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Monday, 4 February 2013

The Monty Family (I): Week 3

This old-fashioned house is built in the typical Veronaville style, and its inhabitants indeed come originally from there: Antonio Monty and his twins.
Good morning, Antonio! It is Monday morning, and I don't know yet what this week will have in store for him. Antonio is a Knowledge Sim with the typical lifetime want of maxing out his skills; so far, he has mastered only Cooking. He will be an elder in 4 days. Because of necessity, he has kept his job as an Executive Chef. There aren't any three-bolt-ladies in his relationship panel.
Good morning, Benedick! When Benedick turned from a child to a teenager, "fate" (= my lots) decided for him to have the Popularity aspiration and the extremely difficult lifetime want of having 20 simultaneous best pet friends. None of my Sims have ever reached that.
Good morning, Beatrice! Beatrice turned into a beautiful young lady and shares her twin brother's aspiration - thankfully, not his lifetime want. Instead, she sees herself as future Rock Goddess.
Do you remember Isabella Monty? She died long ago in my game, but before that, she had taken up sewing as a hobby and made some quilts (as seen on the wall in Antonio's bedroom) as well as outfits for her friends and family. One of those outfits was in Antonio's inventory after she gave it to him as a present. I took it from the inventory but then the only option available was to sell it - there was nothing to indicate how to add it to the wardrobe or make Antonio wear it. Does anyone know how that works?
The twins are diligent students and always do their homework straight after school.
In the evening, Antonio suggests they watch TV together.
Benedick can not afford to miss any occasion to meet and greet stray dogs and cats. Very early on Tuesday morning - in fact, it is still night - Alegra is befriended.
Benedick has to go to bed while the dog is still there, and when the family get up in the morning, they find their settee destroyed...
...and the dustbin overturned. Well, Alegra is a stray dog and has not learnt how a good dog behaves in a human dwelling.
The settee is quickly replaced, and Antonio maxes out his second skill: Mechanical.
To purchase a Robot Station is on his wish list, and as he has been going to work and managed to put some money aside, I grant his wish and let him make a toy robot.
On Wednesday morning/night, Benedick meets Kim, a stray cat who he befriends, and the skunk... who he does NOT befriend.
Antonio makes sure to eat at least one meal every day with both his children.
On Thursday, Benedick's girlfriend Ariel Capp comes visiting.
It is also Antonio's birthday: he is now an elder. Nobody should be forced to walk around in a track suit all day long, every day, and so Antonio goes shopping for clothes.
"Desprit Deals" is his choice. He meets and greets some other New Maximilianians there, with Samantha Ottomas being another 2-bolt-lady for him, but there is still no love interest in sight.
On Friday, the twins leave for college. Their dad waves them good-bye.
Now only these snapshots of Benedick and Beatrice remain, as well as Bea's plaque for maximum enthusiasm in arts & crafts.
On Saturday, Antonio brings a colleague home from work so that he won't have to spend another very lonely evening. Amber Hiatt is an NPC and therefore I want him to say good-bye to her immediately, but there is no action available whenever I click on her. She can interact with Antonio, telling him jokes etc., but he can not interact with her.
Antonio spends all his spare time on skilling, now that his children are not there anymore. At the moment, he is working on his charisma.
Sunday afternoon, Amber Hiatt once again gets off the car with Antonio after work. And again, she is not interactable for him, only the other way round. We leave Antonio now; he is 57 and still has quite a lot of skilling to do before he will reach his lifetime want, but he can certainly make it. Next, we are going to check on his children to see how they are getting on at college.


  1. It's odd that Antonio should bring home an npc isn't it?
    Not sure about the crafted clothing, usually you place it on the floor and when you click on it you get the option to add it to a wardrobe. It seems you didn't though so I don't know what's up with that.
    It'll be interesting to see Beatrice & Benedick in college.

    1. Yes, that NPC-bit was odd. They sometimes bring home townies from work, but usually they are fully interactable, not like this.
      Hmmm I wonder whether the crafted clothing problem had something to do with there being only IKEA wardrobes in the house and none of the original Maxis-made ones. I'll try again when I play their fourth week, which is about to start tonight :-)

  2. Seems that you have some glitches in this house. Hopefully it will sort itself out.

    1. It was/is not the only glitchy house in my game :-(

  3. Weird about the clothes and the NPC. I would say, I hope your hood is around for many more years to come, but of course, it has survived. :) I'm so far behind still, but it was exciting to make it through a full year of uploads.

    1. You must have spent hours and hours reading my old posts - thank you!!!


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