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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Nigmos Household: Week 2

- - - Update 18.12.2011 - - - Ophelia Nigmos is now finally really concentrating on her lifetime want, and with good results, as we shall see!
She has her 17th 1st date with Nervous Subject.
Then she decides to head to the Crypt-O'-Night club again; it is her favourite place for meeting new (male) Sims to help her towards her lifetime want. This time, she takes her best friend Stella with her, and the girls have their picture taken in the photo booth.
Date No. 18 turns out to be Gavin Newson.
Since it is the Christmas season, the housemates have put up a mistle toe... and it is on their own accord that Stella and Ophelia share a holiday kiss and fall in love with each other! Oh dear... that was really not part of the plan; Ophelia still needs many more dates, and a lot of these dates will happen here at home, which is surely going to cause problems with Stella.
Yes, it is not only in the woolly jumper that Ophelia looks bigger. She has put on quite a bit of weight recently, but neither she nor any of her dates seem to mind.
Alexander Goth is her date No. 19.
Not all dates go well enough for Ophelia to receive such cards. But that does not matter much, since she simply needs it to be a first date in order to reach her lifetime want.
Antonio Monty is No. 20.
Benjamin Baldwin's name is the 21st on her list.
 Ty Bubbler makes No. 22.
But Carlos Contender... "You really do NOT want to have a date with me? What is wrong with you?" asks Ophelia. But no, Carlos is not interested.
Ophelia is stunned. This has never happened to her before! She calls the Matchmaker and buys Love Potion from her.
Then she asks her for a blind date, and since money is absolutely no issue here, she pays the full 5.000 Simoleons. "I know someone who is perfect for you," the Gypsy assures her.
Corbin Gray is no true Maximilianian, but who cares - he's a date, and Ophelia is eager to get to know him better.
Perfect for each other, huh? What was the matchmaker thinking?
And yet... she can't have been totally wrong. There are two bolts between them, and even as he makes to leave, Corbin sort of winks at Ophelia.
The next morning, Ophelia resolves not to enlist the Matchmaker's "help" again and focuses on the guys living in the neighbourhood instead. Checo Ramirez is her 24th date.
She goes shopping for new clothes, now that winter is over and everyone is in the mood for (and need of) new outfits, and happens to come across Peter Ottomas, whom she finds very attractive.
She would like to have a date with Gordon Greenman, but although he likes to play kicky bag with her, he says no to anything else.
Still, apart from buying new clothes, the visit to Amelia's Closet is not a total waste, because Ophelia manages to have her date No. 25 with Gilbert Jacquet. Congratulations - that's half her lifetime want achieved!
Darren Dreamer is date No. 26.
Back home, Ashley notices the shrubs are growing again and need trimming.
He makes this dish on his own accord - I have heard about it, that it is possible for Sims to make this when they have a certain decorative object in their house, but I've never seen it before in my game!
Sanjay Ramaswami not only shares a plate of the delicious new dish with Ophelia, but also becomes her 27th date.
And finally, on a fine sunny spring day, Carlos Contender consents to have that date with Ophelia, since it obviously means so much to her. He is No. 28.
It looks like it is Ophelia's lucky day, because Gordon Greenman agrees to come over for a date as well. Ophelia now has had 29 first dates; that's more than any Sim in my game has ever had, I think! Who will become Ophelia's next date? Will she ever meet a 3-bolt-man? Is Corbin Gray going to reappear? I don't know yet!


  1. Go Ophelia! She is doing great with her LTW!
    Yes I've had sims make the Holiday Roast before, you must have the cornucopia item out somewhere. I think it's like how they will make Lobster or Turkey when left to their own devices... Sims love to eat well, clearly! :) No awkwardness with Stella yet, is Ashley not her boyfriend?

    1. Funnily enough, the Ophelia-Stella-Ashley triangle did not cause any problems (yet).
      Yes, I have the cornucopia in Ophelia's kitchen for deco. Stella even once painted it for her.

  2. NEver saw that dish either! Did it come with the olidays pack maybe, because I don't have that one

  3. Wow, that is a dish I have never seen, or even heard of? I take it from above comments it's a holiday roast of some kind? That's pretty neat. Great job with all the dating. It is a chore!

    1. Yes, it is called Holiday Roast and only comes up when the decorative object "cornucopia" (or something) is in the house; plus I suppose a Sim has to has a certain skill level in cooking.

    2. Well that is really cool. That is a reason for me to work on decorating more often for holidays and stuff. :)


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