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Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Pleasant-Summerdream Household: Week 6

When we return to the Pleasant-Summerdream (nice name, isn't it?) hacienda, it is covered in deep snow. Since Lilith became part of the Ottomas family (she married David Ottomas not long ago), Angela is the last one to carry the Pleasant family name. With her lives Puck Summerdream, her college sweetheart, and his two adopted stray dogs, Pepper and Sheba, and adopted cat, Sake. (Puck wants to have 20 best pet friends, and I wonder whether he'll ever reach his LTW. Angela reached hers - to have 20 simultaneous best friends - already during her previous week.)

Before Angela's mother, Mary-Sue Pleasant, died, she had taken up the hobby of robot-making. This cleanbot was made by her. I am not sure it is good for the robot to be out in the snow!

A minor game detail I had not known before (or maybe simply forgotten about): When a Sim relaxes on a double bed, he can ask a cat or dog to join. This is what Puck did here with Sake.

Jodie Larson passes by the house on a walk that Monday evening and is greeted by Angela.

Before he even gets dressed on Tuesday morning, Puck cleans one of the pet beds. Looks like the cat, Sake, approves!

Later, Puck befriends the stray dog Balin while Angela takes care of the shrubs in the front yard.

And something else I did not know until now: cats (dogs, too, I suppose?) can "play" with the robots! Here, Sake is "chasing" the clean bot and only stops when the robot has finished its job and is back in his parking position.

Later that night, Angela and Puck throw a Christmas-New-Year-party for their friends and some family members. The lady in the purple striped shirt is Angela's twin sister Lilith, now Ottomas; the man in the front is her husband, David Ottomas. The lady in the green jumper is Tara Gieke (née Kat).

Angela serves Christmas cookies.

Everyone is gathering in the living room, where the Christmas tree was set up.

And, sure enough, Santa appears! It was nearly impossible to get a proper picture of him, with so many guests being there, but they were all pleased to see him.

Angela was a bit confused and started to celebrate New Year's Eve even before Santa left :-)

Puck lit fireworks in the yard...

...and then, Father Time appeared.

NOW everyone was out, joining in the celebration.

Father Time disappeared, and Baby New Year took his place. Time to go home for the guests, and start the new year!

For Puck, Wednesday began while it was still dark, greeting Charlie.

Angela, who had taken over her late mother's hobby, made her Bronze talent badge in robotics.

On Thursday morning, Charlie was back again, and Puck hoped they'd become best friends soon.

Later in the morning, a fight broke out in the back yard. Who were the combattants?

Cashew, a visiting stray wolf, and Sheba! Looks like a rather unfair fight to me, with such differently sized dogs. Puck didn't get a chance to befriend Cashew; he ran off after the fight, so I suspect he lost.

You can tell it is spring now :-)

All New Maximilianians are greeted when they walk past the house. Today, Beta Beaker (half-Alien daughter of Loki Beaker) and Prezioso Picaso join Puck and Angela for dinner.

The cleanbot broke, but Angela was quick to repair it.

Puck meets & greets a stray cat named Pepper (like the brown dog he has adopted already a while ago).

He adopts this Pepper, too - now he has a dog and a cat both named Pepper.

On Friday, Angela greets Leod Broke (formerly McGreggor).

Puck invites his parents, Oberon and Titania Summerdream, over. Of course he asks them to bring along Cyan, the very first dog he adopted while he still lived at home, before he went to university. Cyan is seen in the back; the black dog in the front is a stray called Alegra (like almost all female stray dogs, stupidly enough!).

On Saturday, the first thunderstorm of the year ends with one of the palm trees hit by lightning. The rain has just stopped, and I don't know what's going to happen next... Both Angela and Puck are indoors, and possibly won't even notice the fire.

Well, Puck did, and ran out. I was determined not to intervene, risking Puck's - and possibly Angela's - death, but then, Mary-Sue's Hydrobot appeared...

...and put out the fire quicker than any fireman could have done it! This is the third thing I experienced this week in my game which I had never seen before.

The rest of Saturday goes by with everyone doing what they want.

For Puck, this means playing with the RC car (Santa's gift), and apparently, his cats and Sheba, the dog, find it interesting, too.

On Sunday, Puck has a very early start when I wake him up at 2.15 am to greet Scout, a small stray dog. He really can not afford to miss any opportunity for befriending a cat or dog.

He does not even have time to go to the loo, have a shower or breakfast; at 4.40 am, Bailey, a stray wolf, appears. Only after Bailey leaves is Puck free to take care of his own needs.

Angela makes her Silver Robotics badge. She can now make two new types of robot: a Munchie Bot and a Sentinel Bot. Since I can't remember how the Munchie Bot works, I order her to make one.

She has to lie down for a nap before she can finish it, and is therefore in her PJs when the bot is ready for activating. It zooms out of the house and off the lot immediately...

...and returns after a few moments with a tray full of Chinese takeaway.

The food placed in the kitchen, the bot returns to its station. Here, the week at his household ends; we'll return when it is time to play the letter "S" as in "Summerdream".

Poor Puck has not made much progress towards his LTW - he is best friends with only 5 pets so far. Will he or Angela spin up the wish to get married eventually?


  1. I love the robots! Not so keen on Servo but I particularly like the hydro and cleanbots. The security bot is good too as is the munchie one as long as they have good routing.
    I've not seen the cat join an adult on a bed before!
    Poor Puck has a hard LTW! He'll get there, I'm sure!

    1. Not keen on Servo, either, but the other bots are quite useful - unless they break :-) Angela has been very diligent in making bots and gave them away as presents to almost every visitor that week, so I'll find them in their inventories when I get to play other households, too.

  2. Oh, wow, I've hardly played with the robots - I have to get my sims making some!

    I didn't know that you could ask the pet to join on the bed either! One thing I love about this game is that there always seems like there's something new to find.

    1. That's one of the things I love about this game, too :-)
      Yes, the robots are useful - and they can add a bit of "drama" when they break.

  3. Hydrobot for fire extinguishing - maybe should start making some!

    1. I had not expected that, either!


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