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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Pleasant Family: Week 3

Sadly, dear readers, the first part of the Pleasant family story is lost during the time (a few years ago) when uploading stories to the exchange was not possible. But I will briefly give you the family members' stats to refresh your memories: 

- Daniel: Romance / Become Celebrity Chef. Turned Elder on the Friday of week 1 and ended the week with a promotion to Waiter. Has 3 bolts for Nina Caliente and Chastity Gere; 2 bolts for his wife. 
- Mary-Sue: Fortune / Earn 100.000,- Turned Elder on the Sunday of week 1 and worked as Campaign Manager. 
- Angela: Popularity / Have 20 best friends. Ended week 1 with 7 best friends. 
- Lilith (pictured here): Popularity / Become Rock God Ends week with membership to My Muse II - Music & Dance Studio. 

The family are well off; Mary-Sue is nowhere near her goal yet, but she makes money not only from work, but also by giving financial consulting, selling a painting every now and then and having stock tips running in the background every day.
On Monday, Daniel is promoted to Prep Cook, and his wife to State Assembly Person. The girl with her back to Mary-Sue is Jill Smith. Oh yes, Mary-Sue has changed her hairstyle to this more modern look very early into their first week here. You did recognize her, didn't you? Their house is not the original one that was assigned to them by Maxis anymore, but still an original Maxis-made one; it is "Hacienda" style and came, if I remember correctly, with the base game.
The girls are getting on a bit better now. Angela wishes they were best friends.

Daniel looks like this now, as an Elder and in his work outfit (sorry for the dark picture).

On Tuesday, Puck Summerdream who is one of Angela's best friends, comes over on his own accord. When Angela opens the door to greet him, he pulls her into a romantic hug, and the two of them fall in red-hearts-love immediately - all on their own accord, and it is not even spring :-)

Their short romance does not last very long, though, I'm afraid, because only a day later, on Wednesday morning, Lilith moves to college first...

...and then Angela, who obviously can't wait to get there and meet all those lovely people who can be added to her list of best friends :-)

Their parents have the big house all to themselves now. During the day, they both work; Daniel is promoted to Sous Chef and Mary-Sue to Congressperson. Her wish to earn 25.000 Simoleons comes true - that is one fourth of her lifetime want achieved.

When she tries to pet the skunk (she has heard that it is possible), it sprays her.

On Thursday, Daniel receives his membership card to "Games of Glory"...

...followed the next day by Mary-Sue.

As mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, Daniel has three bolts for Chastity Gere. He calls her on the phone often, and they soon are friends.

Other Maximilianians come by, and Mary-Sue always invites everyone in when she is at home. Tonight, Sam Thomas, Stella Roth and Tybalt Capp are their guests.

Now that the kids are at college, Mary-Sue and Daniel enjoy their privacy together.

On Saturday, Mary-Sue does not work and uses her free time to finally tackle the overgrown shrubbery in their front yard, while Daniel goes to work, returning with a promotion to Executive Chef.

He is not having an affair with the young woman coming up to his bed - she is the head of the My Muse - Arts & Crafts Studio, leaving a membership card for him.

Sunday turns out to be a decisive day for the Pleasants. When they get up in the morning, little do they know that at the end of the day, nothing will be the same anymore. First, Daniel takes the wrong decision with a chance card and is not simply demoted - he is fired! At his age, this is a catastrophe and means the end of all chances to reach his lifetime want; even IF he should get back into the culinary career, he would only be offered one of the jobs for the elderly, and not what he needs to be a Celebrity Chef.

Daniel seems to think "Now that my lifetime want has gone down the drain, I can just as well mess up the rest of my life," and with this reckless attitude, he phones Chastity Gere and invites her over.

She is not only greeted with a romantic kiss, which boosts their relationship to red hearts instantly, but also becomes the third woman Daniel has ever had woohoo with (the first being his wife and the second Nina Caliente, something his wife never found out). For Chastity, who aims at having 20 different lovers, he is No. 9.

Mary-Sue is neither stupid nor blind or deaf, and so she confronts her husband with his adultery. From now on, Daniel will sleep in this room on his own, while she moves into one of her daughter's empty rooms.

How will Angela and Lilith react when they hear of their father's affair? Are they doing well at college? Is Mary-Sue going to split up with Daniel properly, or will they eventually make up? I don't know yet... so watch this space for more :-)

[Note: this was played & written in 2009. In the meantime, you have already seen Lilith getting married to David Ottomas, but I still think it is nice to catch up with what happened before the girls grew up.]


  1. I like to read the stories from the start too, :)
    Poor Daniel getting fired at that stage, disaster! Still he made up by showing his true colours eh?
    It's only in my most recent play in Pleasantview that I've had Daniel & Mary-Sue stay together. I wonder if yours will?!

    1. By the time I am typing this, you have already found the answer to your last question :-)

  2. I only tried to play this family once, but I was so upset with the dysfunctionality (fighting girls for example) that I didn't continue.
    They seemed to have a nice life (up to recently) in your game though!

    1. I am not fond of arguing Sims, either, and usually try to make them get along.


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