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Friday, 29 March 2013

Jessica Peterson: Week 1 Retrieved

Although I was not able to rescue the text for Jessica's first week in New Masimiliania, I managed to retrieve the snapshots, and they reveal something I would not have remembered without them:

For a while, Jessica had something going on with Herb Oldie! (He died long ago, but if I remember correctly, he and Coral, his wife of many years, split up over his unfaithfulness.)

He moved into one of the four tiny town houses, and Jessica was seen visiting at night more than once ;-)

Looks like he was not well disposed towards Coral, although she had never done anything to deserve this.
That was, to my knowledge, the most important bit about Jessica's first week. Everything else that happened were promotions and other New Maximilianians visiting.


  1. Wow, nice that you found these shots, that Herb was a bit of a devil eh? ;)

    1. Yeah... I felt a bit sorry for Coral, she seemed such a nice lady, and Jessica was way too young for him anyway!


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