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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Castor Nova and Tiffany Sampson: Week 1

Castor Nova is one of many college graduates who have recently moved into New Maximiliania's newest part, where all the apartment buildings are. He has graduated Summa Cum Laude in Philosophy and now wants to work at becoming Chief of Staff, a fitting lifetime want for a Knowledge Sim like him.
He rents the second apartment from the grpund up in this building.
It is quite big for just one single Sim, but who says he'll stay single for long?
He quickly invites his college sweetheart Tiffany Sampson over and asks her to move in. Tiffany happily accepts. Like her boyfriend, she is a Knowledge Sim. Her big goal in life is to be a Mad Scientist. She has just graduated Summa Cum Laude in Physics.
The two of them share their first meal of (burnt) omelette together in their newly furnished apartment and discuss whether to buy a TV or not (they don't buy one).
There are no jobs available in the medical career today.
Instead, the two of them decide to go shopping for clothes. While they do not care much about fashion, they want their outfits at least to match in colours.
Castor sticks to the brown-beige tones he was wearing before, but this outfit is more in line with the warm days of late summer.
Tiffany goes for a pair of bermudas and a t-shirt.
Tuesday morning starts with a cozy breakfast of sweet pancakes in their bathrobes.
Tiffany is happy when she finds a position as Science Teacher and goes to work full of optimism.
On Wednesday, she is promoted to Project Leader and has to gain some cleaning skill points for her next promotion. It is autumn now, and the change in temperature calls for a change in outfits, too.
Castor has still not found a job in the medical field and spends time out on the playground with former fellow students Ashley Pitts and Kevin Beare. (This was played and written before Ashley moved in with Stella Terrano and Ophelia Nigmos, and before Kevin married Delilah O'Feefe.)
Thursday is not only the usual day for the bills, but also sees Tiffany receiving her membership card to Sue's Secret Kitchen.
Castor tries unsuccessfully to befriend a skunk.
On Friday, he finally manages to find a medical job. Before he'll start work as an Intern tomorrow, he makes use of the career rewards object to practise his mechanical skill.
Tiffany is promoted to Inventor.
On Saturday, Castor is promoted to Resident.
A few hours later, Tiffany returns home with a promotion to Scholar.
They spend the evening together in their study, working on their skills (Castor), playing the Sims (Tiffany) and enjoying their closeness.
On Sunday, they dress according to the wintery temperatures and put up some Christmas decoration.
Later, they work side by side (or, rather, back to back) in their private lab.
When Castor leaves for work at 6.00 pm, Brittany Upsnott pays a surprise visit.
Castor returns early - after a good decision with a chance card, he is made GP.
Meanwhile, Tiffany is making Christmas cookies.
When Brittany, Tiffany and Castor sit down to eat the cookies, Santa appears!
With this picture of Santa and our young and happy couple at the table, let me end the week at this household. I am quite sure that during their next week here, both Tiffany and Castor are going to reach Permanent Platinum. Anything else that may or may not happen is up to chance!


  1. Nice round for Castor & Tiffany, they are moving up the ranks well toward their LTW's. :)

    1. I think they make a nice couple. And their LTWs are so easy-peasy!

  2. Nice start for the young couple, and three seasons in one week!

    1. More than four years ago... I really don't remember what I played then, unless I'll re-read my own chapters, but now I haven't got the time ;-)

  3. Quite a successful round for the young couple. :) They are very nice together it seems.


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