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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Kevin and Delilah O'Feefe: Week 3

- - - Update 9.3.2013 - - - The O'Feefes still live in the same apartment, and nothing has changed for them since our last visit: Delilah is on Permanent Platinum and works as a Criminal Mastermind.
Kevin is the stay-at-home-husband and spends a lot of time at the telescope.
On Monday, the rent for the apartment is due; a good occasion for Kevin to meet the other tenants of the building, almost all of them being his former fellow students.
I am not controlling Delilah anymore, now that she is on PP, except for two or three occasions during the week when she was downstairs and another New Maximilianian walked by and I told her to greet them. Also, when she brings a townie-colleague home from work, I make her say good-bye to them instantly. Every now and then, in spite of Delilah being "uncontrolled", they actually manage to have a meal together :-)
On Tuesday, Desdemona Capp is invited to spend the afternoon.
As usual, it is Kevin who does most of the housework, although Delilah cleans the kitchen counters several times on her own accord.
She does not seem to think it a little inappropriate being out on the apartment building's playground in her PJs, and her neighbours do not seem to mind, either.
On Wednesday, Cassandra Roseland is their guest.
On Thursday, a traffic jam happens in front of the O'Feefe's door; nobody can get upstairs or downstairs with Cassandra blocking the stairwell. She has been here since Wednesday, and so I intervene and remove her with the move_objects on cheat.
During a thunderstorm (it is summer), Bottom Summerdream must have gotten hit by lightning - I didn't see it happening, but it's the only explanation for her looking like that!
I have not yet given up on my evil plan, and on Friday, Delilah manages to find a job in the Natural Scientist career, the cowplant becoming available to her instantly.
Kevin, who still has to wait quite a long time before he will be able to reach his LTW, is not difficult to keep on gold or platinum; here, he is studying couples counselling to fulfill one of his wishes.
One day after her lightning stroke, Bottom Summerdream looks perfectly alright again.
On Saturday, Kevin maxes out his enthusiasm for science by stargazing.
Delilah and Kevin make a good team in the kitchen :-)
On Sunday, my Sims seem as puzzled as I am about the odd behaviour of the cowplant! Not one Sim has been eaten yet, and certainly not for the lack of trying! Some of them try about 10 times to grab the cake, but nothing ever happens. Now I am convinced there is something wrong with the cowplant in my game, but what can it be? I have no CC at all, no hacks or anything like it. This was a short update; the week was mostly played on fast forward since there wasn't much happening in this household, I'm afraid.


  1. Wow, well I've been reading at other sites and there is no reason why your cowplant shouldn't be eating sims. Maybe it's just really, really fussy?!
    Hopefully you'll get more luck soon. It's fun to read what sims get up to when they are not controlled anymore- something I'm going to add to my next round I think!

    1. Yes, I'll definitely try the cowplant again on other lots, as soon as I have the possibility to get it (without cheats, of course). There really is no reason why it should not be eating anyone!

  2. I thought at first it were the apartments that made the cowplant buggy, but then I remembered that you had the first one on an owned lot. Sorry, I have no ideas to give you, can only wish you good luck. And by now, four years later, you might have solved it already!

    1. Well, I have the cowplant active on the Senior Residence lot now, and it really only eats non-resident townies.

  3. So strange about the cow plant. I know it's capable of eating non-townie sims, I've had mine eat them before. Seems very strange, but oh well. These guys seem to be doing really well as a couple.

    1. The cowplant can eat non-townies - but the Sim in question has to be directed by the player, not just visiting, I suppose.


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