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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Jonah Powers: Week 1

[This was played and written in January 2012] It is my very first time to play at this apartment building, where we meet...

...Jonah Powers just as he is signing the contract for his ground floor apartment. Jonah Powers is, as you may or may not remember, one of the original first generation of Maxis-made students who came into our game with the "University" expansion pack. He lived in a house with his girlfriend Roxie Sharpe and her younger brother Edwin, who was, back then, known everywhere as "Dorky Edwin". Jonah has graduated summa cum laude in drama and wants nothing more than to be a Hall of Famer.

The apartment is big... rather too big for just one single Sim. But Jonah won't stay on his own for long!

He asks Roxie, who has also graduated summa cum laude in drama, to move in, and she does - bringing more than 18.000 Simoleons with her. She shares her boyfriend's lifetime want... and has a secret: her 3-bolt-man is Gunnar Roque, not Jonah, who she has only two bolts for.

The two of them settle into their new home, and Jonah checks the job adverts immediately. However, no positions are available in the athletic career.

They decide to go shopping for clothes.

And while Roxie makes her choice in the shop, Jonah asks this guy to teach him break dance.

Roxie's new sporty outfit and hairdo as well as the simpler make-up show how pretty she really is.

On Tuesday, there are still no jobs available in the preferred career for the two of them.

Roxie invites her brother Edwin over. He is still studying (otherwise she'd ask him to move in with them).

Wednesday comes and go, with no job. So does Thursday. Roxie and Jonah spend their days working on their body skill, talking to friends on the phone, doing what needs to be done around the house and so on.

Friday is once again a day without job opportunities for two aspiring Hall of Famers.

They have at least now taken some time and money to furnish their living room which had been bare so far.
On Friday night, I conduct an experiment and leave them both to their own devices. They meet up on the rooftop and dance for hours, although Roxie is in a bad state: she is hungry, she needs the toilet and a shower.

Well, I said I was leaving them to their own devices, and in spite of her having full access to their ground floor apartment and the toilet there, Roxie does not go away from the bar once she has discovered it, and keeps drinking (instead of eating, something she really, really SHOULD do!) and even pees on the floor! I've always been of the opinion that too much drink makes people lose their dignity, and Roxie is the simlish proof of this.

Still smelly and VERY hungry, instead of taking a shower or having something to eat, she decides to relax on the bed while Jonah is snoring away next to her! Eventually, I do intervene in that I send her to the fridge to check food supplies. There is plenty, and she finally does make herself something to eat, has a shower and goes to sleep. Had I not sent her to the fridge, I wonder whether she would have died?

Saturday sees the beginning of winter, and Jonah and Roxie put up some Christmas decoration.

They share a glass of champagne over breakfast on Sunday, and Jonah is very optimistic about them both finding jobs in the athletic career during the coming week. Well, we'll see!


  1. Whoa, a bar upstairs and champagne breakfast, I wonder if Roxie will become an alcoholic?! How funny that she was so silly when left alone- but then we know most of our sims are silly right?!
    Glad her and Jonah are moved in, but I wonder if they will stay faithful?

    1. The bar was already there - Maxis decided about that :-) But I decided about them having a champagne breakfast :-)

  2. Nice starting week. It's always fun to leave the sims to their own devices, it creates drama!

    1. It can get a little boring when it is just one single Sim, though.


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