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Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Newsons: Week 4

After having played Gabriella and Gallagher's Freshman Year at university, it is time to go back to the original Newson household. At the moment, it consists only of teenagers Garrett and Georgia.
Martina Martin comes home with them from school on the Monday of their fourth week in New Maximiliania.
Ginger and Gavin, who together with Ginger's little son Nigel have been sharing an apartment for a while, are invited over.
The siblings agree that they want to stay together, and Ginger, Nigel and Gavin move back in. Knowing there will soon be at least one more little Newson to take care of, it is decided that they look for a place spacious enough for all of them. Money is not so much of a problem anymore, since Ginger and Gavin have been saving up almost all their grants during their university years, and Gavin has constantly been earning a little here and there with the sale of his paintings.
This modern house in Downtown New Max is the new Newson residence. Do you want to have a look inside?
Nigel has his play corner on the upstairs landing.
The kitchen sports a fresh look in green an white.
Gavin's easel is put outside on the balcony.
The welcome committee consists of Trent Traveller, Aldric Davis and Sharon Wirth.
Melrose Moonbeam accompanies Georgia and Garrett home from school today.
Ginger and Georgia share the double bed in the master bedroom. Nigel's crib and his changing table are also in this room.
Gavin and Garrett have the second biggest room on the top floor.
Nigel learns to walk - a crucial moment in every toddler's life!
Georgia is really trying her best, serving burnt spaghetti to the welcome committee ;-)
The kite is a souvenir from Ginger and Gavin's uni days. Gavin takes it off the wall on his own accord and flies it.
Garrett loves looking through the family photo album. (Have you ever used this option in your game? I was surprised to see that it does not show the pictures that were really taken in-game in this family, but some unspecified snapshots which are probably the same in every album.)
Tuesday morning, just after 3.00, Ginger goes into labour. Georgia does not stay asleep for long, rest assured!
First Nellie is born...
...and then Nelson. Now Ginger has three children - it is what she needs for her LTW; she dreams of seeing three children graduate from college.
It has always been normal for every Newson kid to help with the younger ones, and so Garrett does not think twice when anything needs doing for his little niece and nephew.
Have you ever noticed how pretty all the Newson girls are? Georgia is no exception.
On Wednesday evening, Nigel grows up into a child.
Before sunrise on Thursday morning, Gavin makes one quarter of his LTW come true: he has just earned 25.000 Simoleons altogether with the sale of his latest painting.
Nigel has also discovered how much fun it is to fly a kite. He needs several attempts, though, before the kite stays up in the air.
Georgia is having breakfast with her older sister. They talk about how soon the two teenagers are going to join Gabriella and Gallagher at university.
For a while, the "boys' room" is getting a little cramped when a third bed is put in it for Nigel.
Lee Broke gets off the school bus with Georgia and Garrett today.
Georgia makes friends with Lee over a game of kicky bag in the living room.
Ginger meets and greets Jodie Larson just as she is on her way to...
...the Fresh Rush Groceries for some, well, groceries.
For a while now, Ginger has shown the wish to get married. The father of her three children, Ripp Grunt, is not a suitable candidate; he wants to have 20 Loves and has only reached 12 so far. Ginger hopes to meet a nice man at the groceries' store - it is her first time going out since the birth of her children. But the only men at the store are either townies or married already such as William Williamson here.
This Thursday was Nigel's first day at school. Gavin remembers only too well how there was nobody there to help him and Ginger with their homework when they were younger, and so he makes sure his nephew gets all the support he can give him.
I have observed so often that Thursdays seem to be the most eventful days in an average Sim week. Tonight, Nellie turns into a Toddler...
...followed a little later by her twin brother Nelson.
Georgia and Garrett are soon going to grow up and leave for college.
It is Friday morning, and the twins have started to play together...
...getting along very well. (They did this on their own accord.)
Garrett says good-bye to his little niece...
...and to his nephew.
Gavin wishes him all the best, and then Garrett boards the taxi that is to take him to university.
Ginger even rushes out on the patio in her PJs so as not to miss her little sister leaving.
I can't remember having seen this before in my game - the bottle was actually given to Nelson, and Gavin was just fetching Nellie her bottle, but she didn't want to wait and grabbed her brother's bottle instead!
Saturday sees Nigel helping with the household chores. There is many a little job he can do, such as clearing away empty bottles and old newspapers.
When he is sent upstairs to clean the boys' bathroom, instead of mopping up, he and his little brother spend a fun half hour or so splashing around.
Nigel loves being a big brother and is often seen playing with his younger siblings. It is so like the Newsons, isn't it! 

The fourth week at this busy household ends here. Early on in round 5, Nellie and Nelson will turn into children. Is Ginger going to find herself a husband, and if yes, who is it going to be? What is Nigel going to be like as a teenager? How are Georgia and Garrett faring at uni? We'll soon find out the answer to the last question - but I'm afraid it will be a while before the other answers can be given.


  1. There will be a bit more room now Georgia & Garrett are in Uni. I love the new place.
    I wonder if Ginger will find a husband, and what will Ripp think about that?!

    1. Ripp has not even met his twins yet; he does not really feature in the Newson's life now that he has helped Ginger towards her LTW. If Ginger finds someone she likes well enough, she can get married. Sadly, nobody else her age shares the LTW of graduating 3 kids from college.

  2. A week or two ago, I ordered my first Sim photo album, and like you I was disappointed that it just had generic pictures in it. I will not try so hard to get good pictures with my Sims' tiny cameras next time!

    1. I still like the camera option for having pictures of my Sims that they can put on the wall, on top of a wardrobe or shelf or desk etc., but I certainly won't have them order albums again.

  3. Time passes so quickly - already the new generation is growing up!

    1. Well, it may seem quick when you read one round after the other, but sometimes almost two years pass before I play a household again :-D

  4. The Newsons are growing up and changing so much already. The twins are adorable, as always. These kids are very pretty and make very pretty children. I have seen the toddlers "stealing" the bottle before, it's kind of funny.

    1. They really are extraordinarily pretty, I think. Good job some of them are allowed to have kids in my game :-)


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