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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Four Newsons at College

Two more Newsons have just joined their older siblings at the Mille House Dorm on the Académie Le Tour campus: Garrett and Georgia. But what has happened to Georgia's beautiful long hair?! And why is she dressed so gypsy-like?
That's more like it! (I find this a bit annoying; a lot of the times the hairdos of my female Sims change when they arrive at uni, even though the style they were already wearing as teenagers is also available for adults.)
Gallagher is happy to welcome his younger brother Garrett at the dorm, and Helena Stacks is there to greet the newcomer, too.
Justin Kim seems to be developing a special liking for the new girl. He makes friends with gorgeous Georgia rather fast.
He follows her around the dorm, no matter where she goes. Here she is in her room, declaring her major in Biology (her choice). (Her brother Garrett has chosen the Mathematics major.)
He even watches her eat, and from this picture it becomes obvious what his feelings for her are! Is he going to take things further?
This is not what it looks like: Between Helena Stacks and Gallagher Newson, there is a firm friendship but nothing more. You know what our Sims are like - when they have free reign, they often make sure to sleep in the most comfortable bed around.
Again, this is not what it looks like - there is really only a strong family bond between Garrett and Georgia. This room, which used to be Cedric Cooke's until his graduation, is now Garrett's, by the way.
As soon as everybody has the necessary skills for advancing further and written their term papers, I do not interfere with their daily lives anymore. More often than not, in the morning at least half of the students congregate in one room, and there is no end of congratulating each other and gesturing "hang loose".
I expected Justin to start with backrubs etc., but it is actually Georgia to take the initiative!
And soon, we have a couple of love birds at the dorm. Isn't it funny how Gabriella, whose LTW is to have 20 lovers, has not even approached one guy yet, while her little sister has found herself a boyfriend even before her first semester is over!
Isaiah Gavigan has just started his very last semester.
Gabriella and Gallagher both finish the first half of their Sophomore Year with an A+.
Garrett and Georgia's names are on the Dean's List at the end of their first semester, too.
The three of them - Georgia, her brother Garrett and her boyfriend Justin - are often seen together. Justin Kim, who so tragically lost both his parents in a fire caused by a burning heap of leaves, is happy to be welcomed with open arms into the Newson family.
And this really IS what it looks like ;-)
Uh-oh... do you remember how Lucy Burb and Carolina Curious lost their young lives? It was exactly the same situation! No, not exactly. This time, the lightning-induced fire is put out by the rain before any student can come to any harm. Phew!
Justin is now in his Senior Year.
Helena is also a Senior now.
And Isaiah is ready to throw his graduation party! He has graduated Summa Cum Laude in History.
Of course his parents Mary (foreground) and Nathan (background) are there, as well as Ginger Newson (who uses this opportunity to check on her younger siblings as well as socialising with her friends from uni), Barry Beaker...
...and Ariel Capp.
While the party is in full swing, Gallagher and Gabriella return from their final exam for this semester. They are now in their Junior Year.
Not much later, Garrett and Georgia return from their exam and begin their Sophomore Year.
Isaiah boards the taxi back to New Maximiliania. Where exactly he is going to live - and who with (his LTW is to marry off six children, but he does not even have a love interest yet) -, remains to be seen!


  1. Well Georgia didn't hang around choosing a partner! Stalker Justin must have made an impression eh?
    Glad no-one was hurt in the fire this time. I like the look of the dorm. :)

    1. Poor Justin, I do feel a bit sorry for him, but now he has Georgia :-)
      No idea whether they'll stay together, but for now I'll let them be.
      Apart from some of the students' rooms, the dorm is unchanged from how Maxis furnished and decorated it. I guess it'll get a makeover at some stage ;-)

  2. Isaiah maybe can adopt his six kids, or get abducted many times, that way he won't need a wife :)

    1. I've not thought of adoption in his case, but it's a good point!

    2. Adoption has the additional plus side that there might be partners for all the alien kids who are related to each other and according to their SimGodess' strict rules won't be allowed townie partners :)

    3. Well, I do allow the occasional townie in my game, when they have the same surname as one of the premade Sims :-)
      And the many half-siblings will only absolutely NEED partners if their LTW requires it ;-)

  3. Another crazy uni round. I like Georgia and Justin. Justin should stay with the Newsons. He needs a family like theirs!


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