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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Moonbeam-Swain Household: Week 4

It is the Swains' turn again although it will be a long time yet before we'll be arriving at the letter "S" on my alphabetical list of families of New Maximiliania: this time, we are here for those family members who still go by the name of Moonbeam.
Not Erik and Blossom - they are both Swain since they got married.
But the teenage twins Myra and Melrose were born before their parents tied the knot, and so they are still Moonbeams :-)
Little Sirius, Erik's half-Alien son, has the Swain surname like his Dad.
This Monday afternoon, Paola Picaso...
...and Martina Martin get off the school bus with the twins.
Tuesday afternoon sees Myra quietly reading on her bed while keeping an eye on her little brother at the activity table.
On Wednesday, two more half-siblings of Sirius come home from school with the twins: Lee Broke (son of Dustin Broke)...
...and Hailey Hart (daughter of Matthew Hart).
On Thursday, Paola Picaso is there yet again.
It is Sirius' birthday! Erik seems to be rather happy for the toddler years to end (can't blame him!).
Once the woolly hat comes off, Sirius reveals long black hair. Is it just me or does anyone else think that he looks a bit like Michael Jackson...?
Friday is Sirius' first day at school, and his class mate Charlie Cho (son of Etsu Cho and Hal Capp) accompanies him back.
Melrose makes his 11th best friend today in Paola Picaso.
Saturday sees the children happily spending time with each other - school is fun, but being at home on the weekend is great, too.
Blossom and Erik still do not need to work; the family are able to live off their savings from their university days rather comfortably. In order to provide their kids with something special today, their parents decide on taking them on an outing, and soon the taxi with the whole family pulls up in front of...
...Kiddie Care Castle, a Maxis-made community lot I don't think I have ever played on.
Melrose in particular makes sure to greet all the other New Maximilianians here. This one is Trisha Traveller.
His girlfriend, Jacqueline Jacquet, and her father Gilbert are there, too, much to Melrose's delight :-)
After several hours of fun the Swain-Moonbeams head back home. Isn't it amazing how much energy the children still have left - both parents are knackered enough to go to bed almost instantly! Melrose speaks on the phone to his friends and his now best friends also with Gerlinde Gavigan, Lee Broke and Klara Williamson.
On Sunday morning, while the family is gathered around the breakfast table, the gypsy lady leaves a magic lamp for them. For the time being, it sits in the (empty) garage.
Melrose ends the week by making best friends with Martina Martin and townie-neighbour Calista Fuchs (this happened without me influencing it). Calista is not a Vampire - she's just cold! If I have counted right, Melrose only needs four more best friends in order to reach his LTW. He and Myra will leave for college during the next week, and their parents are going to turn into Elders soon. What adventures life has in store for young Sirius remains to be seen.


  1. Sirius did have a bit of an MJ look about him. I've not played that community lot but it looked like fun!
    Melrose is doing great with his LTW! He should have no problems getting that done quickly.
    Gosh Calista does look vampish, she must be very cold. It always makes me smile to see townies that suffer from the weather. :)

    1. Yeah, and the weird bit about Calista is that she lives next door, in the other rented semi, where Justin Cleveland used to live for a short while after his graduation. So she could go inside any time she wanted to!

  2. Melrose must really be in the correct aspiration, making friends so fast! Don't you get bored with having the parents at home all day?

  3. Wow, Melrose is REALLY making those friends QUICK. I don't think I've ever been close to getting it done BEFORE college before. Great job! I also thought there was an MJ vibe with the long haired Sirius, so it was kind of funny you "said" something about it. I do like this family!

    1. MJ vibe? I don't know what that means (and have not re-read the chapter - don't have the time right now, sorry), but yes, some Sims are really good at making friends! It is rare to reach a LTW before college, but not impossible :-)

    2. Oh, it was a Michael Jackson reference you made about Sirius. I completely understand not having time to reread all these entries. :)


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