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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Ottomas Family: Week 5

The 5th week at the Ottomas house has begun, and we find Lilith Pleasant - who is on Permanent Platinum and therefore treated as "unplayable" most of the time - making the bed...
...David Ottomas having a bowl of Grandma's Comfort Soup...
...his youngest brother Oliver with a few pounds more on his ribs than before...
...their parents, Peter and Samantha, just getting up...
...and Olivia, Oliver's twin sister, already in her school uniform, ready to get on the school bus. Peter has, by the way, 3 bolts for Jessie Pilferson, Sally Riley, Erin Singles and Roxie Sharpe - an odd mix of ladies who do not seem to have much in common! Lilith Pleasant has 3 bolts for Ashley Pitts, but I don't think I am going to allow anything to happen about that.
This Monday, Lilith and David have their Dream Dates # 2 and 3 (remember: David shares his mother's LTW of having 50 dream dates).
They ARE very much in love, it doesn't just look that way!
Someone in the household had this toy robot in their inventory (can't remember right now who gave it to them). Oliver loves playing with it until it breaks; then I have him repair it.
Samantha and Peter have their Dream Dates # 18 and 19 today.
Tuesday sees Samantha and Peter having dates # 20 and 21, while David and Lilith have just reached # 4. It is also the day Sharla moves back in with her family; she has recently graduated Summa Cum Laude in Biology and has the LTW of having 6 grandchildren - but no love interest right now.
Her Mom and her siblings seem to be happy to have her back, installed once again in her old room.
It is winter, and Oliver builds a snow man.
On Wednesday, Peter and Samantha have dates # 22 and 23.
Samantha plays with their dog, Alegra, while the twins fool around a bit before school.
Sharla has some soup with her older brother David; they share ancedotes about their university years.
Tommy Ottomas has also graduated and moves back in with the family. He wants to become Celebrity Chef, just like his Dad. Now, for a while, the entire family (minus Dora, who died long ago) is back together in the same house.
Sharla knows she needs at least one child if she ever wants to reach her LTW. The man who she has the highest relationship with is Mercutio Monty, and so she asks him over.
Meanwhile, the twins return from school with two friends in tow: Martina Martin (Jacob Martin's daughter)...
...and her half-sister Hailey Hart, Matthew Hart's daughter.
Angela Pleasant decides to pay her twin sister Lilith a visit on her own initiative.
An interesting shot - what, I wonder, is David thinking there? He has Angela on his mind, but Lilith is the woman he loves.
Upstairs, Oliver gives Hailey a backrub on his own accord, and she obviously enjoys it! I expect to see little hearts flying after that, but...
...although Hailey keeps thinking of kissing Oliver, nothing further happens.
Thursday is Snow Day and the twins do not have to go to school, much to Olivia's delight. Also worth mentioning is that Tommy has found a position as Sous Chef and his parents had their 24th and 25h dream dates together.
A temporary structure is erected outside the house, just behind the drive, and party ballons (they were all in the household members' inventories, obviously bought at Ty Bubbler's shop for party items) are placed everywhere. The occasion?
Lilith and David's wedding!! Earlier on that week, after one of their dream dates, BOTH of them spun up the wish to get married, and who am I not to comply with my Sims' wishes? :-)
Angela was invited, of course, as were several of their uni friends and the entire Ottomas family in attendance.
I wonder why Angela kept turning her back on the couple!
Samantha was the first to jump up and applaud after the ceremony. Her firstborn, married!! Next to her on the chair is Oliver, and Tommy next to him, with short hair (I didn't make him change his hairdo, it came up when he changed into his formal outfit). Behind Samantha are Antonio Monty, Angela Pleasant and Sharla.
Olivia doesn't look so bad in her pretty formal dress, does she! Seated at the table are Beatrice Monty and her brother Benedick. The same afternoon, the twins Oliva and Oliver left for college, where we are soon going to meet them again.
Friday, Samantha and Peter have dates # 26 to 30. You can imagine that, with all that going on, I could not play David and Lilith having dates as well. Samantha and Peter are much older and have less time to reach Samantha's LTW, so I decided to focus on them for the moment.
Lilith, the new young Mrs. Ottomas, can highly recommend marriage to Tommy and Sharla over breakfast :-)
Tommy goes to work today for the first time.
Sharla invites Mercutio over again. This time, hearts fly without me doing anything.
And of course, Mercutio does not mind at all helping Sharla towards her LTW! (Sharla only has a single bed in her room, so she borrows Lilith and David's bed for the occasion.)
On Saturday, Sharla feels less than brilliant.
Tommy is the opposite: he has just been promoted to Executive Chef.
Soon, Sharla finds out why she felt so bad earlier today.
Samantha and Peter have dates # 31 to 34 today.
Tommy paints this beautiful picture for his sister Sharla, who promptly puts it on the wall in her room.
Sunday ends with Samantha and Peter having dates # 35 to 39; I would have liked for it to be 40, but there are only so many dates you can play in one Sim-day, and that's already boring enough, believe me! Peter is now 71 and won't have many more days left; Samantha is 67, and I really hope they will reach her LTW together. Only then will I be able to focus on David and Lilith and their remaining 46 dream dates... *sigh*
Sharla, I don't know whether this is so good for the baby! 

How is this family going to develop? 
Will Sharla and Mercutio decide to live together or even get married, and raise their child as a family? 
Are Samantha and Peter going to reach the 50 dream dates before it is too late? 
What are David's chances of reaching his LTW as long as Lilith still works as a Rock Goddess and is not home all the time? (And am I going to survive another round of endless dream dates?)
Will Olivia and Oliver move back in after college?


  1. Oh I hope Samantha & Peter can get their 50! It is very hard especially as they are getting older.
    Great round though, Sharla expecting, can't wait to see her baby. David & Lilith's wedding was lovely.
    The twins have grown up nicely too.

    1. It'll be quite a rush during Peter's last days to complete the remaining 10 dates for Samantha, but I think they'll make it, if I really focus on that and nothing unforeseen happens.
      I really liked Lilith's wedding outfit, the dark green dress and little veil looked very good with her red hair.
      The twins will never win a beauty contest, but they are alright :-)

  2. Phew again! You are really good with keeping focus on the dating. I would have a hard time doing it!


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