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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Newsons: Week 3

The first part of the story about the Newsons does not exist anymore, I'm afraid, but I think most of you remember them from your own games as the only pre-made family without any adults in it. To begin with, the Newsons consist of two teenagers, two children and two toddlers - a boy and a girl in each age group - and thankfully, they have enough money to afford somewhere decent to live and not only have a roof over their heads, but also furnish it. In New Maximiliania, the Newsons have moved into this house, where they use the upper floor only; the ground floor stands empty except for them sometimes playing there with their RC car. When we catch up with the siblings this time around, the two oldest ones have already graduated from college and live elsewhere in New Max, so there are only Gabriella, Gallagher, Garrett and Georgia left, all four of them now in their teens and attending Private School.
Gabriella and Georgia share one room, and the boys share another one. They also have a bathroom to each bedroom.
Here is the boys' bedroom.
The large open-plan kitchen/dining/sitting area takes up the biggest part of the upper floor.
Monday morning starts with Gallagher talking to his older sister Ginger on the phone, Gabriella playing SSX on the computer and Garrett checking out the weather...
...while Georgia thinks she is simply gorgeous :-)
The school bus is here, and so is Ginger - she probably wants to check whether her younger siblings skip school or all get on the bus ;-)
When they sit down for dinner that evening, Georgia admits to missing the older two and wishes they'd all live together again.
Very early on Tuesday morning, with everyone still fast asleep in their beds, a man in black trousers and a striped sweater approaches the house.
He sneaks up the stairs from the empty garage to the upper floor...
...and starts his dirty work by taking the Newsons' telly.
He even dares to venture into the boys' bedroom to take the curtains!
The easel is next...
...and then the second easel.
The boys wake up without knowing what actually woke them, and while they play a game of punch you, punch me, blissfully unaware of their "visitor"...
...said "visitor" is taking the medicine cabinet from the girls' bathroom. After that, he sneaks out the same way he came in, and only then do the boys realize what happened. The next day, a burglar alarm is installed.
It is Tuesday, and that means bills. When the week started, the household had 4.663 Simoleons on their account. By the end of the week, that amount will have shrunk to 3.855 Simoleons - not too bad, considering they had not only groceries to buy and bills to pay, but also replaced the telly, the mirror in the girls' bathroom and one of the easels. Of course, some money is gained by selling a painting every now and then, but the kids were also lucky with some chance cards at school.
Speaking of school, everybody does their homework every day. On Tuesday afternoon, Gallagher even does Gabriella's homework - without anybody telling him to do so!
Georgia has found the fridge almost empty and goes to get some fresh groceries.
Before she takes her shopping home, she enjoys some time on her own on the small playground next to the grocery store.
Wednesday is off to a bad start when Gallagher tries to make omelette, causing a kitchen fire which is quickly put out by the fire fighter. Thankfully, only the boys need a shower after that, otherwise not everyone would have made it to school in time!
The rest of the week goes by rather uneventfully. Some cleaning needs to be done, and some repair work, but the siblings always manage to sort things out without having to pay someone else to do it.
Saturday morning, the four of them take their time over breakfast - no school bus will wait for them today!
It is a beautiful summer's day, and they decide to go to Central Park West for some well-deserved fun.
Soon after they arrive, a bad witch appears and causes a thunderstorm - thankfully, it does not last long, and they stay until it is over.
Gallagher meets and greets Jacqueline Jacquet and finds out he has two bolts for her.
He also meets and greets the Unsavoury Charlatan - before I can stop it happening, he is 100 Simoleons poorer after the "friendly" greeting!
Back home, they catch up on their reading, talk to their friends on the phone and generally just do what they like.
On Sunday, they ask Ginger and Gavin over. As far as I know, this is the first time the oldest Newsons meet again after graduating. They seem to be happy to revisit their old house.
Over bowls full of Chili con Carne, the siblings discuss what they will do now; should they all move in together again? Or are the two oldest ones ready to lead their own lives, without a bunch of younger siblings to take care of? We will find out when it is time to play Gavin and Ginger :-)


  1. First of all, I love the colourful sofa! Great idea and fitting for a teen house I think.
    I've never played the Newson's really, only to age the youngest to teens and that's about it. They are a good bunch of kids as I recall.

    I think it'd be nice to have big brother and sis back in the house to watch over the others. I guess it depends on all their LTW's and such.

    Quite an eventful week though, enjoyed it!

  2. Glad you liked it :-)
    I have just uploaded their family album with pictures from the "lost" first two weeks and am now going to upload the first week for Gallagher and Ginger back from college, before I'll start playing any of the two households.

  3. These guys have completely different names in my Swedish game. They are making an appearance now and then in my prosperity challenge. Gert (Gallagher?) even married into one of my families. In my 5-wishes in Belladonna I play the family for real, they are hard work! Mattsmyra Belladonna

    1. I haven't got enough time right now (before work) to look at the links, but it will be interesting to see the Newsons in your game!

  4. The kids are doing so well. They start out really tough, but at least they get through those early "years" and start doing well so far.

    1. Those first years are really not easy for them, but together, they pull through!


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