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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Kevin Beare and Delilah O'Feefe: Week 2

- - - Update 12.11.2011 - - - The second week in their new apartment has begun for Kevin and Delilah. It is winter, and they have decorated the rooms with Christmas objects. There has been some snow already, and Delilah enjoys the view from the 3rd floor while having a nice bowl of delicious hot soup, lovingly made by Kevin.
Kevin has been sleeping in; unlike Delilah, he does not have to be up at a certain time, since he does not work.
Instead, he spends the day shopping for clothes.
In spite of the cold winter temperatures, Delilah suffers a heat stroke from jogging. Minutes after this picture was taken, Kevin poured some cold water over her and helped her up.
Here he is sporting one of the outfits he bought earlier today.
Delilah has chosen a figure-hugging knit dress - she can well afford it!
On Tuesday, she works out...
...and learns physiology.
Wednesday passes without anything worth mentionable, but on Thursday, Delilah is promoted one last time: she is now a criminal mastermind and has reached her lifetime want 19 days from elderhood!
Kevin has found a new task for the long days spent at home without Delilah: He wants to help someone else reaching their lifetime want. One way of doing this is making friends with a Sim who dreams of having 20 best friends at the same time. Kevin knows such a Sim: Lisa Ramirez, and he starts calling her daily, sometimes more than once, so that the two of them become friends.
Of course, when Delilah is not working, the two of them spend time together.
This is Delilah in her Criminal Mastermind outfit.
Kevin keeps the household running smoothly and never forgets to get fresh groceries.
Friday morning sees him enjoying a piece of his home-made berry pie for breakfast.
It is now spring, and the rising temperatures call for different outfits.
While Delilah is, once again, off to work, Kevin tries (in vain) to befriend a skunk.
By Saturday, the weather has become more spring-like with all of the snow gone, and Delilah enjoys some time on the playground in front of the building with Marla Biggs, who lives in the apartment above theirs and was a fellow student.
Sunday is Delilah's day off, and they have plans...
Wedding plans! As you can see, their large living room is easily converted into a wedding party venue.
In a private ceremony, Kevin Beare becomes Kevin O'Feefe. He is now well on his way of reaching his lifetime want - all they need to do now is reaching elderhood and throw an anniversary party, but they still have 15 days before that possibility will arise.
Mickey Dosser and the landlady, Jenny Ku, are witnesses.
Loki Beaker is invited, too, but somehow never made it to the ceremony. At least he is there for the dinner, consisting of pork chops made by Kevin.
Delilah sits with the landlady who is happy to have such a reliable couple as her tenants (she probably neither knows nor cares that one of them is a criminal mastermind).
With this picture of Kevin and Delilah resting after their wedding party, we leave this nice couple until the next round.


  1. Yay, congrats to the newest Mr & Mrs! It seems odd when the game throws 'wrong' LTW's doesn't it? I suppose it adds a little more realism though.

    1. Thank you!
      It's a shame that some LTWs never come up, such as the top-of-career wants for the careers that were introduced with University.

  2. So, now they are happily married. Poor KEvin seems to have no real direction in his life, but maybe helping others to have friends could be it. Don't make him take part in any dating or love LTWs though, that would ruin his own :)

    1. I can not remember much of his life now since it is four years since I played this ;-)

  3. For some reason in my game Edwin Sharpe and Delilah O'feefe just seem like a good mix because well Edwin has a crush on her already, I'm sure that I never really played Kevin.

    1. Edwin and Delilah were indeed an item for some time while they were still both at uni. But life has a way of its own, and while Delilah ended up happily married to Kevin, Edwin never found another lady to capture his heart the way Delilah did.

  4. also why did Kevin take Delilah's name? did she wish for marriage?

    1. Probably, as that usually is my way of choosing a couple's surname. But after 4 years I really can not remember ;-) Maybe I have written it down in an older post about the O'Feefes.

  5. YAY a wedding. A nice small intimate wedding. They seem like a sweet couple. It will be interesting for me to see who Delilah ends up with in my hood.

    1. Yes, I want to know that, too :-)


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