on helped, but it is not a good sign.
I have taken this dorm fresh from the lots & houses bin, so I really don't know what could have caused the bugs.


  1. A great round in Uni. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason why a lot is bugged, I found during my Legacy challenge that it simply seems the game is not designed for many generations of play so it's often the Sims themselves rather than the lot that causes the issues.

    Even so I like all the new outfits and the girls are all getting on well. :)

    1. Yes, it is such a relief that there are no more fights between the girls; Dora seems to have her bad temper under control now :-) (B'Elanna is still shown as her enemy in the relationship panel... so sad, especially considering they are half-sisters.)

  2. loved this suprised there wasn't any romance or fights glad that sims are closer to graduating i love it when a new family is made

  3. Thank you for this nice episode. Glenda is really doing well with her LTW. And it's really nice to see Giselle in a good mood.

    Greetings, Bee :)

    1. Yes, I'm glad to see the girls all getting along! I hope it stays that way once new students arrive.


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