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Friday, 19 April 2013

Jasmine Rai: Week 1

Once again, we are checking on one of the graduates who have left campus and moved to New Maximiliania. In this building, three former graduates have rented an apartment each, but this Sim-week we will focus on only one of them:

Jasmine Rai. Maybe you recall that Jasmine used to be part of the (not very successful) band "The Shifting Paradymes" back at university. She later became member of a sorority and moved into the sorority house along with her best friend and fellow band member Zoe Zimmerman. Jasmine has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Literature and is ready to tackle her lifetime want, that of being a Rock Goddess.

The other two graduates who live here are Sarah Love...

...and Tara DeBateau. [Obviously, this was played and written long before Tara married Alexander Goth (in August 2009) - she is now an Elder and happily lives with her husband, her sister-in-law Cassandra and Cass' husband, Cyd Roseland, as well as their numerous dogs.]
The fourth apartment is occupied by an NPC who nobody is paying much attention to.

Jasmine's apartment is mainly empty, but she has enough money to furnish it nicely.

Her bedroom is done in calming shades of blue and white.

The windowless living/dining area gets bright sunny yellow walls to take away the gloomy impression. Then Jasmine sits down at her newly delivered computer and looks for a job, but there is none available in the Music career today.

Fair enough, she thinks, I know what to do with my spare time: shop for clothes! She visits Amelia's Closet and spends around 1.600 Simoleons on various new clothes. But that's not all she does there, she also meets and greets as many of the other New Maximilianians as possible - always secretly hoping to find that special someone, i.e. her three-bolt-man. So far, she has not found him, but she met Don Lothario (2 bolts), and since they are both single, this is a relationship I am going to work on :-)

This looks better, doesn't it? And it is more fitting for the autumn chill.

One room of her apartment is dedicated to be her "Music Room", and Jasmine enjoys playing the violin there.

She invites Don Lothario over (remember: she has met him only today!), and I don't think anybody is surprised to find that he heads for the jaccuzzi straight away, where Tara and Sarah are enjoying the comfort of the hot bubbling water.

Tuesday morning, Jasmine goes about her everyday tasks...

...and then invites Don over again. This time, he is greeted with a fervent kiss, and the two of them develop a crush on each other.

But this is also Jasmine's first day on the job: she has just found a position as "Battle of the Bands Judge" and leaves for work in the afternoon.

She comes home with a promotion to Roadie, and when she studies to acquire another Mechanical skill point, she is given her membership card to Will's Garage.

With that promotion, she has received her career rewards object and promptly replaces the violin in her music room with this heavy-duty rockstar equipment :-) Don Lothario tries his hand at the e-guitar, but his creativity skills are not very impressive, and it is only out of pity that Jasmine applauds his effort and tips him 100 Simoleons.

Wednesday, one of her former "sisters" from the sorority, Jessie Pilferson, pays a visit. She lives nearby in another of the handsome apartment buildings here in New Maximiliania.

And of course, Don is invited over again, and over the Hamburger Jasmine has lovingly prepared for him, the two start caressing each other's hands. Guess where the evening ended... You guessed right, in Jasmine's bed. She has thus helped Don Lothario to take another step towards his lifetime want of having woohoo with 20 different Sims - she is his No. 13.

On Thursday, Jasmine is promoted to Studio Musician.

Actually, this is her new work outfit. I find it rather horrible, to be honest.

Therefore, when she becomes Concert Pianist on Saturday and changes into something more decent, I am glad.

She is promoted to Symphony Conductor the same day.

And on Sunday, she reaches her lifetime want! This is what a Rock Goddess looks like - a première in my game! Jasmine is 22 days away from elderhood, and we will leave her now and spend another Sim-week with another Sim.

But before we leave, here is the back view of her "Rock Goddess" outfit :-) I quite like the glittery stuff, but tattoos... no, not really. See you soon at the Ramaswami's house - that is going to be my next stop.


  1. Congrats on getting your first Rock Goddess! The outfit is very cool.
    It's so nice to see Don again, :)
    I wonder what the rest of her life has in store now she's got her lifetime goal?

    1. I've had other Rock Gods and Goddesses since Jasmine, but she was my first! Yes, Don was still an adult at that time; now he is an elder (as you could see in the Sharpe-Powers update, where he was part of the welcome committee).

  2. Congratulations on a Rock Godess! I recently saw that outfit for the first time myself, have only had Rock Gods before :)

    1. There seem to be quite a few in my game.


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