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Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Monty Brothers: Week 2

It is Monday, and the Monty brothers have just begun their 2nd week back in New Maximiliania since their return from college. They still live in the same apartment as before, but Melody Tinker has gone back to live with her parents since we have been last visiting; she and Romeo are still very much in love, but they have agreed that it is better for the time being that they focus on their careers until they have reached their respective lifetime wants. After that, we shall see. (Neither of the two seems to have many wants revolving around the other, and they seem to be stuck on 1 bolt forever.)
Mercutio, close to giving birth now, has just had an accident - he did not make it to the bathroom in time. Let's pretend we can not see the puddle on the floor!
Romeo has every reason to smile like this: he has just been promoted to Superstar.
Poor Mercutio - it really isn't the best of days for him; he falls asleep with his face in the omelette.
But he recovers and manages to get his fun bar up by watching sports on TV.
Tuesday around lunch time, Maria is born - thankfully, with a proper nose!
Tuesdays mean bills, and while Romeo is taking care of theirs, he thinks of his new little niece.
He is the best uncle any kid can wish for, taking care of Maria almost as much as her own Dad.
On Thursday, the family are invited over.
Auntie Bianca and Uncle Antonio are there, too.
It is Maria's birthday!
The family (minus Graham Grunt; he left soon after arriving) all gather in the kitchen to witness Maria growing up into a toddler.
She seems to be happy about seeing so many of her relatives!
The gym room now double-functions as Maria's playroom. After I have Mercutio change her hairstyle (I am so sick and tired of seeing the ever-same one on each and every little girl in my game!), she is left to her own devices with a choice of toys, because I want to see which ones she'll choose. Her first stop is the clown-in-a-box, and after that, she plays with the fire truck for hours, never touching any of the skill-building toys.
On Friday, both brothers are expected back at work, and Nanny Karen Gast is hired to look after Maria.
When Maria sleeps, Karen does the odd household chore.
Mercutio is promoted to Coach - that's one step away from reaching his LTW!
It is Saturday, and Maria learns to walk from her uncle Romeo.
She loves playing with the teddybear that was once hand-crafted by her late great-grandmother Isabella Monty.
Romeo is now working as an assistant coach. (Zoe Zimmerman and Guy Wrightley live in apartment opposite the Montys'.)
Sunday does not mean a day of rest for Maria's Daddy and Uncle Romeo, and therefore Nanny Karen is here again.
Mercutio comes home as Hall of Famer just as Melody Tinker reaches the building; she has been invited over by Romeo. Mercutio is now on Permanent Platinum and 16 days from Elderhood.
His brother and Melody spend the afternoon together...
...and Melody stays until after dinner. Next time we return to the Monty brothers, Maria will grow into a child - I am looking forward to that!


  1. Yes Maria is a cute alien! Mercutio makes a good dad I think. I wonder if Melody & Romeo will stay together? It's hard for him to stick to one woman I think. :D

    1. He he, yes, as soon as he'd fulfilled his wish for woohoo with Melody, he spun up the wish to woohoo with three different Sims!

  2. Poor Melody, just a tick in a box for Romeo. But what can you expect with such a name!
    (My spamming of your four year old blog updates continues :))

    1. I don't see it as spamming - just trying to catch up with replying ;-)

  3. Awww....I kind of like Romeo and Melody together. Maybe someday. Melody is a cutie. You don't seem to have many aliens that do not have a normal nose, or am I just missing them? Someday I WILL get caught up on your blog.

    1. I am always sorry for my Sims if they turn out not having a normal nose, and therefore try to fix it when/if possible, but some never get the chance.


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