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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Nigmos Household: Week 3

- - - Update 27.5.2012 - - - We are spending yet another week at the Nigmos-Pitts-Terrano household, this time because it is Stella Terrano's turn on the alphabetical list. I'm afraid, though, that she will not feature very prominently in this update; now that she has reached her lifetime want, there is not that much to do for her. 
The week starts off with Ashley Pitts reaching maximum enthusiasm in Science.
A few hours later on that sunny spring Monday, Ophelia is pleased to receive not just one, but two cards from gentlemen saying "thank you" for the dates she's had with them.
One card is from Sanjay Ramaswami, and the other one from Checo Ramirez.
Ophelia still has 20 first dates to go before reaching her lifetime want, and although the original idea was to have those dates only with other New Maximilianians (and maybe find her 3-bolt-man along the way), she decides now to once again enlist the Matchmaker's help.
Her date # 30 is a townie.
Sanjay happens to walk past just as she ends that date - and he, a married man, has the nerve to accuse her of cheating on him!
When at night Ophelia pays a visit to her favourite hang-out, the Crypt-O-Night club, she bumps into Sanjay again... but also into Ripp Grunt, and the two of them end up having a very good date (it is # 31 for her).
Another townie is # 32.
Tuesday morning a thunderstorm breaks out while Ashley has been stargazing with the telescope. Good job it wasn't the telescope that was hit, but just one of the large cacti in what used to be the family cemetery when Ophelia's aunt Olive Spectre still owned the house.
Ophelia has her date # 33 with Gabriel Green. Ashley is just leaving for work, and since Gabriel has brought along Beatrice Monty...
...Ophelia asks her to be her next date. The young woman refuses, though.
This seems to be quite a firy week! Stella is an excellent cook, and yet here she manages to burn a batch of omelettes... and half the kitchen as well!
Ophelia's next three dates are townies again, summoned by the Matchmaker. This is # 34...
...# 35...
... and # 36.
Wednesday sees this pattern continued with yet another...
...and another townie for dates.
And another...
...and finally, # 41 (I have not lost count - I simply have not taken a picture of every single one of the townies) is a New Maximilianian again: Jason Greenman.
# 42 is a very oddly dressed townie; just look at this weird combination of colours and patterns!
So far, none of the townies the Matchmaker suggested to Ophelia had more than two chemistry bolts with her. On this Friday, though, things are different: Officer Dorian Kauker turns out to be Ophelia's Three-Bolt-Man!
As opposed to all the other dates, who were mostly nothing more than "meet & greet" (with the exception of Ripp Grunt, who was really good fun to be with), Ophelia this time strives to impress her date. Dorian seems to be sharing her sense of humour and enjoys a pillow fight with her.
Still, he was only # 43, which means Ophelia needs seven more dates before she can think of settling down with just one man. # 44 is this townie, and # 45 and # 46 are townies as well.
On Saturday, the visibly pregnant Mercutio Monty agrees to become Ophelia's # 47.
# 48 is a townie. Two more to go!
"I soon won't need your services anymore, dear Matchmaker," says Ophelia when she asks the gypsy lady for her 49th date. Maybe she shouldn't have said that, because...
...the date now summoned for her is a townie she's already dated before; he won't count towards her lifetime want. The other townie who just happens to be walking past counts, though! He is # 49, and soon # 50 follows - Ophelia is now on Permanent Platinum and 10 days from Elderhood! Phew... that was, to be honest. rather tedious work. Certainly not my favourite lifetime want. It is the first time any Sim in my game has managed to achieve 50 1st dates!
On Saturday night, Ophelia asks Dorian Kauker, her 3-bolt-man, for a date - this time, not because she needs it for her lifetime want, but because she really, really wants to be with Dorian. You can see how far ahead she is already thinking!
"You know, Dorian, I only had all those dates because I wanted to achieve my lifetime want... not because I was really interested in any of them. But with you, it was an exception!" she explains over dinner at the Crypt-O-Night club, while Dorian is listening with a serious expression.
He proves to be a surprisingly good dancer, and he does not mind Ophelia hugging him and flirting, but he refuses her taking his hands.
On Sunday, she invites him over to her place, hoping he will fall in love with her properly this time. Just like yesterday, they hug and flirt and even kiss, but every time Ophelia wants to hold his hand, he pulls away. He obviously needs more time.
Now that the week is over, let's look at Stella again; she will turn into an Elder next time we meet her. Ashley Pitts is only a "year" younger than her, while Ophelia still has 9 "years" left before she'll be an elderly lady. 
Is she going to share her Golden Years with Dorian? Will Stella and Ashley ever have the wish to make her relationship official by getting engaged and married? What lies in store for them now, that all three household members have reached Permanent Platinum?


  1. Excellent update! Well done Ophelia! I shall be really pleased when one of my sims achieves this want- not the best as you say but nice to do it once!
    So Dorian is the one for Ophelia, how nice. Looking forward to seeing them all next time around.

    1. I am not sure yet what I'll do about Dorian - after all, he's not a true New Maximilianian...

  2. I was surprised in this update that you considered to let Ophelia have her 3-bolter NPC, but now I see in the comments that you might not anyway. :)
    REally good job with the dating, it was exhaustin just to read it, so can imagine how it was to play it - and blog it!

  3. Whew....all those dates are finally over. The "attraction" is very interesting to me. I know the turn ons/offs contribute of course, but it's certainly not the only thing. I have sims who have turn ons for only supernatural things, like vampire and lycanthrophy but they have 2 bolts with a normal sim.

    1. Yes, the whole attraction thing is interesting - and a little unpredictable, just like in real life :-D


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