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Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Ottomas Twins at University: Freshman Year

When I told you we were going to see Olivia and Oliver Ottomas soon again, I meant it: they have just arrived at the Mille House Dorms on the Académie Le Tour campus. Like so many times before with other female Sims, Olivia's hairdo has changed to this, which is one of my least favourite ones in the game. And of course I am going to change that in a minute. First of all, though, let's have a look at who else lives here right now.
Gabriella Newson... of her brothers, Gallagher Newson...
...another Newson boy, Garrett, and recently orphaned Justin Kim... well as yet another Newson sibling (that's four of them living at the same dorm), Gorgeous Georgia... Helena Stacks, daughter of Jane Hart (formerly Stacks) and Matthew Hart.
The newcomers are made to feel welcome from day one, and Gallagher, who so far had not shown any particular interest in any particular female student feels attracted to Olivia the moment he claps his eyes on her. She seems to think it was well worth going to college if that's the place to find such handsome young men!
For several days, every time Gallagher and Olivia come across each other, hearts fly, but nothing further happens.
Olivia is making herself useful; as an Ottomas, she knows what it means to live in a busy household where all hands are requested to do their share of household chores. (As usual, I do not influence much of what the students do, apart from making sure they get their necessary skills and write their term paper. I do not tell them to clean, for instance.)
Oliver is soon friends with the other residents at the dorm; here with Garrett Newson.
Justin and Georgia already developed a crush on each other during the previous "year", and now they have well and truly fallen in love. I have no objections :-)
Oliver wants to throw a party less than half way through his first semester, and I do him the favour. Guests include Martina Martin, Hailey Hart (Jane Stacks' younger half-sister), Ariel Capp...
...Silvia Singles, Barry Beaker, Oliver's older brothers Tommy and David Ottomas and Jacqueline Jacquet. The dorm is big enough and has plenty of bathrooms - ideal for throwing parties without risking the dreaded bathroom-jam!
It is during this party that Gallagher finally approaches Olivia and tells her what he feels for her.
Gabriella, whose LTW is to have 20 simultaneous Loves, does not reject Tommy Ottomas' attention.
She even gets out the champagne - just for the two of them, none of the other party guests is having any - to boost their relationship. I wonder whether she'll make him one of the 20 names on her list eventually!
The first semester for Oliver and Olivia is over in a whirl. Both of them have decided to declare their major in Art, by the way. They are twins, after all, so it is hardly surprising that they would choose the same major.
The campus coach puts in an appearance, but instead of ordering one of the overweight boys (Garrett and Oliver) to work out, it is Olivia who falls victim to the coach's bullying, although she is already trim and slim.
Justin is the first to graduate this round.
Helena is next, but because she is not as tired as Justin, she gets to host her graduation party straight away while he is off to bed.
Her father Matthew Hart, friend Cedric Cooke, mother Jane Hart (Stacks) and friends Xander Roth, Ariel Capp and Isaiah Gavigan all arrive shortly after she has invited them over the phone.
Everybody - guests and residents - join in the hula.
And then Helena leaves for New Maximiliania and the next chapter in her life. Will she move back in with her parents and younger half-sisters?
Here's her Dad, getting on his broomstick for the flight home.
Gallagher and Gabriella are now Seniors.
Their siblings Garrett and Georgia have just begun their Junior Year.
And for Oliver and Olivia, the first year is already over!
But before I leave here, there is still Justin Kim's graduation party to throw.
Bottom Summerdream, Xander Roth, Ariel Capp, Cedric Cooke and Ginger Newson are there for the party.
Justin feels bad about leaving Georgia behind and says his good-bye as if he never wants to let go again.
But eventually, he does have to let go and gets into the taxi. Look at Georgia - she seems to be thinking how on earth is she going to live through TWO YEARS without her sweetheart! 

What's Justin going to do, and where will he live? Remember, his parents died in a fire, so there is no family waiting for his return. Gabby and Cheech, the Kims' dog and cat, were taken to the animal shelter after the death of their owners. It will be some time before we'll see Justin again, I'm afraid, but in the meantime, there are still so many more names on the alphabetical list of New Maximilianians :-)


  1. Justin & Georgia make a great couple! I hope they last the 2 years apart!
    I wonder if Justin will get the pets back from the pound?
    A great round in Uni full of entertainment. :)

    1. Thanks :-) Yes, I like the two of them together, too. And almost too pretty Gallagher falls in love with not exactly beautiful Olivia, that's funny, too!

  2. An eventful round which I guess was even more busy off-camera!

    1. It's long ago so I can not really remember, but you are probably right ;-)


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