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Friday, 29 March 2013

Jessica Peterson: Week 4

- - - Update 28.3.2013 - - - Jessica Peterson's fourth week in New Maximiliania is about to begin. Since she is on Permanent Platinum, I am not going to tell her what to do, with the exception of making her greet other New Maximilianians if they walk by, pay the bills and - if anything breaks in the house - request a repair from the landlord. Other than that, Jessica is left to her own devices. How is she going to fare?

Oh yes, and I have made her change her outfit - the summer dress was getting a bit boring, plus she needed a bit more coverage in line with the colder autumn weather.

Monday is rent day, and Jessica diligently pays hers.

She is not particularly neat (by character points), but she still does the odd spot of cleaning without being ordered to.

Then she reads the paper...

...and gives financial consulting on the Simternet.

When Chaz Whippler and Sharla Ottomas walk past (not together, it was just a coincidence that they appeared at the same time), Jessica greets them.

She has been talking to the landlord a lot, and they are now best friends.

That evening, Jessica turns into an Elder - all on her own.

Lee Broke, Dustin Broke's half-Alien son, is also greeted by Jessica.

Tuesday morning, she makes herself pancakes for breakfast. That is one Sim who won't starve in front of a well-stocked fridge!

She then watches a movie.

Later, when she collects the usual Tuesday bills, Mercutio Monty appears, and is of course greeted.

For some unknown reason, though, the two of them only argue. (The guy in the back is Max Flexor, by the way. I am not sure, but I think he once lived here, or maybe he was invited over by one of the former tenants; anyway, he seems to be stuck on the lot, falls asleep on the pavement, badly needs a shower and generally proves to be quite a nuisance until I finally have mercy and "sell" him with move_objects on.)

On Wednesday, Castor Nova becomes Jessica's guest for the day.

Jason Larson, too.

Thursday sees an unreasonable Jessica hopping about barefoot in the rain, wearing only her PJs - no wonder she ends up sick!

Her sickness does not stop her from greeting Frances J. Worthington.

One of the toilets and her computer broke, and Jessica calls the landlord to request repairs.

The landlord fixes everything, and most of Friday morning is spent browsing the web.

Every now and then, Jessica retreats to her settee. She does look a bit lonely, doesn't she!

I wonder whether she is happy about Lee Broke ringing. She doesn't look it! Probably wondering why a teenage boy would ring an elderly lady like herself.

Her sleeping pattern is quite strange: almost every time she goes to bed, she gets up only a few hours later, long before she is fully rested. Is that a symptom of her illness, I wonder?

Saturday sees Buck Grunt welcomed in by Jessica.

She does some more cleaning on her own initiative (but never touches the downstairs toilet, which is really a mess!).

On Sunday, she gives some more financial consulting.

Samantha Green (nee Cordial) and Alexander Goth are politely asked in.

But in the end, Jessica eats her chef salad all alone again. She is now 60, and it looks like she still has quite a long time ahead. Will there be a love interest eventually, or will she take up a hobby? I don't know yet!


  1. Jessica hasn't found the right person to settle down with yet but she seems happy regardless. I imagine she would get 'flu what with jumping about in the rain puddles! Sims often get up to cough and splutter when they are sick.

    1. She does it all the time! It is quite annoying, actually :-D

  2. The weeks with Jessica pass by quickly! In my Belladonna 5-wishes she is married and has a son

    1. I hope I'll manage to check it out soon - right now, I haven't got enough time, as I need to go to work in a bit.


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