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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Kevin Beare and Delilah O'Feefe: Week 1

Hello and welcome to yet another installment of my New Maximiliania series :-) We are going to spend a Sim-week at the same apartment building we have just left, namely the apartment on the third floor from the ground up. Who lives here?
It is college graduate Kevin Beare. Kevin never really needed to graduate in order to fulfill his lifetime want of celebrating his Golden Anniversary; he is a typical Family Sim. But he still took his studies in Psychology seriously enough to receive a diploma Magna Cum Laude. Back at college, he used to have a sweetheart, and of course now that he is ready to start his own family, he invites her over:
Jane Staks. She does not say no to his invitation, but as soon as he releases her from this VERY warm welcome-hug-and-kiss...
...she tells him that she now lives with Matthew Hart, and they have a little girl together, Helena. Kevin is sad, but understands. Life does not stop for anyone, and while he was so busy at college, Jane found herself more attracted to Matthew. If he is perfectly honest with himself, he does not feel that attracted to Jane anymore, either... there is just one chemistry bolt for her, whereas there are several ladies who he has two bolts for. He invites one of them over... is Delilah O'Feefe, and she, too, gets greeted in an extremely "friendly" manner :-) Up until now, Kevin and Delilah have not been in love, and therefore I am quite surprised by Kevin's greeting - he did that entirely on his own accord, but Delilah never objected. Kevin thinks, better to grab a chance when it is there than to live with regrets, and asks Delilah if she feels like moving in with him. She does, and joins the household with 16.290 Simoleons.
Her aspiration is Knowledge, but sadly, she wants to use her brilliant mind for criminal purposes as a Criminal Mastermind. On Tuesday, she is lucky and finds a position as Cat Burglar.
Meanwhile, Kevin decides to try and increase the two bolts he and Delilah have for each other by adapting to her turn-ons, one of which is brown hair.
The other turn-on is Formal Wear, and so he puts on his nicest suit before serving dinner for the two of them. Delilah indeed has the little hearts flying for Kevin, but the attraction remains at two bolts for both.
Still, over that dinner, the two of them fall in love well and truly!
So it is decided that they stay together. And as soon as we move on to the next picture and leave those two alone, they are going to get entangled between the sheets ;-)
The apartment building is home to several more former students; here, you can see Marla Biggs, Joshua Ruben and Castor Nova. (This was played and written before Tiffany moved in with Castor.)
Delilah, going to work for the first time as a Cat Burglar.
She returns with a promotion very early on Thursday morning and is now a Counterfeiter.
Kevin becomes a member at the Aspirational Laboratories - all that stargazing!
It's been a long night, and Delilah will have to be at work soon again, so she has a cup of espresso to keep going.
Kevin finds himself alone at various times of the day or night, with Delilahl's rather criminal schedule. Sometimes he tends to get a bit lonely. Good job there is always someone downstairs on the apartment building's playground to talk to.
On Friday, Delilah is promoted to Smuggler.
Kevin puts the time he has on his own to good use and learns Fire Safety.
On Saturday, Delilah receives her membership card to Will's Garage...
...and on Sunday, the one for the Platinum Gym. The week ends just before Delilah can go back to work again and get - probably - her next promotion. Kevin is still not engaged to her, let alone married, but I think they will take that step eventually. Does anyone remember who Delilah was once an item with? Yes, that's right - Edwyn Sharpe, formerly known as Dorky Edwyn! I don't know yet what has become of him since Delilah has left college, but I am sure we will find out.


  1. I think Delilah is the only college sim I've never played! I am enjoying reading about her, she's a nice match for Kevin. In one of my 'hoods he was married to Brittany Upsnott.
    I expect being a Family sim he'll roll the wish to marry soon!

    1. In my game, I "allow" marriage usually only when it is necessary for the LTW (as in Kevin's case) OR one or both of the partners want to get married OR if they are a 3-bolt-couple and I simply like the idea of them being married :-)

  2. I thought that there would be a wedding already this round because of Kevin's LTW, but I guess there's no rush!

    1. In the meantime, you have found out that there was a wedding after all :-)

  3. No wedding yet, but I'm sure it will happen. Delilah seems nice and sufficient in your hood. Much more than in mine.

    1. I told you, I always liked her - she's so different in your game!


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