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Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Moonbeam-Swain Household: Week 2

- - - Update 28.4.2011 - - - We find Blossom Moonbeam enjoying a hot bubbly bath with luxurious foam at the beginning of the week. With twins of toddler age to look after, she certainly needs a good relaxing soak in the tub every now and then!
Melrose has just mastered the art of talking :-)
Tuesday means bills, as every Sim knows.
With the onset of winter, Erik places this funny snowman radio in the nursery. (I was actually hoping for the little ones to be able to dance to the music, like they would to the normal stereo, but sadly, they do not react to the snowman at all.)
Then, something odd happens. You do remember Justin Cleveland, don't you? He used to live in the other half of this semi for a while just after finishing college, but he moved out since. Today, he is just visiting - but can't leave, in spite of Blossom and Erik saying good-bye to him many times. He falls asleep standing...
...and eventually crashes to the floor, unconscious with tiredness. Blossom and Erik can't do anything to change that, and in the end I resort to using the move_objects on cheat to "sell" Justin - I really hope he'll be alright next time I play his household!
As the week goes on, the family members are going about their usual business - which means, among other things, greeting as many of their playable neighbours as possible, such as Justin Kim who happens to walk by on Wednesday.
On Thursday, Melrose and Myra grow up from cute toddlers...
...into a pair of bright, fun-loving kids.
Of course, their furniture needs to be changed now.
Friday is the twins' first day at school and, incidentally, also the first day of spring. Gerlinde Gavigan comes home from school with them.
The weekend is filled with sunshine, games and laughter - it is really nice to play such a sweet family as this one!
Gerlinde Gavigan is invited over again, and she becomes Myra's first friend outside the family.
The week ends with everyone going to bed and this last shot of Myra's and Melrose's latest works of art :-) Blossom and Erik are not yet married - will they ever tie the knot? Are Myra and Melrose going to stay such nice kids once puberty hits?


  1. Myra & Melrose are growing up well. I love Myra's bright outfit, really suits her.
    Do you only get your Sims married if they wish it? Do they ever have a date? I find it often spins up then. :)

    1. Yes, my Sims only marry if they need it for their LTW ("Golden Anniversary") or if one of them has the wish. I've made exceptions with 3-bolt-couples I particularly liked. Dates are only "allowed" when it helps towards a LTW or they really, really want one and I need them to be on Gold or Platinum for their next promotion or something like that.

  2. I love when sim kids are getting friends with other playable sims!
    Regarding Justin not being able to leave - it is a glitch I have noticed in some of my apartments too. Probably he will be back when you play rhis house next time and you'll need to delete him again. In his own house he will be fine. (If it's the same ailment as I have)

    1. Yes, it happens every now and then on apartment lots.

  3. Wow, too bad about Justin. However, he should be fine when you get to his house. The game is awesome, but there certainly are a handful of glitches. I LOVE Myra's dress, it's one of my favorites!

    1. It is a cute dress, isn't it!
      Yes, some of those glitches are annoying, others are only funny.


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