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Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Monty Brothers: Week 1

Mercutio and Romeo Monty have both graduated, moved back to New Maximiliania and are ready to tackle their lifetime wants: to become Hall of Famer. Mercutio has just signed the contract to rent an apartment together with his brother... this apartment building.
They should have checked the apartment out before signing - this is way too small for both of them, if each want to have their own bedroom. So they decide to move into a bigger apartment (money is not really an issue; they have saved almost all their grants from university and originally come from a family that is not exactly poor, either)... Their apartment is in the left building, the first door. Some other former students live here, too: Guy Wrightley, Stella Terrano and Ophelia Nigmos.
Romeo has, by the way, 3 bolts for Jessie Pilferson, Daisy Jacquet and Sally Riley. Well, Jessie is already taken, Daisy as well and Sally... well, you know Sally ;-) While at university, Romeo fell in love with his fellow student Melody Tinker (that happened without me doing anything to provoke it), but he has not even one bolt for her. At the moment, he is going to focus on his career anyway. He will begin later today as a Starter, while his brother Mercutio has a different skill profile and therefore starts as a Superstar right away.
This is Mercutio's bedroom. Yes, I know, the quilt does not really match the style or colours of the furniture, but it was a handmade gift from his late grandmother Isabella Monty, just like the teddy bear.
Romeo, too, was given a teddy bear from Grandma Isabella before leaving for college.
Downstairs, the brothers proudly display their university diploma above the desk.
Upstairs is an unused room which the brothers convert into their personal gym. The career rewards object was available for Mercutio right from the start, but of course Romeo can use it, too. He has the day off on Tuesday.
So does Mercutio. He uses the day to max out his body skill.
On Wednesday, autumn sets in with falling leaves.
Romeo is promoted to All Star.
On Thursday, Mercutio has his third day off in a row and decides to do something about their clothes. He visits the "Papaya Regime" and buys new outfits for himself and his brother.
He has not changed his style of shirt, just the colour, and went for a better fitting pair of jeans.
On Friday, Romeo is promoted to MVP...
...and Mercutio to Assistant Coach. That's only two steps left for him on the career ladder, and then he will have reached his lifetime want.
A nice shot of Romeo, releasing butterflies one of the other tenants has caught and left on the table in the yard.
It is early Saturday morning and I think you can guess what just happened here...!
Exactly, we've had yet another Alien kidnapping!!! I wonder what it is about New Maximiliania's men that makes them so attractive for the Aliens :-) Mercutio is welcomed back not only by his brother, but also by the paper boy and fellow tenant Stella Terrano who is maybe eager to hear news from her own people.
Mercutio was actually supposed to go to work, but he is very tired after his visit aboard the space ship. So he calls in sick and goes to bed immediately.
On Saturday evening, Romeo invites his college sweetheart Melody Tinker over... to stay. She brings along her mother (just visiting, though, not to stay!) and adds more than 18.000 Simoleons to the household account.
Melody is turned on by fit men wearing glasses. Romeo couldn't be any fitter, and now he gets himself a pair of specs, hoping to increase the chemistry between him and Melody. Well, at least they have one bolt now... Not very impressive! Romeo's turn-ons are swimwear and a good cook. Melody is not going to start walking around in a bikini all day now (it is winter anyway!), but she works on her cooking skill - as long as she has not found a job in her dream career anyway. Her lifetime want is to become a World Class Ballet Dancer.
Her mother is glad to see that her daughter has found herself a decent man.
Mercutio goes to work on Sunday, and as soon as he gets off the bus, his pregnancy becomes obvious and he is placed on maternity leave. We will be back here when it is Melody Tinker's turn to be played, and then some questions will be answered: 
Will Romeo and Melody ever have more than one bolt between them? When is Melody going to find a job in the dance career? Is Mercutio going to have a baby girl, boy or twins?


  1. Ooh I can't wait to see what Mercutio has! He had an alien baby in my Veronaville 5-wishes-a-day. :) Will be interesting to see how it turns out for you.
    Melody & Romeo make a good pair, I forget what Aspiration she is? She added a good amount to the house when she moved in.
    Love the Monty's. :D

  2. Melody is a Knowledge Sim in my game. Interesting to know that Mercutio had an Alien baby in your game, too! Was it a boy or a girl?
    I guess I'll finish their current week today and post the update tonight.

    1. Ah yes, a Knowledge sim. Perhaps that's why they only have 1 bolt?
      Oh Mercutio had a son in my game- you can check it out here if you like,
      Looking forward to the next update. I have blogging to do but am into playing a bit too much at the moment, :D

    2. A pregnant plantsim - now that's something I've definitely not seen in my game yet :-)

    3. Yes it was a first for me, not counting Rose Greenwood of course, :)

    4. You are right - of course I've seen Rose Greenman as a pregnant plantsim :-) But no male pregnant plantsim yet.

  3. Wow, another alien baby! I DID see a pregnant Mercutio in other updates, but anyway!

    1. I've lost count of the number of half-Aliens in the hood by now - I just know there are many!!

  4. Holy cow another alien baby. Not that I was totally surprised, since he showed up pregnant in the last update, but still. You are going to have to get a lot of aliens together before too long. Maybe the aliens find your males so popular because they think your sims suffer from infertility. I mean the females so rarely have kids, so clearly they have to help out in their own way.

    1. Ha ha I never thought about that, but you may be right!


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