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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Curious Family Album

Pictures from the Curious brothers' family album:
Where it all began: The Curious House
Pascal, when he found out he was pregnant
Vidcund and Lazlo back in the days
Carolina, shortly after she was born (already at the new house)
Being a single father wasn't easy for Pascal, but his brothers helped where they could.
Carolina turned into a toddler with a sunny smile.
Pascal made sure she learnt all her toddler skills.
In the meantime, Lazlo's romance with Dina Caliente started.
It was true love, and Dina left her sister on her own and moved in with Lazlo, his brothers and his niece Carolina.
By now, Carolina was old enough to go to school.
She showed an early interest in science.
Pascal was glad for Dina having moved in, it meant there was an adult woman in the house for Carolina to turn to as well.
Since all four adults were working full time, sometimes they needed the help of Nanny.
The Nanny was an excellent cook and well liked by Caroline.
Caroline loved school and always came home with a smile on her face.
She got along with "Auntie" Dina very well; she was the first person to congratulate Caroline when she brought home her first A+ report.
Dina kept advancing in her career, and reached her lifetime want of becoming Chief of Staff 7 days before Elderhood.
Vidcund got rid of his dorky haircut, had a new pair of specs and liked his new looks much better than his old.
Until the fateful day of the chance card, he was doing very well in his career, too.
Pascal and Lazlo practising their ballet moves together :-)
One last shot to remember Caroline.


  1. The Curious family are probably my favourite to play out of all the premades!
    How come Carolina wasn't an alien? How fun having Dina move in with Lazlo.
    I like Vidcund's new look. :)

  2. When I set up my megahood, I used SimPE to clean out the memories and family trees of all the Sims - it took me an entire weekend :-D But if you simply move Sims from one neighbourhood to the other without cleaning them up, the game will generate character overflow from all the Sims that are in their memories and family trees, and eventually, your game will crash and that neighbourhood becomes inplayable. Therefore, technically speaking, Carolina had only one parent, and that was Pascal.

  3. This sound ominous. I think you mention her as dying in a fire too. Too bad, I liked her. You're last comment made me slightly concerned. I know I don't have all the memories and stuff cleared out for everyone so I hope I don't run into a major problem....not that it would happen soon anyway.

    1. The clearing out is only important when it comes to memories involving Sims that do not live in the same household. So your game should be safe if there aren't too many "external" memories.

    2. I always forget that I used the clean megahood downloads so there shouldn't be any problems like that. :)


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