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Monday, 4 February 2013

Monty (I) Family Album

Some pictures from the first two weeks of Antonio Monty and his family in New Maximiliania:

Their house. I thought it fitting to give them one from the lots & houses bin that was built in the Veronaville-style.

There was very little money when they moved in, and only the basic furniture could be bought - thank heavens for the IKEA stuff pack :-) 
Antonio's bedroom.

The kids' room.

Kitchen and dining area.

The living room consists of a cheap settee, a TV set and a book shelf and a lamp.

Benedick welcoming his big cousin (or uncle?), Mercutio Monty.

The children have their own ideas about what they want to be and do when they grow up.

Beatrice immediately after growing up from child to teenager.

Her twin brother Benedick at the same moment. Uuugh, those outfits had to go!!

Their Dad had lovingly prepared pork chops for the kids' birthday dinner.

After the meal, they changed into much better outfits.

Next, it was their room to receive a makeover.

And then, the teenagers discovered all new feelings towards their old chums from school! Here is Beatrice with Buck Grunt.

Benedick found Lilith Pleasant VERY attractive during his teens...

...and at some stage had something going on with Sofia Baldwin.


  1. I've often put Antonio & the twins in this house. :) It was actually the first house I ever played when I got the game so I have a soft spot for it.
    You did a good makeover and the kids are growing up nicely. :)

    1. What a nice coincidence! Yes, somehow this house said "me!" when I was choosing where to put Antonio and his kids :-)

  2. Sophia sieht bei dir so ganz anders aus als bei mir!
    Bin gespannt was bei mir in der Nachbarschaft mit Familie Monty passiert!

    1. Echt? Wie hast Du sie denn verändert in Deinem Spiel? Bei mir hatte sie dieses Aussehen schon ab Tag 1 des Spiels, das habe ich gar nicht beeinflusst. In dem Baldwin-Familienalbum kannst Du sie im "Original-Zustand" sehen:

  3. Ah the first couple weeks of the Monty family. I have never played these guys either...I never spent time in Veronaville for some reason. Anyway, I like the house, the kids are cute. I also LOVE the IKEA stuff pack for cheap basic household items. I didn't realize it right away but my IKEA stuff pack hadn't installed correctly, and only after I went into my Fellowship One houses (because none of those family start with ANY money) and about half of their furniture was gone did I notice. Luckily I have fixed it and all is right again, but for those early families that pack is a life saver.

    1. They were a joy to play, and I do love the challenge of setting up a house without much money - yes, IKEA is definitely the first choice for any Sim with less money!


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