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Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Moonbeam-Swain Household: Week 1

This neat-looking semi-detached house is where we are now going to spend a Sim-week. To be more precise, in the left half. It is a place to rent and came into our games with Apartment Life.
The back view. Who lives here?
So far, only one person: Erik Swain, who has just graduated Summa Cum Laude in Art and now wants to start the next and longest chapter of his life right here in New Maximiliania. His Landlord is there to hand him the keys. Erik's aspiration is Family and he wants to have six grandchildren. That said, it is self-understood that he won't stay on his own for long!
In fact, he immediately calls his fiancee, Blossom Moonbeam, and asks her to move in. Blossom shares the same lifetime want, something that is really important in a relationship when children are involved, don't you think? At the moment, Blossom and Erik have only 1 bolt for each other.
But that does nor deter them from being very much in love, neither does it stop them from starting to work on their shared lifetime want straight away ;-)
A bit later, Erik greets their next-door neighbour, the tenant of the other semi. It is Justin Cleveland, who Blossom knows very well from their time at university, and now Erik gets to know him, too. You can see where Erik's thoughts are!
Another New Maximilianian, Timothy Riley, is invited in for a late breakfast / early lunch when he happens to walk by.
Erik wants to do his best to make things last for himself, Blossom and their future offspring, so he decides to act on behalf of this one-bolt-attraction. Blossom's turn-ons are custom hair and formal wear. Although he was quite happy with his old hair style, Erik changes to something a bit more daring to suit his fiancee's taste.
Then he puts on his formal suit and thinks: "YES! If this isn't going to work..." Indeed, it works! The couple have TWO bolts for each other now :-) Erik's turn-ons are glasses and fitness. Blossom immediately starts wearing specs and works on her fitness; it will take her a while but she is going to get there.
In the meantime, Erik feels he can not always walk about in a white formal suit, but the ugly shirt he wore when he arrived in New Max won't do, either. So he visits Cold Issue Clothing to buy some new outfits for himself and for Blossom.
There, he meets some other former students: Kevin Beare and Sam Thomas. They love it when he greets them with their old school cheer!
Back home, Blossom is more than happy to get rid of the wool dress and boots! She feels a lot more comfortable in this pretty Kimono which matches her name and facial features :-)
Another good use for the grant money both Blossom and Erik have accumulated during their student years is this telescope. Who knows - it could even turn out to contribute towards Erik's lifetime want!
First, though, Blossom is the one to make sure their lifetime want is not neglected. She is pregnant and, from how heavily her pregnancy takes a toll on her energy, hunger and other levels, I guess she is expecting twins - wouldn't be surprising, since both parents have an increased chance for twins through their aspiration rewards.
Justin Cleveland pops in every now and then; so far, he still lives on his own and tends to get a bit lonely. So while Blossom has to lie down for an extended nap every afternoon, Erik and Justin watch telly.
But Erik does not only watch telly and talk to his neighbour. He has just finished learning everything there is to learn about fire safety - something not only every Family Sim should do!
On Wednesday, Erik's stargazing with the telescope does not earn him an Alien pregnancy, but a membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories.
Tara DeBateau, another of their former fellow students, is close friends with Blossom. When they invite her for dinner, a lot of reminiscing the "good old days" is on the menue along with Grandma's Comfort Soup :-)
On Thursday at around 3.00 in the afternoon, Blossom gives birth to twins! The firstborn is a girl, and on Blossom's arm is the little boy. Meet Myra and Melrose Moonbeam!
The nursery is big - which is good if you have twins and want to assure easy access to the cribs, changing table, potties and toys at all times, without the Sims blocking each other's way.
Erik is an exemplary father and looks after little Melrose...
...and little Myra often.
Blossom takes up exercising again and earns herself the membership to "Platinum Gym" on Friday. She quickly regained her figure after the birth of the twins!
Erik is invited to Sue's Secret Kitchen.
"You really deserve an A+ for being the best dad in all of New Max," Blossom smiles at her sweetheart over dinner.
Saturday evening, Melrose turns into a toddler...
...followed shortly by Myra. (I have just noticed that Myra is one of the very few - maybe the only! - little girl in my game NOT age-transitioning with the same hairstyle like everyone else!) It should have been the other way round, since Myra is the firstborn, but you know what it's like - as it is so often the case, the adults kept taking the babies out of their cribs with the intention to "Help with birthday" only for that action to disappear and be replaced by "Hold youngster". It is a bit annoying but eventually, they all grow up, don't they :-)
By Sunday evening, the toddler twins have spent so much time playing together that they are best friends. Both have already learnt to walk, and Melrose has been potty-trained. Are Blossom and Erik going to have more children to make it easier for their offspring to provide them with 6 grandchildren? Are they going to get married, and if yes, which is going to be their family name? What are Myra and Melrose going to be like as children? The next week with this charming family will give you the answers :-)


  1. I like Erik & Blossom as a couple. How nice that they have the same LTW as well. I like Erik's rad new look. The twins are cute, great to have one of each skintone as well.
    I admit I usually age my sims up as soon as the notification comes up with the exception of adult to elder.
    Do you have any custom hair in your game? I have quite a bit and often toddlers will transition into a custom hairstyle rather than the default one Maxis gives them.

    1. Erik & Blossom are nice together, aren't they!
      No, I have no CC at all; I've given up on that years ago after bad experiences with downloads.

  2. Cute that the twins are already BFFs! The activity table is great for building skills as well as relationships

    1. Yes, I really like it for families with several children.

  3. Awww, some sim kids who aren't green!!! The twins are cuties, and it's nice to have the diversity of the parents genetics reflected. I like these two together a lot. It will be fun to see what happens with them in my hood.

    1. Another family I enjoyed playing very much.


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