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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Two Newsons at College: Freshman Year

On the first day of Week 4 at the Newson's house, it was time for Gabriella and Gallagher to leave for college. Since they come first on the alphabetical list of Newson family members, I left the house and played their first "year" at college instead.
It was not a very eventful time, and therefore this will be rather short.

Gabriella and Gallagher joined the four New Maximilianian students already living at this dorm on the Académie Le Tour campus: 

One of the first things after having claimed their rooms was declaring their majors. Isn't it funny how some of our Sims never spin up the want for a certain major, some take a year or two to decide, and others seem to know what they want almost instantly? Gabriella was very sure of wanting to study Psychology. Her brother followed suit not much later; he spun up the want for two majors, one of them being Psychology, so I decided he'd go to classes with his sister.

Jane Stacks (daughter of Helena Stacks and Matthew Hart, born before the two of them got married) is here, too. She was in a rather low aspiration state and so I consented for her to have a toy dog, an item I have never really used in my game:
Helena loves her little dog. It is named Sweetie and gets plenty of attention from the other students, too.
She is also the first of the students already in residence here who makes friends with Gallagher.
The Newsons never owned a stereo at home, and now every time I don't assign him anything specific to do, Gallagher is seen dancing away to the music.
Their first semester is over quickly.
Cedric Cooke, whose dorm room has not had a makeover yet, spun up wants for buying paintings and so on, so I took that as a clue for him wanting to have his room made over. This is what it looks like now.
Winter has slowly slipped into spring, and the students decide to all go to the Académie Park for an afternoon, hoping to meet the other four students from New Maximiliania currently studying here, the Picaso twin brothers and the Greenman twin sisters.
They don't meet the others, though. Justin Kim, whose LTW is to celebrate the Golden Anniversary, seems to find one of the townie students very attractive but does not even speak to her.
Gabriella does not find anyone interesting enough to talk to them and rather eats her hotdog all alone on a bench.
She does not make any progress all year towards her LTW of having 20 simultaneous lovers, although some of the other students at the dorm certainly do try!
Cedric Cooke (Julien Cooke's half-Alien son), Helena Stacks, Justin Kim and Isaiah Gavigan have their exams a little before the two newcomers.
For Cedric, it was the very last exam - he graduates Summa Cum Laude in Biology and is ready to move back to New Maximiliania.
But before he calls the taxi, he calls his friends and relatives over for a graduation party.
Here they come: his stepmother Patricia Cooke and friend Marcus Baldwin...
...friends Arielle Capp, Barry Beaker (son of Circe and Loki Beaker) and his Dad, Julien Cooke, who looks inexplicably grumpy.
The same evening, Gabriella and Gallagher successfully complete their Freshman Year.
 Next I'll be back playing the rest of the Newsons in New Maximiliania.


  1. A great Uni round. I find my sims often dance their way through the years if I don't intercede!
    I've never played a toy dog, I must try that.
    Cedric graduated, yay, will he go back to his dad's?

    1. Not sure yet about where Cedric is going to go eventually; for now, he (like all other graduates) is in a small place of his own. Next time I'll play the Cooke-Dreamer household (which will be Round 5 - a long way off!), I'll decide on what he's going to do.
      The toy dog is strange if you are used to the "proper" dogs in the game. The interactions possible with it are the same as the ones with the wombrat. That dog never grows up, never leaves its pen, and I somehow feel sorry for its rather limited way of life.

  2. Nice to see the toydog works out for you. In my game they are not possible to use. I'm able to buy the pen, but sometimes I'm not able to buy the dog and if that is possible it is not possible to feed and clean for it. So, I've stopped trying.

    1. I don't really like the toydog pen very much, but my Sims seem to love it!

  3. I've only had the toy dog pen once. Someone wished for it. After they died I got rid of it and haven't used it since. Still....a good uni round.

    1. Not my favourite item in the game, but sometimes my Sims still wish for it.


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