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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Castor Nova and Tiffany Sampson: Week 2

- - - Update 21.3.2012 - - - The Monday after Christmas, we find Tiffany and Castor getting ready for another working week.
Tiffany gets promoted to Top Secret Researcher, and because there are still a few hours left on the new job, she instantly goes back to work and is promoted yet again - twice on the same day! - and now works as a Theorist.
Castor has also been promoted and is now a Specialist.
For a while now, the two of them share the car pool to work every morning.
On Wednesday, Tiffany maxes out her cleaning skill, while Castor is promoted to Surgeon.
On Thursday, due to the wrong decision with a chance card, she is demoted to scholar.
Never mind! A delicious meal of pork chops later, and all Tiffany can think of is her sweetheart :-)
Saturday morning, after she has taken down all the Christmas decoration (it is spring now), Tiffany sits down to a few hours of playing The Sims 3.
The weekend passes uneventfully. 

Do you remember when I thought, at the end of their previous week, I was quite sure both Tiffany and Castor would reach permanent platinum during this week? Well, neither of them did, but they are both doing well - and probably permanent platinum it will be during their following week!


  1. Things never work out quite like we plan eh? Still, the demotion didn't help Tiffany but at least she will get a nice boost of funs when she's promoted again.
    I do love it when they can walk to work sometimes several times during the day if it times well. :)

    1. A bit boring, I'm afraid, with mainly just promotions to report and not much else.
      I am currently playing their 3rd week and, to make it less boring, have sent them on a vacation. The update could be ready by tomorrow, or this weekend at most.

  2. Two promotions on one day is pretty impressive - pity she lost the second one! Ah, well, easy come, easy go :)

    1. If possible, I always send my Sims back to work the same day, unless they need more skills for their next promotion.

  3. Very focused in their careers! They will really deserve a vacation next time :)

    1. I can not remember whether they ever went on vacation!


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