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Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Capp Family I: Week 4

Welcome back to the Capp family! At the moment, the small house which was once almost bursting with Sims only has three inhabitants: Ariel, who is a teenager and will grow up before the week is over...
Goneril, who is 54 now and still working as a Prestidigitator, although the family certainly do not need the money anymore...
...and Albany, who is 65 now and often feels the need to take a rest in the comfy armchair in Ariel's room during the day.
On Monday, Desdemona moves back in. She has just graduated Cum Laude in Philosophy. Her brother Hal lives with Etsu Cho and the Riley family now, while older sister Miranda has moved in with Rick Contrary and his parents.
Desdemona's goal is to become a Media Magnate eventually, but at the moment, there are no free positions in the journalism career.
After an uneventful Tuesday, Albany is hit by lightning on Wednesday morning while spraying the apple tree in the yard. He picks himself up enough to use the toilet, have a shower, something to eat and then a good sleep, and so the incident does not have any further consequences.
Ariel always keeps in mind her lifetime want of having 50 first dates, and so she stops Cedric Cooke when he comes past the house on his jogging round. They do not have a date yet, but at least it is one more boy her age she gets to know.
On Thursday, Ariel's class mate Melrose Moonbeam comes home with her from school, and he is quite smitten with her - he becomes Ariel's First Date # 4.
Meanwhile, Desdemona receives a surprise visit from former fellow student Beau Broke.
On Friday, Oliver Ottomas has a date with Ariel; she has just managed one fifth of her lifetime want.
Desdemona, who still has not found a job in the journalism career, uses her time by studying things such as fire safety and physiology.
Goneril and Albany are still "only" on two bolts, although they both match all their respective turn-ons now. Never mind - they are very much in love and often kiss and hug when I don't give them anything to do.
On Saturday, Ariel is ready to leave for college. She is the last of her parents' children to take that step; they are happy for her, but also nostalgic about the time when she was just a toddler the day they moved to New Max from Veronaville... Of course, Ariel does not need a college degree for her lifetime want, but living on campus will certainly make it easier for her to find some of the 45 first dates she still needs :-)
Desdemona is now the only "child" living with her parents, a strange situation for her. Is she reminiscing the past, when she was still a baby, or her little sister was still a baby, or is she maybe thinking about having a family of her own?
It is Sunday, and Desdemona still has not been lucky with the job hunt. She is not too worried, as she is still yung with 22 days away from Elderhood, and there is more than enough money in the family now, but it would be nice if she could get started on her lifetime want the following week. In fact, there is so much money now (more than 75.000 Simoleons!), what with Goneril's regular, well-paid work and the odd bonus every now and then from a chance card, plus the grant money from college Miranda left with her parents before moving in with Rick, and now Desdemona's grant money as well. They could easily afford a bigger, more luxurious house, but the Capps have become quite attached to their humble abode and have, at least for the time being, decided to stay here.
Albany has heard about a food contest taking place today at Sue's Secret Kitchen and wants to give it a go. The townie next to him is Shane Cho - a relative of Etsu Cho and her mother Vivian (now Riley) ?
Albany makes Grandma's Comfort Soup for the contest. The head of Sue's Secret Kitchen hands in Lobster Thermidor, while a townie teenage girl makes Spaghetti bolognese and the bar tender thinks he might have a chance with lunch meat sandwiches. As you can see, Shane Cho is still hanging around.
The food judge seems to really like Albany's soup.
He takes his time to taste everything and makes lengthy notes while the contestants wait impatiently for his verdict.
And the winner is... the head of Sue's Secret Kitchen (whose name is, curiously enough, not Sue)! Of course, Lobster Thermidor is in a different league than sandwiches or spaghetti, but Albany suspects she mainly won because she owns this establishment. He goes home without even staying to have some of the food.
Back home, he finds Desdemona, obviously feeling a bit lonely now that Ariel has left for college and she still hasn't got a job, has invited her siblings and cousins with their respective partners. She is just greeting cousins Tybalt and a heavily pregnant Hermia, with sister Miranda waiting her turn.
Brother Hal with his girlfriend Etsu Cho and Rick Contrary, Miranda's boyfriend, have come along as well.
Desdemona made many beautiful items at the pottery wheel while she was still at college. Each of her cousins and siblings get to take something home with them.
For reasons unknown to me, Desdemona and Rick severely dislike each other. Did anything happen between them while they were younger? I have checked Desdemona's memories and haven't found anything. But they are constantly poking and shoving each other. It worries Hermia, while Etsu pretends not to notice, and Hal rather impolitely checks his emails on the family computer.
The unavoidable happens, and Desdemona and Rick start a proper fight.
Miranda is shocked and mortified at both her sister's and her boyfriend's behaviour. How can they act like that during what was supposed a pleasant family gathering!!
Hal, Etsu and Tybalt seem to find the whole scene rather entertaining, while Albany hides behind them. He, has Desdemona's father and head of the house, should do something, shouldn't he?
Desdemona wins the fight. Hal says good-bye shortly after that and leaves... without Etsu, which is a bit odd if you ask me.
Miranda involves her boyfriend and Etsu in a game of kicky-bag to show that she does not hold anything against him, cheered on by Tybalt. That was a bit of a strange evening at the Capp's! Hopefully, their next week will bring a job for Desdemona. We will of course visit the other siblings as well, but first, it is Ariel's turn to settle in at college.


  1. Always interesting when sims start to fight and you have no idea why. Sometimes I can search through my old posts and figure it out, sometimes not. It's fun to see all these sims growing up.

    1. I wouldn't have expected beautiful Desdemona to be so aggressive, but there you go!

  2. It's very exhausting to have extended family members hating each other - the family gatherings become so tense, in RL and in game!

    1. It is! Thankfully, I know this situation only in the game, not in my RL family.


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