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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Nigmos Household: Week 1

In the newer part of New Maximiliania are all the apartment buildings, such as this one. Who have we come here for this week?
We are here for Ophelia Nigmos, who has just graduated Cum Laude in Literature. She is a Family Sim with a lifetime want you would expect to find in a Romance Sim: to have 50 first dates. A quick summary of Ophelia's first years in New Maximiliania: She was raised by her aunt, Olive Specter, and when Olive fell in love with Mortimer Goth, they both moved in with the Goths - Ophelia stayed barely long enough to pack her suitcase and go to college, where early into her first year she learnt of Olive's and Mortimer's death.

You can read about that in the Goth family album, here: 
Now that she is back from college, she takes 47.000 Simoleons out of the bank and purchases back the house that once belonged to her aunt, the house where she spent her childhood and youth. The cemetery that used to be in the yard does not exist anymore, and the house is completely empty. Still, Ophelia feels she has done the right thing in coming back.
The place is big - too big, actually, for just one young woman.
As soon as she has a phone installed, she calls her best friend from college, Stella Terrano. Stella does not think twice about moving in with Ophelia and adds around 11.000 Simoleons to the joint bank account. She is a Knowledge Sim and aspiring City Planner, currently working as Architectural Partner.
In the brand new kitchen in the old house, Ophelia prepares Grandma's (or maybe Aunt Olive's?) Comfort Soup.
And the soup is bubbling away just in time for the welcome committee, consisting of Johnny Smith, Florence Delarosa and John Burb.
"It is always nice to see two friends sharing a place," Florence comments when she learns that Ophelia lives here with her best friend from college.
A game of waterballoon makes sure the welcome committee leave as friends.
John is quite impressed with the drawings Stella made and hung on the wall.
The yard is big enough for one of these huge Halloween-themed lawn ornaments, and Ophelia seems to be quite happy with it!
Stella's bedroom is done in soft beiges and creamy whites.
On Tuesday, Ophelia starts on working on her lifetime want in earnest. Her first First Date is with Andrew Martin. (My plan is to let her have just one interaction with each date, and then end the date; it does not matter whether a date ends good or bad, it still counts as a first date if she has not had a date with the same Sim before. And with just one interaction, chances are that there won't be pink hearts every time a date ends! I certainly do not want all of Maximiliania in upheaval for Ophelia's dating mania - there are already enough potential jealous lovers because of people like Don Lothario, Ripp Grunt, Chastity Gere and Sally Riley...!)
Blossom Moonbeam is No. 2.
Stella is promoted to Master Architect.
She asks Ophelia if it is alright if she has her boyfriend move in with them - there is enough space, and Ophelia does not mind at all. So, on Tuesday evening, Ashley Pitts moves in, adding a further 15.000 Simoleons. He is a Romance Sim who wants to become Hall of Famer and at the moment works as Assistant Coach.
Erik Swain is Ophelia's 3rd First Date...
...and Florence Delarosa her 4th.
The day is not over yet, and with Guy Wrightley being her No. 5, Ophelia manages to achieve 1/10 of her lifetime want in one single day! I doubt she will maintain that pace, but she can at least try.
A beautiful painting by Stella now adorns the kitchen wall.
Wednesday morning sees Ophelia having her 6th First Date with Heather Huffington...
...and No. 7 with Jacob Martin.
Stella comes home with her last promotion: She is now a City Planner and has achieved her lifetime want 20 days from Elderhood. Congratulations! The colleague getting out of the car there is Dustin Broke.
Ophelia's Date No. 8 is Justin Cleveland...
...and Klara Vonderstein is No. 9.
She manages indeed to have 5 dates again today, Johnny Smith being No. 10 - this is 1/5 of her lifetime want achieved.
Before Wednesday is over, Tara Goth becomes Date No. 11.
With Jane Hart and Dustin Broke being her guests, Ophelia makes sure to boost new friendships to facilitate future dates. A game of kicky bag almost always works!
On Thursday morning, without me seeing it, a gypsy lady leaves a magic lamp on the edge of Ophelia's lot. This is the 2nd magic lamp for the household; Ashley Pitts brought one in his inventory when he moved in. 
For now, both lamps are put on a shelf in one of the still empty rooms.
Again, Ophelia works hard to achieve her lifetime want. William Williamson is her 12th date.
Dustin Broke becomes No. 13.
Castor Nova is No. 14.
Ophelia has other things to do every now and then, not just dating! Some gardening is in order today, before the cold weather sets in.
Ashley receives his membership card to Sue's Secret Kitchen. He already has a card for My Muse - Music & Dance Studio, the Platinum Gym and the Aspirational Laboratories.
"I've maxed out my painting skill today," Stella tells her sweetheart later, when they retreat to their bedroom.
Friday morning, Ophelia just wanted to do another spot of gardening, when she was hit by lightning. A shower and a meal later, she is as right as rain again.
Ashley is promoted to Coach.
Ophelia has her 15th First Date with Lisa Ramirez, who brings along Benjamin Baldwin.
On Saturday, Ashley is promoted to Hall of Famer - he has reached Permanent Platinum 17 days from Elderhood.
He would love to be a 3-bolt-couple with Stella, but so far, they have "only" two bolts for each other. Stella is turned on by blond hair and glasses, and Ashley happily changes his looks for her. He loves a woman who is both charismatic and can think logically - but even though Stella has maximum points in both skills, they remain at two bolts.
Gary Greenman, Benjamin Baldwin and Almeric Davis are Ophelia's dinner guests tonight.
It is still officially autumn when the first snow flakes begin to fall.
Sunday sees the start of the Christmas season, and Ophelia decks out the kitchen with much enthusiasm.
She also sets up some outdoor decoration.
Mercutio Monty and Almeric Davis are invited over today.
Almeric, who is Ophelia's date No. 16, has been petting one of the electric reindeer in front of the house and got electrocuted.
You should think he'd stay away from the reindeer after that! Alas, he has not learnt anything, and exactly the same happens again only minutes later. With Stella and Ashley both having reached their respective lifetime wants, I can now fully focus on Ophelia. How many more dates will she manage to have during her next week? Stay tuned to find out :-)


  1. Almeric was lucky not to die, I had a sim die from that reindeer before.
    Great round! I love Olive's place- especially without the tombstones!
    Great idea having Stella and Ashley move in.
    Ophelia is doing well with her dates so far, very impressive! :)

    1. Really? I didn't know they can die from the reindeer! Must put it up again next winter, I love a bit of drama ;-)
      Yes, Olive's old place seemed the right one for Ophelia.

    2. Yes they can die from electrocution if their needs are low enough, :)

  2. Great job with the speed dating! Need to try that with my next 50 1st dates sim!

    1. It's the only way I can bear it ;-)

  3. Wow, that was a lot of dates in a very short time. Great job. At least she isn't picky about who she dates. Out of curiosity, do you consider who she asks? Like, if the sim is married and has a spouse and there is a Golden Anniversary want, do you take that into account? I don't know how many you've had to worry about but just wondering.

    1. Usually, I do not take much about the other Sims into account when I am playing to reach the LTW of the current Sim. And I think the Golden Anniversary can be celebrated without a problem even if one of the spouses has had a date with someone else during their marriage.


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