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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Casteroff Dorms: The Sophomore Year

We're back at the Casteroff Dormitory, where the number of students has - contrary to my original plan - not changed: there are still four from New Maximiliania and four NPCs. Who are the four from New Max?
Two sets of twins, loosely related: Placido and Pierre Picaso (their mother is Jessica Greenman, née Picaso, and their father was Matthew Picaso, recently deceased) and Gerlinde and Greta Greenman, children of Rose and Jason Greenman. Their older brother is Gary Greenman, Jessica's 2nd husband. The four grew up like cousins, but they are not blood-related. Now they study together, and are about to start their Sophomore Year.
Placido and Pierre's youngest sister (half-sister, strictly speaking, they do not have the same father) Glenda rings to hear how her big brothers are doing.
Pierre has a tendendy to neglect his personal hygiene... and then, in spite of there being two showers and a bathtub in the boys' bathroom, merely has a sponge bath at the sink. [As usual, I do not interefere with the playable students as soon as they all have their necessary skills to further advance in their studies and everybody has written their term papers.
Oh! He has found the bathtub, after all :-)
Gerlinde and Placido have become an item already during their Freshman Year, even though they have not a single bolt of chemistry between them. 
Placido seems to be the only one who takes it upon himself to do some chores, such as emptying the trash in the kitchen.
Will the eternal rivalry between campus mascots ever stop? 
Pierre and Greta have got something going between them, too :-)
And as soon as Pierre puts a hat on (in line with the Christmas season that has begun at the start of the term), they are a 3-bolt-couple! If these two stay together (which is very likely), their family will be the busiest household ever: Greta wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens, while Pierre dreams of marrying off six children - the same LTW as his mother's.
The sisters get along very well and often play "punch you, punch me" on their own accord. 
Also, the loving couples are often seen at romantic interactions. 
The semester ends with everyone having managed to get their name on the Dean's list - and yes, Pierre is as smelly as the others make it appear!
Greta has been "persuaded" by the campus coach to work out in her room.
Almost everyone needs one or two skill points to complete their Sophomore year.
Pierre needs a creativity point, and although it is not autumn, he acquires that point amazingly fast.
Placido was the last to finish his term paper this semester. He has gone for a custom hair style because it is one of Gerlinde's turn-ons - but it doesn't do anything to raise the chemistry between the two of them.
The settee close to the fire place in the upstairs common room is a favourite place for students this winter.
Again, it is Placido who does some badly needed cleaning on his own accord.
Pierre (short-haired now when he takes his hat off) decides burnt omelettes are not for him and prepares grilled cheese instead. The dorm cook does not look too happy about it!
Towards the end of the semester, spring arrives, and our four students all head to the campus boutiques to spruce up their wardrobes. Strangely enough, none of the other students from New Max appear on the community lot while they are there, only several NPC students.
The Sophomore Year ends for our small group with a cafeteria fire caused by the clumsy dorm cook. Good job there are sprinklers everywhere! So far, neither Placido nor Pierre had shown any wish towards declaring a specific major, unlike the girls, who settled on their majors early on in their first year. Therefore, they are now both assigned to the Philosophy Major. 

How are the four of them going to fare during their Junior Year? Will they finally merge with the other group of students currently on campus from New Max, or will newcomers fill the other four rooms at the dorm?


  1. I like how you let your sims freeplay so much, I'm going to try that. heh. Micromanaging is a hard habit to get out of.
    It's fun when they pick who they like though. That dorm is one of my fav's to play.

    1. Yes, sometimes it's hard to fathom why a certain Sim seems to attractive to another Sim! I like that dorm, too, because it has only 8 rooms, so I can fill it entirely with playables (although at the moment there are 8 playables in another dorm and only 4 in this one, the rest of the rooms are taken by townies).

  2. Nice and smooth sailing here - luckily at least SOMEONE did some cleaning :)

    1. Someone usually does - at some stage :-)


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