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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Pleasant Family: Week 5

- - - Update 22.5.2012 - - - We are back at the Pleasant Hacienda not because we have suddenly jumped back to "P" on the alphabetical list, but because Puck Summerdream lives here as well. Monday sees Angela spending some sunny hours clipping the shrubs in the yard.

Mary-Sue maximizes her logic skill.

Later that day, Angela reaches her lifetime want when, while talking on the phone, Brent Broke becomes her Best Friend No. 20. She is now on Permanent Platinum - not bad for someone who has still 22 days to go before reaching Elderhood!

Since she has never worked and certainly won't start now (there is plenty of money in the family already), she has a lot of time on her hands. Her mother's hobby, Robotics, has not held much appeal for her in the past, but she tries her hand at robot-making today.

The weather is soon going to turn cold, and Puck goes shopping for clothes for himself and Angela.

He also brings this pretty bracelet for Angela. She puts it on immediately, as well as the long-sleeved shirt and the beige skirt. Funny - I never noticed before that the shirt actually has a pattern of tiny snow flakes!

On Tuesday, Puck meets and later adopts Pepper, a small stray dog.

Mary-Sue returns from work with a promotion to Mayor - but can't enjoy her new position for long, since...

...seconds later, the Grim Reaper appears and takes her with him! That came as a total surprise to me. Daniel's lifetime bar looked pretty much full, and I expected him to die first, not Mary-Sue. She was 70, and the 23rd Sim in New Maximiliania to die. Because of her promotion and the money that came with it, she was on platinum (not permanent) at the moment of death, which is a consolation.

Daniel has trouble sleeping since his wife died. The two of them had their differences in the past and were on the brink of splitting up over Chastity Gere, but in the end, their marriage proved stronger than the affair, and I am glad they were in love again with each other for quite a while before Mary-Sue's death.

Angela mourns her mother. She stands in the room that was hers as a girl and wishes she could go back to those carefree days.

Puck meets Jack; I can't remember right now who he belongs to, but he certainly is not a stray.

That night, Puck adopts the stray cat Sake.

On Wednesday morning, Webster, another stray dog, passes and Puck makes friends with him.

Wednesday evening, Daniel's time is up and he follows the Grim Reaper willingly, hoping to be reunited with Mary-Sue. He was 73 "years" old and is New Maximilianias 24th death. He was not on permanent platinum, but because he had several wishes fulfilled the same day, he died on platinum just like his wife.

Angela is not the only one to grieve. Pepper and Sake have not been in the household for very long, but they were fond of Daniel nonetheless.

Angela is glad she took this picture of her dad earlier in the week and just wishes she had taken one of her mum, too.

The Pleasant family grave is now at Gamesend Grounds.

Angela misses her twin sister Lilith; she's all the family she has left now. So, on Thursday afternoon, she invites Lilith and the whole Ottomas family (which is where Lilith lives; she is David Ottomas' girlfriend). They bring their dog Alegra along, too. Behind Lilith you can see Olivia and Oliver, the Ottomas twins that were born during the first round of playing in New Maximiliania.

Here are Samantha and Peter Ottomas, and their oldest son, David. Sharla has only just graduated and is still settling in (actually, I forgot to invite her as well).

The sisters are obviously glad to see each other.

Angela enjoys the company of the Ottomas family; since both her parents died, she has felt the house rather too big for just herself, Puck and the pets Pepper and Sake.

When Peter later comes into the living room, he finds Angela looking sad and lonely.

The cleaning bot breaks, and while Angela repairs it, Olivia helps clearing up the mess, watched by her proud older brother David.

The Ottomas family and Lilith stay all day and well into the evening. Only after supper they say good-night; it is Friday tomorrow, and Oliver does not want to go to bed too late so that he'll be fit for school the next morning.

On Friday, it is Puck's turn to invite his family over. Oberon, Bottom (this time I did not forget to invite a family member that lives elsewhere - Bottom is at university) and Titania as well as Puck's first dog, Cyan, come over. Bottom has also asked one of her friends to join them, it is one of the Newson boys (Gallagher, I think).

Puck and Oberon notice how Angela seems to perk up whenever there is family gathered round the dining table.

Saturday passes pretty much without any events worth mentioning. Puck and Angela catch up with housework and take care of their pets. But on Sunday, seeing how Angela was coping with the death of her parents much better in the company of the extented family, they invite both the Summerdreams and the Ottomas' again.

Puck is always happy to renew his friendship with Cyan.

Today, he also becomes best friends with Alegra, the Ottomas' dog.

At the end of the week, with winter just having set in, Puck and Angela look back on seven eventful days.
For Angela, although her lifetime want has come true, it was the saddest week in her life. For Puck, four best pet friends mean he is taking tiny steps towards his lifetime want. How will he fare next time we meet this nice couple? We'll find out during the next round!


  1. Wow, poor Mary-Sue. I expected Daniel to go first. Oh well they had a nice life in the end. I enjoy family days and it's nice to see Puck & Angela so close to their families. Puck has made a good start to his LTW- that's another hard one, I think all the pet related ones are!
    If you ever check out bodyshop in detail you will find lots of hints in the clothing (from the base game) to other EP's... weather related things, electronics/toys/flowers, pets etc. :D

    1. Same for me, Mary-Sue's death came totally unexpected!
      Must have a closer look at the base game clothing to find more hints :-)

  2. Wow, losing both parents so close to each other must have been hard on Angela. They made up for it with the nice family gatherings though

    1. I am sure it was hard - it is so long ago that I can't really remember ;-)


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