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Monday, 22 April 2013

The Ramaswami Family: Week 2

Welcome to the Ramaswami family! Actually, it should be "welcome back", but the pictures and text of their first week here in New Max are lost, and so we plunge right into their second week. Before we'll do that, here is a short summary: Sanjay and Priya Ramaswami both have rather difficult lifetime wants. He wants to have 20 simultaneous best pet friends, and she dreams of owning 5 top level businesses. None of my Sims have ever reached either goal. The Ramaswamis are both Popularity Sims, by the way. Here you can see Sanjay, feeding his dog Max, an adopted stray and currently his only best pet friend.

This is Priya, owner of "Little 'n Local", a tiny shop for pet accessories which reached a modest rank 2 during their first week.

On Monday, the business rises to Rank 3. See the "bad" witch near the phone booth? We'll see what she does in a minute.

Priya receives her Gold Sales badge after making a sale to Nina Curious, née Caliente. {This was of course played and written a long time ago. By now, Nina is an elegant elderly lady and would find walking around in such a revealing dress highly inappropriate!]

The witch scared Sanjay by making the ground next to his feet erupt in flames! He wasn't hurt, though, and the flames died quickly.

Back home, the Ramaswamis relax over bowls of Mac & Cheese. Priya managed to get her Silver Cash Register badge today as well, and pushed her small business to rank 4.

Just to show you a bit of the house (of course, it was meksercized - you don't think it looked like that when the couple moved in, do you?).

Tuesday, the business reaches rank 5...

...and Sanjay gets his Silver Restocking badge.

It is winter now, and here is an outside view of the (Maxis-made) house where the Ramaswamis live.

Wednesday night, a burglar pays a "visit"...

...and since there is no burglar alarm, he gets away with one of the paintings...

...the TV set...

...and the bedroom curtains.

Finally, Sanjay and Priya wake up - didn't they hear anything? The burglar was right there at the bed! The missing items are quickly replaced (thankfully, there is enough money), but the experience leaves a bad memory for the two of them, and they invest in a burglar alarm to avoid similar "visits" in the future.

Sadly, Max dies that same afternoon. He reached the biblical age of 33, and Sanjay, who has received his Golden Sales badge today, has lost his only best pet friend.

Back at the shop, on Thursday, the lady so unfittingly dressed here writes a good review about "Little 'N Local".

This does, of course, attract more customers, and the business gets the "Best of the Best" award and reaches rank 6.

During the night, Max "returns" to his former home. The Ramaswamis sleep upstairs and never see the ghostly appearance.

On Friday, Sanjay meets some other stray pets and hopes to befriend them. This is Alegra...

...and here are Sheba (small) and Tramp (big).

On Saturday morning, yet another stray dog appears in their front garden, and Sanjay rushes out in his underwear to greet it - so eager is he to get a little closer to his elusive lifetime want!

His efforts pay off, and Tucker is adopted that same day.

See the thrown-away shopping bags in the corner to the left of the counter? Never mind. Someone simply got a bit impatient. Priya is doing well - she has just received her Golden Cash Register badge, and her business is now on rank 7.

The only event worth mentioning on Sunday is Sanjay receiving his Gold Restocking badge.

The week is over, and the Ramaswamis wonder what to do with the money they have made from their small business. Should they keep it in the bank, or buy a second business? They are now both 10 days from Elderhood and have accumulated more than 82.000 Simoleons. We will find out what they decided when we next visit them :-)


  1. Great round- Businesses are hard! I usually whoop when one of my Sims get Gold in Register!
    Sad that Sanjay lost his one pet best friend, but hopefully he'll make lots more next time.

    1. It's very time-consuming with both of them having such difficult LTWs - when they are at the shop, Sanjay can't befriend pets, and when they are home, Priya can't work on her LTW...
      Yes, it's great when they finally get their Gold cash register badge!

  2. Mismatching LTWs, to say the least! You're doing a great job with them though!

    1. It makes playing them a bit of a challenge, and I like that!


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