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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Newson Family Album

All these pictures were taken in 2008 and 2009, during Rounds 1 and 2 in New Maximiliania. I am glad I still have the pictures, but as with all the other families, the stories are lost.

The Newsons' house.

The two oldest (Ginger and Gavin) and the two youngest (Georgia and Garret) Newson siblings upon their arrival in New Maximiliania. 
The two middle ones, Gallagher and Gabriella.

The house inside.
Busy times for Ginger and Gavin, and many an interrupted night.

It is hard to find the time for homework, and no adult to ask for help with it.

Only when the toddlers play at their activity table or are asleep do Ginger and Gavin get a chance to catch up on everything else.

But eventually, the two little ones grow up...

...and instantly become perfect playmates for the two middle siblings.

Christmas at the Newsons': Santa pays a visit, much to the delight of the six of them! The present he leaves is an RC car.

Gavin and Ginger paint and sell as many paintings as they can, which allows them to pay the bills without having to worry too much.

Sometimes they have class mates over after school, such as Sally Riley, Carolina Curious and Etsu Cho.

Ginger and Gavin won't stay the only teenagers here for much longer!

Now Gabriella and Gallagher are also teenagers, and Ginger arranges for them to have the private school's headmaster over for an evaluation visit. All six of them get in.

Georgia and Garret grow up into teenagers, too.

Time for Gavin to leave for college! Ginger is already in the taxi.


  1. Ginger & Gavin did a good job of raising their younger siblings, I imagine it was very hard early on. :)

    1. It was! If I remember correctly, I sent them to school on alternate days, so that neither of them would get to such bad grades as to warrant a visit from the Social Worker, but still give them enough time to deal with everything at home.

  2. Yeah a house of kids and teens is hard. I haven't gotten to these guys yet but they will be tough I'm sure. I survived the Potts and the Brandt's houses in Fellowship One though (they each had 4 toddlers and one child. Now each also had an adult, which helped but still) so hopefully I will make it. :) Great job with the headmaster too, that's tough in these early families with no money. Also, I LOVED the rainbow couch. :) Never thought to buy each piece in a different color before.

    1. I remember how much fun I had furnishing and decorating their house! As for the Headmaster, I wasn't sure they'd make it into Private School, but they really showed only their best behaviour that evening, all of them :-)


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