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Friday, 29 March 2013

Jimmy Phoenix: Weeks 1 and 2

Jimmy Phoenix is one of the original generation of students who came into our game with the University expansion pack, and like almost all of those original students, he has by now graduated (Summa Cum Laude in Political Science), left campus and moved to New Maximiliania; to be more precise, to this apartment building. Here, he rents the flat on the left side of the building, stretching over the two top floors.

Here is Jimmy, a Popularity Sim who wants to become General.

He lives here on his own... for now.

On Wednesday, he finds a job as Junior Officer.

There he is, early on Thursday morning, on his way to the first day at work, all full of optimism!

He receives his membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories (he already holds cards for the Platinum Gym and Games of Glory).

On Thursday afternoon, he returns from work with a promotion to Counter Intelligence, and on Friday he is made Flight Officer.

He invites one of his former co-students over, Marla Biggs.

On Saturday, the landlord hosts a party for all the tenants, free pizza included.

On Sunday, Jimmy invites his friends over, the Ottomas family. [As you can see, I played and wrote this when Samantha was not yet an elderly lady, Sharla and Tommy were still teenagers, and the twins Oliver and Olivia were children.

- - - Week 2 - - - When I return to play Jimmy's household, he has company: Timmy, the dog.

On the Monday of his 2nd week here in New Max, Jimmy is promoted to Senior Officer.

When he is at work, Timmy often goes downstairs to find someone to play with, and there is usually one or two of the other tenants there for him, like Angela Pleasant.

It is Tuesday, and Jimmy is promoted to Commander. Now he needs three more body skill points, but still has to work every day, plus do his household chores, maintain his friendships and look after Timmy at the same time - the day simply never seems to have enough hours, and the next few days pass by like a whirlwind.
Jimmy needs to clean up the mess Timmy leaves behind - he is not house broken, and Jimmy has not had time yet to train him.

He has his meals alone... and shows a surprising lack of table manners ;-)

The weekend is here, and finally, Jimmy has some time for things other than work! It is a fine day in early spring, and he makes use of the sunny weather by going for a run with his dog.

On Sunday, he has a couple of friends over, and they relax watching TV.

When his friends leave, he shifts the settee and telly so that he can work out. He still needs one more body skill point before he can hope for his next promotion.

How much longer before Jimmy is going to reach his lifetime want? Will he stay on his own forever? When I'll find out, you'll be the first to know :-)


  1. I often find Body points take forever to get, perhaps lots of my sims are lazy and just aren't keen? lol.
    Looking forward to seeing Jimmy in action next time.

    1. It is especially the last point of a skill that seems to take a lot longer than the first few. Not sure whether I just imagine that or it really is the case.

  2. I'm pretty sure higher skill points take longer than the lower, it's not just the feel of it. And I must say I find that realistic!


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