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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Capp Family I: Week 3

There are several Capp families in New Maximiliania, all of them having their roots in old Veronaville, as you probably know. Sticking to the alphabetical order, the first Capp household to visit for their next week (their third) is Albany Capp's family. Maybe you remember that they started out with little money and many kids, and therefore could only afford a relatively small house. Although they are a bit better off now financially, they have never moved, and the children still share a room, with Miranda being away at university.
There is just about enough room for three beds and a small wardrobe, but the three of them don't mind - they lack nothing of the important things like love and attention. Shall we take a closer look and see who is now living in the house?
Desdemona (background) and Ariel (curly hair) are the two younger girls, Ariel being the youngest of all four siblings. Desdemona is a Knowledge Sim with the lifetime want to become Media Magnate; she has so many creativity points already that it'll be a piece of cake for her once she is old enough to go to work. Ariel is a Pleasure Sim and dreams of 50 first dates. During the past week, the report of which has sadly been lost, she already had her first "first date" with Ripp Grunt.
Their older brother Hal wants to become Celebrity Chef; rather unusual for a Sim with the Romance aspiration, but there you go.
Their dad Albany is now an elder. Sadly, he will never reach is lifetime want of becoming Captain Hero; during the previous week, he lost his job in the Law Enforcement Career due to the wrong decision with a chance card, and there was no position available for him in that career anymore until he reached Elderhood. Still, as a Family Sim, many of his daily wishes involve his beloved wife and his children, and so he is still doing quite well on the aspiration front.
That's Goneril; oddly dressed and with not the most flattering of hair styles for her rather strict looking face. The Capps may have only 1 chemistry bolt between them, but they love each other dearly, and are determined to change for their mutual benefit. For Goneril, that means to dye her hair red and improve on her cleaning skill, while Albany should put on some weight and become a better cook.
Here's Goneril with her new red hairstyle; she will never win a beauty contest, but this suits her much better, I think. Also, the clothes are a bit more toned down now. The couple have now two bolts :-)
That's Goneril's work outfit. She is currently working as a juggler and the only family member providing an income, hence the still rather modest furnishing and decorating.
It is Monday, and while putting the finishing touches to a big steaming bowl of Grandma's Comfort Soup, Albany is invited to Sue's Secret Kitchen.
Ariel makes use of the sunny afternoon by having the second of her planned 50 first dates with Tommy Ottomas.
Hal and his mom enjoy the same sunny afternoon by engaging in a water balloon fight.
Goneril returns from work that day with a promotion to Master of Ceremonies, and by Tuesday, the bonus money has wisely been invested in better kitchen equipment.
Summer is definitely here now, and the girls enjoy doing their homework in the garden, while their dad is trimming the flower shrubs.
Goneril is invited to the Platinum Gym on Wednesday.
Ariel has her 3rd first date with Benedick Monty. That's it for her at the moment, I'm afraid; she has now had a first date with the only three teenage boys she knows apart from her brother, and of course there is no way she will have a date with Hal.
Goneril and Albany love to sit and cuddle on their garden bench, now that all the children are old enough to not need constantly being looked after anymore.
This is Goneril's outfit as Master of Ceremonies.
t is Friday morning, and over breakfast Hal tells his youngest sister Ariel that he is going to be off to college today.
Goneril enjoys some quiet yoga time in the garden.
And indeed, by early afternoon, Hal calls a taxi and heads off to college, leaving his two younger sisters behind, while his mother is waving a melancholy good-bye - the second of their four children to grow up!
With Hal gone, Albany, ever the Family Sim, asks their oldest daughter Miranda to move back in with them. Freshly graduated Summa Cum Laude in Political Science, she happily accepts and brings 18.489 Simoleons with her. Miranda strives to be one day Mayor of New Maximiliania. Not very romantic, is it? After all, she is a Romance Sim.
Desdemona has produced beautiful portraits of herself and her siblings.
All that painting has resulted in her having maximum enthusiasm for arts, and she receives a special plaque. Miranda is the first to congratulate her younger sister.
Goneril has been promoted to Headliner on Friday, and on Saturday afternoon is going to work for the first time in her new outfit.
Miranda has hung her university diploma on the wall above Desdemona's special plaque. So far, she has not found a job in the political career.
Ariel has been brushing up on her cooking skills and is rewarded with a membership card to Sue's Secret Kitchen.
On Sunday, Desdemona follows her brother Hal to college.
The houshold now consists of only Albany, Ariel, Miranda and Goneril.
When she comes back from work on Sunday evening, Goneril has reached her lifetime want: She is now a Prestidigitator!
...and just in time, since moments later, she crosses the threshold to Elderhood. This branch of the Capp family have done quite well for themselves, haven't they, in spite of their rather humble beginnings. Now let's check up on their relatives. And of course we won't forget to visit Hal and Desdemona at college!


  1. The couple have two bolts on my game :)

    1. Did they always have two bolts, or did you do something to increase the chemistry between them?

  2. First they had one bolt but I used the potion to change the turn-ons and turn-offs

    1. I usually try it the other way round - to change something about themselves (hair colour, jewellery, perfume...) to better match their partner's turn-ons :-)

  3. Their turn-ons are formal wear and glasses and turn-offs are underwear but I don't do anything about it

    1. I can't remember what their turn-ons and -offs in my game are; probably the same :-)

  4. Which ep does the good at skill and the hard worker and unemployed turn-on and turn-offs are in apartment life or bon voyage or both ?

    1. I have no idea! Never looked much at the turn-offs and turn-ons until I started helping some of my Sims raising the chemistry level between a couple.

  5. Well I'm glad this family seems so happy and is doing so well. The kids all seem to be doing great.

    1. I really like the big families, there is never a minute boredom!

  6. Nice to see families that I never played, even though I know of their existence

    1. If it weren't for playing all of them in alphabetical order, I guess there are some families I would not be too interested in playing, either.


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