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Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Moonbeam-Swain Household: Week 3

- - - Update 24.5.2012 - - - When we meet Blossom again, it is Monday morning and she is just preparing breakfast, today it is muesli with some fresh strawberries; it is spring, after all.
Erik is making the bed upstairs and makes sure the twins get up and are ready for the school bus in time.

Both Melrose and Myra bring home their first A+ report today!
Much to the joy of their Dad!
As is his habit, Erik has been stargazing at night... when, just as Monday slipped into Tuesday, he is "invited" aboard an Alien spaceship.
Today after school, Padma Patel comes home with the twins.
On Wednesday, when everyone is sick with the flu, Erik first thinks the odd feeling in his tummy is just another symptom of the illness... but it is not, as he finds out :-)
Good job both parents are able to prepare Grandma's Comfort soup - the flu quickly passes, after everyone has had a bowl of the delicious soup.
With his pregnancy clearly showing now, Erik needs to take mid-afternoon naps while Blossom stays close to him, studying her beloved cook book.
On Thursday, he meets and greets Ginger Newson - I am sure the two of them have lots to talk about!
In the early evening, first Melrose grows into a teenager...
...and then Myra. They both end up with the popularity aspiration (they are twins, after all!), but while Melrose wants to have 20 best friends, Myra dreams of herself as future General Moonbeam. Sounds quite nice, doesn't it?
Friday morning at 8.08, Erik's half-Alien son Sirius is born. With both him and Blossom wanting to have six grandchildren, this makes it easier on their children to help fulfilling their parents' wish.
Myra hates the outfit she has age-transitioned in, and the long-sleeved shirt is too warm for summer anyway, and so she and Melrose go shopping at H&M.
That's better!
Melrose has just made his 5th best friend. The first three are his parents and his sister, the fourth is Helena Stacks, and Pierre Picaso is No. 5. That's a quarter of his lifetime want achieved already!
On Saturday, the otherwise empty garage (the family do not own a car) undergoes a transformation. A table is set up, but where are the chairs...?
Here, in front of the wedding arch, to be moved to the table after the ceremony.
And on this sunny Saturday afternoon, Blossom and Erik become Mrs. and Mr. Swain! (Couldn't Blossom have chosen a more bridal outfit? and one that better matches the weather...?) I left their wedding so long because neither of them had the wish. Only when "to get married" showed up in Erik's wants panel, I let him go ahead with it; and because he was the driving force, he got to keep his surname while Blossom took his. The twins are still Moonbeam by surname, since they were born before their parents got married.
Tara Goth, one of Erik's oldest friend back from uni days, and the twins applaud. Are these the only guests? Surely not!
Indeed there are lots more: Stella Terrano, Ophelia Nigmos, Klara Vonderstein and Heather Huffington have missed the ceremony because they couldn't wait for the champagne bottle to be opened!
The party is a huge success, and were it not for their newborn baby, maybe the couple would have gone on a honeymoon.
Instead, Sunday is spent quietly at home. Erik loves playing with his little son... well as with the older one. (They started to pillow-fight on their own accord. Even after all these years, I just love this!)
Sunday night, Myra helps her little half-brother Sirius to grow up into a toddler. 

How do we stand at the end of this week? Erik and Blossom are both 8 days away from Elderhood, but until their children are old enough to have children on their own, they won't see their lifetime wants fulfilled. Melrose and Myra stand very good chances to reach permanent platinum; for Melrose, it is even possible to do that before he starts college. Little Sirius will be showered with love and attention, what with two adults who do not need to work, and two older siblings around him. 

I really like this family, and am looking forward to playing them again in the next round.


  1. Aww, I love wedding parties! I also love the idea of a General Moonbeam- so cool. :)
    Sirius is a cutie isn't he? I love to see the personalites of alien babies, they are usually so gifted in certain areas.
    The pillow fight is a fun action, I also love 'bust a move', heh. :D

    1. Wedding parties are great, aren't they! I'll refrain from using the champagne bottle again, though; it is too annoying when all they ever want to do is toast, toast and toast again!

    2. Yes I agree, I gave up with the champagne bottle a long time ago, I like the wedding cake though, :D

  2. I like the toasting, it gives nice and realistic pictures from the weddings, but wish that the bottles were emptied a little faster so the sims could go on to something else :)

    1. You know what - I have never noticed whether the bottles are empty at some stage, and toasting is not possible any more! I must observe it at the next wedding in my game.

  3. Yay, they got married and had a beautiful party. If I use champagne I buy it AFTER the ceremony, because otherwise they really do spend the entire time doing that. The kids are super cute, and I just questioned the whole you don't have many pop sims, and suddenly there are quite a few in a row. :)

    1. I must remember that about the champagne, thank you for the tip!

    2. Yes, Sims do sure seem to like the bubbly...or maybe they just never get it, so it's super exciting. I never knew the bottle could run out though, so nice to have that tip from your other comments.


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