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Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Ottomas Family: Week 4

- - - Update 7.1.2012 - - - Not long ago, I played the Ottomas household, and now I am back because of Lilith Pleasant who was next on the alphabetical list. On Monday, Samantha turned into an Elder. But before that happened at 6.00 pm...
...Oliver had gained some weight...
...started to wear his brother David's old clothes...
...and brought home his first A+ from school - better late than never :-)
Samantha and Peter had their 5th and 6th dream date, and Samantha changed out of the uncomfortable long skirt into the dress her late mother-in-law, Doris, used to wear. I think it suits her!
On Tuesday, life at the Ottomas household was going at the usual pace of a household with several teenagers and a dog, while Peter and Samantha were having their dream dates # 7 + 8.
Shelf space was needed for all the rose bouqets Peter kept giving his wife!
On Wednesday, Lilith was promoted to Concert Pianist (she returned from work still in her video dance star outfit).
Thursday saw the beginning of autumn, and time for Olivia to change into warmer clothes.
Samantha (here pictured greeting Vivian Riley) and Peter had their 9th, 10th and 11th dream date - more than a 5th of Samantha's lifetime want.
On Friday, Lilith was promoted to Symphony Conductor, while Peter and Samantha had their 12th dream date.
Saturday morning saw Tommy go to college. Had he waited a few more hours, he would have missed that chance. His parents had their dream dates # 13, 14 and 15.
"Don't worry, dear, our Tommy will be alright and do well at college, just like our David has done before him and Sharla is doing right now," Peter assures his wife who can't help but notice the empty chair where Tommy used to sit.
Speaking of Sharla, she comes visiting (on invitiation of Olivia) in the afternoon.
In the evening, Lilith returns from work with her final promotion: she is now a Rock Goddess and has reached her lifetime want, 16 days before turning into an Elder!
On Sunday, Olivia invites her sweetheart, Barry Beaker, over and has a dream date of her own.
We leave the Ottomas / Pleasant household with some old and new questions: 
- What will become of Tommy and his sweetheart at college? 
- Is Oliver going to get a chance with Jacqueline, now that Tommy is away? 
- Will Lilith help David towards his lifetime want, now that she has reached hers? 
- Are Samantha and Peter going to keep up the pace of 3 dream dates a day, and will this be enough for Samantha to reach her 50 dream dates before either of them dies?


  1. It's hard work running the house when you are dating isn't it? I think they did great to have 3 dates a day!
    It's great that Lilith got her LTW, that's one done!

    1. Yep, and now I have two Sims there who want to have 50 dream dates - and not with each other, unfortunately! Hardly anything else can happen while they are trying to keep up the pace of having 2 or 3 dates every day.

  2. Wow, 50 Traumdates sind echt ein hochgestecktes Ziel! Bin gespannt ob das Ziel erreicht wird! :)

    1. Ich auch :-) Leider ist es ziemlich langweilig, da im Grunde jedes Date nach dem gleichen Schema abläuft, wenn man es zum Traumdate machen möchte. Und davon mindestens 3 pro Tag... *seufz*

  3. 2-3 dates a day... You must be exhausted after a session in this house. And just imagining that it would be needed for the other couple too... Phew!


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