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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Newsons (II)

In the previous chapter, you've met this man's younger siblings in their adult-less household. Gavin Newson started out as a teenager in said household, raising his younger siblings without the help of parents. He then went on to study biology and now, after having graduated Summa Cum Laude, he is ready to embark on the next stage of his life. He is a Fortune Sim with the lifetime want of earning 100.000 Simoleons.
He has chosen to rent the apartment in the lower left corner of this building. Some other former students live here: Jessie Pilferson and Mickey Dosser, Zoe Zimmerman and DJ Verse.
At the moment, his apartment is almost empty - but not for long.
The first thing he does after having signed the contract is to ask his sister Ginger to move in with him. Ginger couldn't be happier; she started to feel a bit lonely right after leaving the dorm where she had spent the last four years until her gradutation in History (Magna Cum Laude). Her aspiration is Family, and she must have quite enjoyed her time at college, because she dreams of seeing three children of her own with a diploma in hand.
The apartment gets furnished with their combined grant money, which is quite a substantial sum, leaving them with plenty to go for the next few years without having to worry about getting jobs. So Ginger can concentrate on her lifetime want, and Gavin on his.
"I am glad you accepted my invitation, sis," Gavin tells Ginger. "A Newson simply needs company, we're not very good all on our own, are we," she smiles back at her brother.
And together they take care of all the household chores.
Gavin does not want a proper job - although that would probably help him towards his lifetime want - but he still thinks of making money most of his waking moments. One way of getting a little extra cash is to perform for tips, and at an apartment complex, there are always other tenants who are likely to enjoy being entertained. DJ Verse parts with 200 Simoleons!
It is still Monday when Ginger takes a decisive step towards fulfilling her lifetime want. She is in love with Ripp Grunt and invites him over. (Ripp's lifetime want is to have 20 simultaneous lovers... Ginger knows she is a name on his list, but Ripp's affection towards her is genuine and she knows he can't help his "romantic" disposition.)
Of course he agrees to help her with her lifetime want ;-)
Early on Tuesday morning, Gavin is up already blogging about arts and crafts.
Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Ginger wonders whether last night's attempt at getting pregnant was already successful.
It was!
Oddly enough, upon changing into her maternity outfit, Ginger also changes her hairstyle (without my doing).
"We will need a bigger house eventually, won't we," Gavin muses over breakfast. Ginger agrees with him but for now, her bedroom is large enough to hold a baby crib and changing table.
Thursday sees Gavin entering "the zone" for the first time - that's maximum enthusiasm for arts and crafts! (I know it is difficult to see against the colour of the wall, but if you look closely, you can see the "glow" around him)
Ginger often speaks to her friends from uni on the phone, as well as to her younger siblings. She knows she need not worry about them, they are actually coping really well, considering that they are four teenagers on their own, but she still checks on them to make sure everything is ok.
Thursday evening at 21.14, Ginger goes into labour.
Everyone gather round...?!! Did that happen in your game before? All the other tenants at the apartment complex come running into Ginger's bedroom to witness the birth of her baby!!
Welcome, Nigel Newson! He has his mother's colouring. I wish she didn't look so sad!
Maybe she is just exhausted and wants all those unwanted "guests" to leave... but apparently, there is nothing to attract other Sims' attention as a newborn fellow Maximilianian :-)
The next day, Friday, Ginger is already fully recovered from giving birth to little Nigel. Autumn is well under way, and she decides it is time for her to get something more suitable to wear.
One of her younger brothers is there, too, and she is happy to see him. The girl in the front is Tina Traveller, greeting Edward Contrary.
Just when Ginger heads back home, Checo Ramirez appears; he has the same lifetime want as Ginger, but I doubt he will live long enough to see three children graduate from college.
Oh look, it's Justin Cleveland! Remember the trouble he was in when we last saw him? Unable to leave his friends' house until I "sold" him with the move_objects on cheat? Well, I am relieved to see him looking healthy and awake :-)
Friday night, Ginger asks Ripp Grunt over again... after all, she needs three children for her lifetime want, and much as she loves Nigel, he is only one baby.
This is also a chance for Ripp to meet his son. For a few hours, Ginger and Ripp feel like a proper family. Ripp thinks the world of Ginger; she is, in his eyes, a great gal, not making a fuss about him not wanting to settle down with anyone just yet, and still letting him see his son and spend time with both of them.
Saturday morning, so early that it is still dark, Gavin goes to stock up on groceries. It is not too early for other Maximilianians to appear; one of the Caliente sisters has just arrived (far right).
Gavin also meets Sarah Love in the shop. He has two bolts for her; he has two bolts for many ladies among his friends and acquaintances, but no 3-bolter.
When he gets the shopping back to the apartment, it is unclear whether he things about all the money he has just spent on groceries (600 Simoleons!) or about how much he has saved by going to the shop himself instead of calling the delivery service.
Ginger should know the signs by now, but she still wonders whether she is pregnant again.
Since their younger siblings do not go to school on Saturdays, Gavin and Ginger invite them over to have a meal together and meet their baby nephew. Gallagher, Gabriella and Garrett arrive first...
...followed shortly afterwards by Georgia, Ginger's favourite sister.
Gabriella instantly takes to being an aunt and carries little Nigel around.
Ginger has made good use of Gavin's groceries shopping and produces a delicious cheesecake.
It almost feels like old times when all six of the siblings sit at the table together, enjoying the cake.
And yes, of course Ginger is pregnant again :-)
The teenagers have not had enough with the cheesecake and grab what's left of the pizza the landlord had ordered a few hours earlier to host a party for all the tenants.
Sunday evening, Nigel turns into a toddler.
Uncle Gavin loves playing with his little nephew!
As the first snowflakes begin to fall, the week ends for Ginger, Gavin and Nigel. How is Ginger going to cope with a toddler demanding almost constant attention and her pregnancy? Is Gaving going to do something to earn those 100.000 Simoleons?


  1. Wow it will be hard for Gavin to earn the money without a job unless he runs a Business I suppose.
    Nice too see the family get together and little Nigel is a welcome addition. I wonder if Ginger will have twins? Did she eat the cheesecake as well?! The Grunt's are spreading their genes nicely around Maximiliania!
    Good, Justin is ok, whew. He unstuck.

    1. The cheesecake effect was exactly what I was hoping for when I had Ginger prepare it! I hope she'll have twins.
      Maybe I will let Gavin take a job if he really wants one. At the moment, he is needed to help his sister with Nigel and then with the new baby (or babies!).

  2. Good for Ginger that she has her brother around now when she decided to not have the children's father in her life.

    1. Yes, it would be so much more difficult on her own.


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