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Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Picaso-Greenman Family: Week 5

This is the 5th week at the Picaso-Greenman household. (The 4th week is here.) Let me briefly remind you of who lives here: Jessica Greenman, formerly Picaso (she divorced her husband, Matthew Picaso, after he left her to live with his 3-bolt-love Alexandra O'Mackey; he recently died there in a fire caused by a burning pile of leaves), her daughter Paola (asleep in the bed next to her)...

...Gary Greenman, her second husband, her twins Pablo and Prezioso Picaso (from Matthew)...

...and little Glenda, the only child Jessica and Gary have together.
Jessica and Matthew's first set of twins, Pierre and Placido, are currently at uni; you can read about their first year here

Oh, and there is Jack, the dog.

It is now winter, and the modest house is surrounded by snow.

Today, Monday, Paola comes home from school with class mate Lee Broke.

Jessica serves steaming bowls of soup for everyone.

Upstairs, Glenda grows up into a child while nobody was looking - that's the Toddler Years well and truly over for Jessica and Gary! They both have the LTW of marrying off six children, and Glenda is the 6th child of the family.

As soon as her baby crib is replaced by a "big" bed, she starts jumping on it - and keeps doing that every time I don't give her anything else to do.

Paola shops for clothes to make sure everyone has something suitable for the cold weather.

Myra Moonbeam has obviously had the same idea.

Back home, Jessica changes into the blue knit dress chosen for her by Paola. I wonder - does she think of how nice it would be to have another baby, or of how good it is to have all six of her "babies" growing up so well?

Gary has been given a new outfit, too. The Plantsim outfit somehow looked out of place here, I felt.

Yes, she's at it again - Glenda LOVES jumping on beds! Paolo wonders whether she was anything like her little sis when she was that age :-)

On Tuesday, Pablo brings home his first A+.

Class mate Wilma Williamson gets off the school bus right after him.

Next is Prezioso - also with his first A+.

And he is followed by Sirius Swain, Erik Swain's half-Alien son, and half-brother to Wilma Williamson.

Other guests for the afternoon are Hermia Capp and Loki Beaker.

Wednesday morning, the sisters play catch while waiting for the school bus.

Jessica waves her children good-bye for the morning.

Then she greets Heather Huffington.

The boys do their homework at the dining table while Glenda gets to use the desk.

Barry Beaker joined the Picaso-Greenmans for the afternoon as well. Glenda plays cops and robbers with Sirius.

When the children are in bed, Jessica and Gary enjoy some quiet time together. No, Jessica is not pregnant again - she simply has put on some weight. Since Gary's turn-ons are fitness AND fatness, it doesn't really matter what shape she is in :-)

Thursday morning, Jessica feeds the fish, the Koi pond being Matthew's legacy (remember: he was "Hand of Poseidon"). They all have survived the harshest winter weather, and now the snow is on the retreat.

Spring feelings resurface :-)

And the Greenmans flock to the house, from front to back: Lavender, Gary's sister; Jason, their non-biological father, Rose, their mother, Greta and Gerlinde Greenman, the only children born to Jason and Rose the human way.

Gordon Greenman, yet another one of Rose's plant-children and brother to Gary, Lavender, Greta and Gerlinde, is there, too. He is joined by Lee Broke. (Remember Rose's first child, Daisy? She is so much older than her siblings and left home to marry Gilbert Jacquet so early in their lives that they are not very close. She and Gary hardly know each other, and therefore she was not invited.)

While the family is gathering downstairs, upstairs Jessica has been changing into a pretty new dress with a lace-trimmed apron.

Everyone enjoys smustling together :-)

Glenda is the last one to arrive home today - with her first A+!

It is Jessica's birthday, that's why the family have been invited.

They all cheer Jessica on when she blows out the candles...

...although Lee finds Paola MUCH more interesting than her ageing mother...

...and Glenda is at her favourite pastime again.

On Friday, Jessica - now an Elder - greets Cleo Dreamer (née Shikibu). It looks odd - Cleo in a sleeveless dress, while Jessica still needs to wear her padded winter coat when she leaves the house even just for a minute!

Gary maxes out his cooking skill. This was done mainly to match Jessica's turn-ons, but the two of them are still "only" on two bolts instead of three.

And the family have come over once more!

Lee is there, too - I catch him hugging Paola romantically while her little brother Prezioso is watching with what looks like disapproval, but strangely enough, no pink hearts are to be seen.

In the kitchen, there are now TWO birthday cakes on the table. Of course by now you have guessed who today's party is for, haven't you!

It's the twins' birthday!

Again, everyone cheers them on when they blow out their candles.

Prezioso (left) and Pablo (right) are now teenagers. Prezioso is a Fortune Sim who wants to become Prestidigitator; his brother's lot fell on the Knowledge aspiration, and he seesm himself as future head of SCIA.

"It was a great party, wasn't it," Gerlinde Greenman says to her brother Gordon before they leave. The boy Glenda plays with here is Nigel Newson, one of Ginger Newson's children.

The twins - who have incidentally chosen the same PJs - congratulate each other for being best friends for life.

It is Saturday, and the kids are happy about not having to go to school. Glenda is now the only family member who can use the spinning toy.

Jessica and Gary take the children to the park at Sim Center North. They spend a pleasant spring afternoon and meet some other New Maximilianians.

I honestly did not know that children can play darts, too! I always thought it is one of the objects only teenagers, adults and elders can use.

Sunday sees Paola leaving for college. She still is only half way through her teenage years, but her mother is not getting any younger, and if she ever wants to see her LTW fulfilled, her children better hurry a bit in growing up and getting married ;-)

Bye-bye, Paola! We'll catch up with you at college very soon.


  1. Great round. I didn't know kids could use dart boards either! I rarely place them but might now. :)
    Another big party with lots of guests, I wonder if Paola and Lee Broke will hatch a romance?

    1. A romance between these two will only become possible once Lee grows up; Paola has already left for college and won't be interested in him "that way" for now ;-)
      Yes, isn't it amazing that there are still details about the game we only find out after YEARS of playing!

  2. Jessica is another one of them who gets elf ears as an elder

  3. With her default hairdo, the ears are not visible. I wonder if her kids will have elf ears ee,ntually, too.

  4. I have an awesome sims youtube video - :)

    1. Doesn't work for me, I'm afraid - I get this message:
      "Unfortunately, this video is not available in your country because it could contain music from UMG, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA."

  5. Glenda is a super cute little girl and seems to be very active! :)


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