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Friday, 29 March 2013

Jimmy Phoenix: Week 3

- - - Update 29.3.2013 - - - It is Monday morning and the beginning of Week 3 in New Maximiliania for Jimmy Phoenix. Good morning, Jimmy!

And good morning, Timmy! Checking on Jimmy's relationship panel, I find that he has not met anyone special during the time I played other households; there is still no 3-bolt-lady for him, or anyone he has a crush on. Therefore, this week he will once again focus mainly on his carreer, while trying not to neglect his dog.

He begins by making sure Timmy has enough food while he is out at work. (As you will see later on, this does not always work out.)

Because of the right decision with a chance card, Jimmy is promoted to Astronaut, returning from work still in his Commander uniform.

Tuesday sees Timmy in need of a bath, and Jimmy just about manages to give him one before his car pool arrives.

When he comes back, the phone rings; even though Jimmy does not invite them over much, his friends have not forgotten him and frequently call to hear how things are going.

Early on Wednesday morning, while the entire apartment building is still asleep, a burglar appears.

He takes the valuable painting in Jimmy's dining room and then runs off before anyone has a chance to call the police.

Timmy has not reacted at all to the burglar. He probably thinks, "why should I defend my house when my human does not even feed me enough?"

Thursday morning, Jimmy makes an extra effort with Timmy and plays fetch with him until he has to leave for work.

On Friday, he cleans Timmy's bed. Really - if it's not making his own meals or working on his skills, all Jimmy ever finds time for is taking care of Timmy's needs.

On Saturday, he maxes out his logic skill. Not that he needs so many logic points for his next promotion, but it was one of his wishes, and sends him straight to platinum for a while - which in turn facilitates working on his other skills.

He needs one more body skill point for his next - and last, I think - promotion (remember: his LTW is to become General), but it take a long time for that last point, and he does not make it before the week is over.

Sunday morning, Jimmy makes himself a breakfast of pancakes. He has recently had new kitchen appliances installed; some time this week, he answered right with another chance card and was rewarded with a 50.000 Simoleons bonus!

He takes Timmy for a walk on this beautiful day before he returns to skilling.

And the week ends with this outstanding Yoga performance - I have my Sims do Yoga every now and then and thought I'd seen all the exercises, but I don't think I have seen this one yet, standing on just ONE finger!

How long into his next week before Jimmy will complete his last body skill point and have a chance to be promoted to General? Will he then maybe start looking for a nice Sim-lady, or stick to living with just Timmy for company?


  1. Jimmy and Timmy are getting along better I think, food and a clean bed usually does that! lol.
    I like Yoga, my sims who have the 'fitness' hobby often do it to raise the hobby. That looks like one tricky move!

    1. Poor Timmy, he really didn't see much of "his" human before, but Jimmy certainly improved during this week :-)

  2. Busy with pets and skilling at the same time. I usually prefer cats, they don't need baths!


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