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Friday, 29 March 2013

Jessica Peterson: Week 2

This is Jessica's second week in New Maximiliania. [As with all households in this neighbourhood, the chapter about the first week was lost some years ago due to problems with the Sims2 Exchange.] After her move from Belladonna Cove, she rented the townhouse with the reddish-pink facade, all set out to make her dream come true: to become Hall of Famer. During her first week, she quit her job as a Record Store Clerk and started the athletic career path as a Team Mascot, reaching the stage of MVP by Sunday.
This is Jessica, alone in her tiny living room. There is no-one special in her life; she does have a few two-bolters among her male acquaintances, but nobody interesting enough for her to develop the relationship into anything romantic.
On the Monday of her second week, she is made Superstar.
Still going to bed alone.
The other tenants at the row of four town houses are Jane Stacks, Monica Bratford and Andrew Martin.
[This was, of course, played and written long before Jane moved in with and got married to Matthew Hart, and before Monica and Andrew married and moved to a bigger place.]
Jessica's lonely evenings are filled with writing her first book - a book about sports, of course - and on Wednesday night, she receives her membership card to the "Desirable Discourse".
On Friday, she is taken home in a flash sports car with a promotion to Assistant Coach.
The working day is not over yet, and so she heads straight back to work again - and gets a second promotion in this one day, this time to Coach. If I am not very much mistaken, this means she is just one step away from reaching her lifetime want! She now needs one more friend and one Charisma skill point.
To celebrate her personal record of two promotions in one day, she decides to grill hot dogs for the other tenants and her visitor, Ophelia Nigmos (far right, in the yellow coat).
On Sunday, she is accompanied home from work by her colleague, Benjamin Baldwin. Jane and Monica join in their game of kicky bag, as well as a stray dog and a cat :-)

How long until Jessica is going to be Hall of Famer and reach permanent platinum? After that - will she find someone special, or is she going to stay single for ever? I don't know yet - but we will find out, I think!


  1. It looks like a good week of making connections and working hard for her job. :)

    1. She was able to focus entirely on her career, with nobody else to take care of but herself :-)

  2. Nice and quick week after the superbusy Patel family! :)


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