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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Nigmos Household: Week 4

Early on Monday morning, we find Stella flying the kite she has brought as a souvenir from university. What does their fourth week have in store for Ophelia Nigmos and her friends?
Ophelia is, by the way, a "prominent personality", according to her reputation meter. Strangely enough, she keeps having the wish of "having a good reputation" all week, and it is never shown as fulfilled. Another bug, I suppose.
Ashley Pitts and Stella Terrano both still live here.
Everyone here spends a lot of time online, especially since I leave them mostly to their own devices, what with all three household members being on Permanent Platinum.
Dorian Kauker, NPC and Ophelia's 3-bolt-love, walks by and is greeted by Ashley.
Ophelia is happy to see him!
In the afternoon, Stella...
...turns into an Elder - and you can guess that the first thing I have her do after her age-transition is go to the wardrobe and find an outfit less horrible than this one!
And next thing I know, Stella spins up the wish to get married! Since she now has 3 bolts for Ashley, I think it is easy to decide who it's going to be :-)
It is Tuesday, and Ophelia greets Mercutio Monty, who was one of the kind people to help her towards her LTW.
Once again, Dorian Kauker walks past the house, and this time it is Ophelia who greets him ;-)
Along with Martina Martin, Lee Broke (not pictured), Ramon Ramirez and Xander Roth, Dorian enjoys a fine meal of pork chops prepared by Stella on her own accord.
Later that day, it is Ashley's turn to become an Elder.
Wednesday morning, Ashley, too, spins up the wish to get married. So a wedding it's definitely going to be before the week is over!
Dorian is here again, much to Ophelia's delight. So far, she has not had to invite him over, he's always appeared on his own accord.
The same is true on Thursday.
Friday, Ashley meets and greets Titania Summerdream.
Olivia Ottomas and Beta Beaker are paying a visit, too.
Any excuse is good for Ashley to prepare his favourite dish, the Holiday Roast.
Lazlo Curious has never had such excellent nosh before!
On Saturday, party balloons adorn the gate to Ophelia's yard.
A glimpse past the gate reveals a complete set-up for a wedding. Well, you knew it was going to happen!
Marla Biggs, Brittany Upsnott, Delilah O'Feefe, the Davis brothers and Alexander Goth are some of the guests. They all went to university with Ashley.
For the ceremony, the guests change into their formal outits.
Stella and Ashley are now Mrs. and Mr. Pitts.
Their friends are delighted! Delilah O'Feefe seems a bit miffed because she could not sit next to her husband Kevin (formerly Beare), because Brittany and Marla took the seats closest to him.
But such minor animosities are quickly forgotten when Stella cuts the cake.
Look at the expression on Brittany's face, and what Almeric Davis seems to be thinking! Is there romance in the air, I wonder?
Ophelia has secretly been following a special plan all week, and today has managed to achieve what I wanted her to do: She has reached a certain stage in the Natural Science career.
A new plant is added to the orchard: the Cow Plant, the first (and so far only) of its kind in all of New Maximiliania! (You know who gave me the inspiration for that after explaining to me how to get the plant - thank you!)
Sunday morning, the cow plant grows a vine cake. Time for action!
All day long, Ashley and Ophelia keep inviting their friends. They throw three parties altogether, and usually some guests instantly make a beeline for the cow plant.
Jacob Martin here tries to grab the cake, watched by Blossom Moonbeam.
The cow plant sniffs him thoroughly, but Jacob pushes it away. This is repeated at least 5 or 6 times.
The same happens with Gordon Greenman...
...William Williamson...
...Florence Delarosa...
...Mercutio Monty...
...Ripp Grunt...
...Max Flexor and several more Sims, but none of them ends up as food for the plant. So, Sunday ends with all three household members still thriving on Permanent Platinum, and no unlucky victims of the cow plant. Did I do something wrong, or forget something? What does the plant need as a trigger to actually eat a Sim? 

After the first half of the week, Dorian has not come back, and Ophelia never shows any wishes for him. Is that going to change by spring? And will I then allow her to act on her 3-bolt-attraction for an NPC? I have not yet made up my mind :-)


  1. What a great round! Wow, your cowplant is a fussy one! LOL. I've seen them refuse one sim or two before, but never that many! As far as I know the only Sims they don't like to eat are ones with low hygiene.
    The wedding party was lovely, glad Stella & Ashley finally made it official. I don't think Dorian could be any more obvious could he? Will Ophelia ever get the hint though?!

    1. No idea why that cowplant has not eaten anyone yet - I was so hoping for some drama!
      Still not sure about Dorian, whether I should allow Ophelia to do something about this 3-bolt-love or not. I'll see what happens next time I play the household (which won't be very long, since P as in Pitts is not far from N as in Nigmos). If she'll spin up wishes about him, I may be persuaded to let it happen ;-)

  2. I think you should keep the cowplant unfed so that it is hungry when people pass by

    1. I have found out since that the cowplant really only eats NPC Sims with no proper address.

  3. A fun round. I do enjoy the cow plants. They are very interesting. Seems like these guys are doing well, and a beautiful wedding to boot!

    1. I was hoping for a bit more drama with the cow plant, but as it only eats townies, I quickly lost interest ;-)


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